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The Healer. Chapter 53

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

(season2) chapter 53????♥️????

chidinma darted her eyes as soon as she heard the queen call her name,her voice just sounded so urgent like it’s serious.

” yes my queen
” do you need anything” she asked.

Queen chiamaka held her burning face. It is really it,rema’s birth necklace.
is my eyes seeing well or am just dreaming? no never my Drema can never stoop so low

when Chidinma saw that the queen had nothing to say,she took her moist lips in and continue massaging her legs softly. the queen pushed her hand away softly,she stood up and tied her queen robe.
Chidinma was surprised, she starled as a result of the sudden hand push… did I massage her feet wrongly.

Just now,she saw the wave of change in the queens eyes.
” I’m sorry” she bowed.
the queen strode round her and confirm the necklace with an eye check. It’s not even Nora or some classic girls,a mere maid, a pauper.
no wonder this girl gets close to me…because I like her she wants to take advantage.

I can joke with everything but not….Drema

she finally stopped and look directly in chidinma’s eyes..
” you” she pointed a finger at her.
” are all your kindness towards me natural that you even sacrifice your sleeping time to massage my feets. I wonder if it’s natural or it’s for your selfish purpose like getting me in your good books”.

Chidinma looked so confused.
” I don’t understand your words my queen,I meant no harm…I was…I…was…I was just doing my job”

” stop pretending. what exactly are you doing now? play cat with mouse??.

Chidinma fiddled.she kept her hands behind her hips..
” I still don’t understand”

” leave. leave,just leave” said the queen.
Chidinma wondered what she did wrong,she ran out. maybe she misunderstood my kindness as trying to gain favour. she walked away sadly…

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queen chiamaka walked to and fro in her room she want to believe a commoner is in a secret affair with her son. She dialed rema’s line countless times,no reply so she texts him.

???? pick up,it’s very urgent..
still no reply,she dialed his digit one more time
why wouldn’t he pick. Just when she wanted to drop the call,it got picked.
” my love
” pardon. This is bethel,he is unavailable right now check back in the next 6hours
” okay” she dropped the call.

just then a knock came on her door.
” come in” she said without turning,Stephanie walked in with the queens tea and drug, she saw the queens fierce face and dropped the tray on a stand.

” mother I brought your drugs and tea.
” have had that already…
” okay Mom..
” is everything alright?..

” how can everything be alright when rema is having a secret affair with a maid”

OMG,she found out so easily. Stephanie raised her brows and thought of what to do but none was coming.

” ohh could that be possible” she asked.
” I know it’s not except that maid seduced him
” which if the maids?? is it Chidinma
” how do you know she’s the one,don’t tell me you’re aware of it
” nope…I don’t know,I mean I don’t care. it’s just a guess but on another note I don’t think the maid seduced him,she is so decent and has never had any bad record in this palace, it’s either rema likes her or it should be a coincidence”..

” a coincidence?? Rema’s birth necklace was on her and you know how important that necklace is”

Steph closed her mouth and widened her eyes less. ” it’s all a coincidence, rema’s birth necklace is in his suite he left it there,maybe the maid has a similar necklace. am coming let me bring rema’s own” Steph rushed out.
she quietly rushed to the 7th building luckily she saw dinma at the entrance.

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” hey good day”
” hi ma’am steph”
Steph walked closer and saw the necklace in her hair.
” hmm I really like your necklace can you borrow me for an hour” Steph asked. she didn’t need to ask where she got the necklace from

” but this necklace is very important to me,I can’t take it off not to talk of borrowing” Chidinma said…
” it’s just an hour,I will return it. just that I really like it I want to snap it to one show one of my friends if she can get the same brand of it for me tomorrow.

” okay,no problem
Chidinma took it off and handed it to her.
” oh thank you”Steph rushed out with it. minutes later she arrived in the queen room.

” you really misunderstood the maid. this is rema’s birth necklace maybe the one you saw with the maid is similar”
queen chiamaka’s face softened,she collected it and checked.

” I was mad for nothing.
” hmm but what if the necklace is with the maid..
” well at least it’s not with her
” (smiles) I will return his necklace in the place he kept it” Steph walked out.
the queen dimmed her room lights and layed on her bed. soon enough rema called her on phone,she didn’t bother asking him about it she slept away

”play cat with mouse”
Chidinma was thinking of the queens threat when Gina turned off the lights in the maid room. she had so many thoughts in her head. she read so many meanings to her words but still couldn’t find an answer to it,she let it slides.

she even wished the queen will call her some other time,she liked the woman naturally.
soon Hana walked in,her eyes just got better.

Chidinma stood up and walked closer to where Hana sat on her bed.
” how’s is your eyes? she asked.

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Hana hands itched to slap chidinma,Chidinma saw it and played along Hana’s trick.
**stupid girl,no wonder she gets closer to me let’s see who is more smart**

” am very okay,thank you for your help my dear friend am getting better” said Hana.
” am very sorry for that time,I never knew it was kerosene. let me make it up to you by buying cloth for you tomorrow or do you have clothes to wear on royal feast? it’s next tomorrow right?” Chidinma said.

Hana clenched her fists tightly,
” do not bother” she wanted to walk away, Chidinma blocked her path.
” you wanted us to be close the other day,why are you acting like you don’t want the friendship anymore” Chidinma said.
” I will just go to the restroom”
”there is space on my bed if you want to sleep”

Chidinma scoffed and went back to sleep,she thought of obim. she wondered how his day went. ” it’s just two months,obim said I should give him two more months and we will stop this hide and seek relationship”
she exhaled and hugged the teddy. she dreamt of obim,he looked so cute smiling at her.

He wore a red suite,his hair was packed nearly behind him. He looked so real in her dream, just awesome….her dream was interrupted by a tap. she woke up and wiped her face, even in sleep she looked sumptuously beautiful.

she cleared her eye,it was olive.
” the guard at the door ask for you” said olive.
” am sleeping”
” he said it’s very urgent”

Chidinma stood up and wore her slippers, her nightmare was loose,she adjusted it olive followed her to the door.
she stayed behind,it was olive who opened the door.

” yes,what happened??

” Chidinma,prince Charles summons you”