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The Healer. Chapter 17

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

Chapter 17????♥️????

queen ivory’s p.o.v

OMG! my heart just fell into my stomach.
I don’t want to believe drema can really see or could he be faking that shit..

“did he really see?”Charles asked.
I moved my face and walked out of the suite straight away to the dinning where I stood behind the transparent glass to watch.

the dream in which he imagined himself seeing,does he knows what it’s called?.

prince tochi walked in and say opposite to drema on the dinning.
“Hy”he said to drema.
drema smiled back.i scoffed.
six maids walked up to them,I was surprised 5 out of six focused more attentions on drema.
are they really obsessed?..

“my grace,shall I serve your meal?
“I really can do it…
“here…flower cakes,spicy rice…scrambled eg..

“it’s okay,I will do it”Lila said and uncovered the dishes one after the other.
she served drema fried plaintain and eggs, the other maids served tochi.

can he really see now?
I sighed and left to the inner chamber where the king sat with his cabinets,discussing.
“he must have the phoenix scar on his wrist,that’s so much power”I overheard.
what are they really discussing..
soon the meetings dismissed,I was left with the king alone.

“you look sad”he said.
I let out more tears.
“won’t you punish drema for what he did back then,he doesn’t even apologize and that’s an insult to me”I said.
his highness sighed and pulled me in a hug.

“what exactly do you want him to do,I hate to see those tears stream down”he said.
I smiled inwardly as I let more tears outwardly
he summon a guard.

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“send for drema”.
“as your lordship pleases”
the guard left.

“that won’t be enough,he insulted me openly, the maids and guards were there,he should do the apology openly,I don’t just know what has gotten into him lately.He doesn’t have regards for his elders and he always tries to take sides with Charles…I really want you to send him out of this palace”I said.

“not now”he replied
“really? are you liking him now”I said.
“oh no…his birth has brought nothing but shame to my face”he says.
“then why can’t you send him out or even disown him at least the world knows you have only Charles”I said.
“fine,I will disown him but not now. maybe after i have gotten to the position am contesting for”he said.
“that will take so long,what I needed was a fast action,I really hate to see drema around” I said and walked out.

drema walked in the hallway right in time.
ohh my goodness,that simply means he can see.
when? how come.

he passed through the other way,I followed him in other to satisfy my curiosity. I went after him,he suddenly stop to strain his eyes.
I cleared my throat and walked behind him.

“mother”he called.
“mother indeed”I said. he turned.

“you really put up such bravery at the dinning can you really see or you are deceiving the palace”I asked,this time softly.
he slam his forehead,I think he feel hot there.
I grinned.

“sorry son”I said and moved closer. I smiled convincing enough so he won’t think I want to harm him or something.
he moved back and walked forward. I blocked his way again.

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“I’m sorry my son,I know am a bad step mother that doesn’t deserve neither your love nor attention…drema am really sorry”I said softly and took his hand slowly in mine,this time he didn’t jerk back nor move away.

“but drema,can you really see…” I asked.

“not like you care queen ivory…acting like a saint is what you know best to do.
you killed Lydia the head maid because she refused you,what on Earth ..”

“what kind of person is Lydia? you shouldn’t believe what anyone said,killing fellow human is a great sin of the world. I can’t do that. I didn’t kill Lydia,I am not faking.
drema I just want you to trust me,
you can call me mother from now on
In everyone eyes,I am such a vicious woman I can’t do such a thing drema”I said,softly.

jeeezzz I hope he gets confused enough to tell me what I want…
he took his lips in cutely and look in the other side. I also can’t deny his handsomeness.

“fine,am sorry for what I said at the dinning” he said….

jeeez,my plan worked on drema.
I smiled back.

“I am not angry with you,afterwards we are family.There is just something that hurts my feelings,seeing you everyday that you can’t see so tell me,can you really see now…because its only with your sight you can steadily become his highness heir”I said sweetly.

“I have never thought of being father’s heir and you seem to concerned about my sight, are you trying to sweet tongue me or what??
he said and walked away….

jezz,I felt an auora of hotness in my body.
drema stopped walking.

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“the things about Lydia’s death have made most people disatisfied with you. in addition according to my guards,an informant sneaks to see you everyday…
to privately keep an informat is a taboo of the palace,I hope you get caught and punished earlier…
and mind your words and behavior,
don’t make the world angry again with your dirty characters,
lastly,my sight doesn’t concerns you in anyway I hope you learn to stay away,goodnight”
he said and walked into his suite…


he slammed the door on my face