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The Healer. Chapter 11

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

Chapter 11????♥️????

maids rushed madam tamara from left abd right,dinma got quiet surprised by the massive number of maids….
she stood and maintained an innocent face as she watched them gush over.

“what have you done??
“how could you spill the pepper all over her??”
“jeeezzz are you five”
“my eyes..OMG…my eyeesssss
“aaahh it’s hurting me…somebody help,I said helpppp!!! blow air blow air,I think am getting blind already”that was madam tamara screamed as everywhere in her face burns her hotly.

the maids got disorderd, almost all of them were happy with what Chidinma did,some even smiled at her bravery.now madam tamara just met her match.

“nne calm down,the water is coming…
“don’t worry it will soon go,ulomma bring water” adaora shouted.
“okay am coming..am bringing it”ulomma said
the others laughed at how madam Tamara screamed.

“help….my eyes…OMG!!!!!
“I think am going blind already”…

“ummmm ada,there is no single water in the house”ulomma said,she didn’t even move from where she sat.

“where are these maids…my eyes..
“ewooo it has entered… somebody help”
madam tamara got teary..very teary.
all the maids pitied madam tamara and ulomma stood up to get the water, ada dragged her back. Oluchi went to the barrel and intentionally poured all the water away.
“she deserves that for starving me last night” she said.
“she might get blind if we leave her like that” one maid said.
“we won’t attend to her..let her feel more pain before we do,Chidinma thanks for your bravery without you here,we might not have our sweet revenge”Juliet said..
“umm I didn’t do this for anyone to have revenge I only did this following the Accord of her words,if you don’t mind…I need to get somewhere before the witch eye will open” Chidinma replied and rushed out of the compound straight away to the spot she is suppose to meet nkem, she felt bad no one was there.

“I don’t know who you are and what you are.. it’s not my fault I failed in my promise,I hope we get to meet some other times”she said to herself.
maybe he came and left when he didn’t see me.
Chidinma eyes stupidly glued to the spot she duped drema #60,000,she tried to recollect his face..she didn’t even look in his face cos he had on a face cap that day.
“whatever I don’t care”she said.
“to you that I am suppose to meet today that I didn’t,am sorry”she said in her mind.
she walked straight to her father’s house.

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her mother walked out from the back.
“mama”she said.
they hugged theirselves.
“it’s remaining 6days…I will try*she said..
her mother nodded.
“please eat well and don’t think”she added.
her mother forced out a smile
“I should start going now”
her mom’s face suddenly got pale.
“where’s nonso??
“am here aunty chidinma”.
both siblings did a high five.
finally she left.
by the time she returned to madam Tamara’s compound,it was calm.she walked in and joined the other maids.
“you’re in duty”aku said.
“Chidinma you’re on duty…serve the sicks dinner”she added.
“I was on duty last night..am I suppose to do it today again?”Chidinma replied..
“I am the head maid..you’re expected to obey whatever order I give*aku said.
“head maid indeed”Chidinma told her and walked out to the kitchen.
she put food in many plates and placed them in tray to deliver one after the other.

she got to the sicks section and met different people with different ailments.
“how many did madam tamara heal daily” she said to herself as she served them food one after the other.
she went back to the kitchen and packed the last set of foods in the tray.she moved them to the last sick section…
there was still a last room,Chidinma wondered what room is that.so she opened the door slightly only to meet her man in the room, the sight alone made her knew he was a prince. she closed the door before he could turn.
“maybe he came here for healing”she thought.

she moved the tray into the last section and distributed food to the sicks till it was remaining one, she walked up to Aku.
*you said there are 35sick people but I could only count 34″she said.
“have you seen Jackie?”Aku asked.
“who’s Jackie???”she asked.
“do you need to know,yours was is too give her dinner”
“that room…that way” aku pointed.
“be careful around Jackie…she is insane and she bites, her madness was caused as a result of loosing a loved one so she bites,all you need to do is to pass her food through the window” aku added.
“why didn’t you say this straight…you’re not good at acting tough”Chidinma said.
she got to the window side and saw the Jackie,she was really wild as Aku explained.
Chidinma felt jackie is too young to be like this. she opened the window and placed the food there.
Jackie rushed it like a mad dog..
she collected the food from the window, poured it away and ate from the ground.

