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The Healer. Chapter 14

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

Chapter 14????♥️????

chidinma’s p.o.v
without saying a word,he uncovered my mouth and hugged me for a long time.out if surprise, I dropped the hair chain on the floor,it was the first time a guy hugged me,I felt familiarity in his arms…..he scent so nice but he is suppose to be my friend right?.

the other guy nkem came close from afar,I don’t know what he did,I felt a ray of light flash on me.finally he came closer and picked the chain.
I let go of obim.

“that’s actually a gift from my family and since they abandoned me I felt it’s useless keeping it”he said. I looked away and ran as fast as my legs could carry me.
I arrived home,I couldn’t even think of madam tamara.

I walked to the room nonso and I shared,I grabbed another wrapper.Jeez I can’t believe I search into the dirty water for his hair chain and he even said he doesn’t wants it.

“why am I even concerned? I just met him today and I am already digging into his past life..am I okay??

I took off the dirty clothes and thmued the new wrapper,I even wore my slippers wrongly.
Chidinma are you okay??
I scratched my neck as I wore it in the right way.

I tore out a page from an old book,then poured ink in a flat plate.i remembered how the chain looked so I drew it.
“maybe I should ask the Goldsmith the worth” I thought abd folded what I drew but then I tear it again.

“drawing this means I don’t trust him…chidinmaets give trust a trial” I said as I trash what I drew.
I went out and soaked my cloth in water.i put water in a bucket to bath. someone was there, I waited for my turn.

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“but why did he hug me? could he start liking me…that’s not possible I might end up breaking his head”I said in my head.
nanza came out of the bathroom,I took my water in.

Nkem’s p.o.v
I laughed hard immediately Chidinma left. I looked quietly in dremas face,he look sweet but his Expression made me laughed more.

“bad. am not even a great actor”he said.
“jeez that was so close”I said.
“I tell you,some random girls recognized me” Dre said like the gentleman he is,he bite his lips halfly giving him that attractive look.
I laughed.
“is it funny”he said.
“anyways thank you”he added.
“don’t mention bro”I added.
“but why are you saying thank you…I did what a brother could have done”I said.

“yeah…this is actually the first time a girl who doesn’t know me did something for me without trying to impress prince drema or gain any favor” he said.
“you deserve it”I said.
“fine..where did you park the God dam car,my legs hurt*he said and wore his face cap.
“over there”
we walked down and moved in the car
the AC was on,drema drank the whole water in the can.
“tomorrow is another day”I said.
we both chuckled.
I drove straight to the palace,we arrived 12pm, the time was far spent already.

queen chiamaka face softened immediately she sight drema.

“I wasn’t able to sleep..you kept me waiting” she said.
“I’m sorry Mom,it’s all fine”rema said and kissed her cheeks.
“what about me that don’t have a mother?” I asked lowly.
the queen chuckled and Pat my head.
“bless you my son”age said..I grinned.
“I guess you are coming from Nora’s place? ” she asked.
drema looked sideways.
“ohh you guys ain’t over it–
“my schedule is so tight tomorrow” Dre said another thing,I took him to his room.

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Jackie’s p.o.v♥️

I still can’t believe I was insane for 3good months.i felt at ease when the royal guards arrived,my mom(the queen) came alongside
we cried in each other’s arms.

mother am fine”I said in screams
“am really fine”I screamed again.
madam Tamara came out.
“Tamara thank you… thanks to you may the gods bless your healing hands”my mom says.
“iseeee(amen)”Tamara replied.
it was really a long night,my mother discussed long with mAdam Tamara but I really want to see that girl,the one speaking to me,
she healed me.

I rushed into the maids quarter,she wasn’t just there,the other maids were fast asleep.i even uncovered their face,she wasn’t still among them.

oh my God????????
what do I do??????
and I am not sure I will ever come here again, to the part of this kingdom.

“my princess do you need something”a girl said from behind me. Judging from looks she is a maid.

“what about the girl who served me food hours ago?”I asked.
“how does she looks like? fair or dark? do you want to give her something before you go,I mean I can help you deliver it”she said.

“I want to meet her in person”I said
“she is not around,I don’t even know who you’re asking for”she said and left.

“Jackie it’s time to leave”my mother’s maid came.i sighed abd followed her. I deliberately made us passed the window side, I remembered everything she did. the consoling words,how I bite her hand.

“you must be looking for something”a maid from the healing house said.
“yes,the aunty that served me dinner. kindly helo me give her this card…there are call centers in Ezials kingdoms tell her to give me a call,I will call the call center in return for better conversation so I can get her”I said.

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“okay,my princess”she said and took my card.
“that must be Chidinma,she served you” she added.
I nodded she left.

I looked the window once again, a bracelet was there.i picked it up,her name was even written there “Chidinma”.

I smiled.
“every Cinderella forgets her shoe,you’re also a Cinderella for forgetting your bracelet….I make you my role model from this moment”
I smiled again.

“Jackie……”I heard.
OMG,I rushed out.