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“it must really be hard for mad people..poor Jackie” she said and watched her display her madness. Unknown to Chidinma the healed prince already stood at a distant watching her.

“Jackie”Chidinma called.
“Ebube don’t leave me!!! ebube I love you!!!
Chidinma watched Jackie displaying madness she got close to the window where Chidinma was standing,Chidinma forgot her hand was there..Jackie took it quickly and bite her.

“ewwwwww!!! Chidinma withdraw her hand quickly but it was too late..
the prince smiled from where he stood.
“hey,will you be my friend. my name is Chidinma”Chidinma waved at Jackie.
she stupidly gave her hand again.
Jackie bite her,this time she didn’t take her hand away,she endured.
the prince was surprised than ever. Chidinma gave both her hands to Jackie who kept on biting.
she don’t know why she’s doing that..

“Jackie”she called.
“Ebube”Jackie said in madness display.
that must be the name of her boyfriend,their love must be really strong to make her mad” Chidinma thought.

“ebube!!! ebube!!!!
Jackie’s madness display increased.
“yes I am ebube your boyfriend”Chidinma replied.
*ebube, you’re ebube”jackie replied.
“yes I am..”Chidinma added and look straight into her eyes, unknown to her Jackie started seeing images of her dead boyfriend instead of seeing chidinma.

Chidinma doesn’t know what she’s doing, she thinks she is consoling the mad patient.
“ebube!! Jackie started returning to her real self slowly.
“yes,I am ebube” Chidinma said. Half of Jackie’s madness returned to sanity.

“my darling Jackie,open your eyes to the world around you,open your heart to the world around you..now eat so that you will gain more strength”dinma said.
jackie looked at the food then back to chidinmas face,she started seeing images of her dead boyfriend more clearer.

“Ebube!!!! ebube”
Jackie said and almost hugged Chidinma through the window,Chidinma held her hand tight from the window.

“ebube my love you have returned to me” Jackie said in tears,she didn’t display madness again.

“no I have not returned to you.You have to forget me and move on because I am dead already,I have traveled to the land of the dead” Chidinma said…

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“ebube!!! Jackie started crying.
“yes my love but we can’t be together anymore,we have been separated by the seven seas”Chidinma said.
“why? ebube don’t leave me!!
Jackie cried the more and held Chidinma hand tightly, unknown to Chidinma her madness had been cured.

the prince who was watching quietly noticed and was surprised..
Aku passed by and was surprised to see that type of closeness between Jackie and Chidinma.

“why are you waiting your precious time in feeding her?? Aku said.
Jackie jerked to her normal sense and left dinma’s hand.

“what am I doing here??
“why am I in rags!!!!!!! Jackie shouted.

“hey you are mad…is your madness getting out of hand,a servant is coming to tie you down again before it gets worst”Aku said.
“I am not mad,I am Princess Jackie of Reemah kingdom,I demand to know why am here”Jackie said.
“are you healed??”Aku was surprised.
Chidinma was also surprised.
“get me out of this stinking place…open the door!! I don’t like dirt”Jackie said. she was truly back to her senses.
Aku was surprised. she bowed to jackie.
“am sorry my princess I will get the keys” she rushed out…

Chidinma was still surprised,
she really can’t explain what happened. Jackie looked at her and smiled.
“You just healed me,tell me what’s your name” she asked. the prince got more interested.

“something is wrong somewhere” Chidinma said and rushed out. to the backyard. she looked at her palms, marks of the bites Jackie gave her was very visible…
“she said I healed her…but I was just playing with her..I was only said those words to her out if pity!!

“am so confused…it’s not me”
“it can’t be…how can it be me”
“Chidinma…the trouble,I play a lot,it must be madam tamara’s herbs and shrubs”
Chidinma thought as she moved to and fro. She turned and caught the sight of the prince she removed her eyes immediately and turned to the other side..

she walked in the other side.
“I am prince Simeon…”
she heard.
“greetings to you”she replied without turning.
she finally turned and wanted to walk out.
“it’s actually rude to walk out on a prince” Simeon said.
“so should I wait for you to leave before I leave” Chidinma asked.

“I love smart girls” he said.
“don’t worry you will soon stop” she replied and walk out.