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The Healer. Chapter 20

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

Chapter 20????♥️????

chidinma’s p.o.v????????
I went out with aunty Delilah,my few cloths were parked in a polythene bag…
I don’t even know if I should be happy am leaving or not…maybe it’s my mother’s health. Her health is not always stable as she always needs my help most time,now that I am leaving,who will help her?

“are you okay?”Delilah asked
“maybe”I said in full spirit,I stupidly hugged my nylon.
“put it in the car” she said.
I lit my eyes and saw a black car just few steps from our building,we walked towards it together.
“get in”she added.
“umm okay”I said.and moved in,she entered the front seat and started the engine,I quickly moved out again,she turned surprised.

“Chidinma” she shouted
“sorry one more chance” I said and rushed in. my mom was just behind the door,I hugged her when she smiled out tears.
“promise me you will eat well mama”I said.
“don’t worry,nonso is around”
“oh okay,I feel relieved now”
“yeah,it’s a goodbye then
“bye bye my daughter pls don’t cos trouble..
she said.i nodded and rushed back to the car.
it was really a long ride,I even dozed off in the car. by the time I opened my eyes an hour later we have covered some distances we were now in the modernized part of the kingdom,
everything was thrilling
the roads,floors,highways,everything
I saw the shops,stalls,everywhere was placed in a high class order that I started wondering how and what the palace will likely to look like.
ROYAL PALACE????????????????????
The king’s p.o.v
“your highness don’t you think it’s time to choose a heir,this thing is now taking so long we ought to have known who will make a good successor”queen ivory said.
“my dear wife,I know what to do”I replied and took a bite of the apple.

“really?? what is it your highness???

“I remembered I said any of my sons with more valour,compassion,kindness and emotions will access the throne and be my successor”I said.She kept quiet for a while.
afterwards,I signalled the standing guards,he bowed as he squat beside where I sat on the throne. I whispered some words in his ears, he nodded and left afterwards.
(the healer by adesola adeomowole.m.)
not quiet long the two princes walked in. I smiled at them my two lovely sons; Charles and tochi.

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“here we are father”Tochi said in a very soft whisper,he looks so cool and calm compared to Charles even though they had the same striking resemblance.

“we are here now right?”Charles said. I signaled queen ivory to excuse us,she did.

“my sons,it’s all because of a puzzle I still find it difficult to provide a considerate answer so I would love to see your opinions” I said.
“okay father”tochi said.
“sure”Charles rolled his eyes up.
“follow me to see for yourself”I said and stood, they followed me.
I led them to the palace basketball court. inside there was a high table and on the high table were four wine glass. Two were filled with yellow wine while the remaining two weren’t filled…

“what’s this dad”Charles said.
“puzzle I think”tochi shrugged.

“you can only move a glass once….so let’s get down to the question”I said.
“which is?”Charles added.
“arrange the glasses in the sequences; full, empty,full, empty…remember you can only move a glass” I said.

they glanced at each other then back to the glasses,I curved out a smile.
“ummmm”Charles said and moved two glasses to get the answer.
“no,you can only move a glass once”I said and returned the glasses to their normal positions
“that’s impossible” he said.
“I need some more days to think of a solution” tochi said.

“really? some more days…okay you can leave” I said.Charles left.
tochi bowed before leaving.He is really respectful.But why can’t they get this simple puzzle? I taught my sons were smarts.
I shrugged and strolled to the fifth floor,I moved down again and walked to the training section..where I heard sounds of shooting arrows.

I stopped at a distance,it was drema shooting the arrows.
good for him.he can really see now but that won’t still make me love him like a son. I stood at a distance and watched him make several arrow shots skillfully.

“my prince,you should try to aim at that point I heard it’s close to the impossible”nkem,the guard with him said.
“ok…get me some more arrows”
he said and drank water from his can.
nkem handed him the arrow which he collected and aimed at the point.

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I doubt it if he will ever get it……

“that point is too high”he said.and strained his eyes a bit then he released the shot.
“you hit the point”nkem clappped.
“that was terrible”he said and dropped the bow with him,he walked out. I was quiet surprised he hit the point

Chidinma”s p.o.v
finally the car pulled into an estate,
a very beautiful estate with so many fine tall buildings.
the car stopped a few distance away,
we walked in after proper check by the securities.

I was still amazed at everything,
the beautiful environment,
the dazzling garden that comprises of different flowers ..
I could count at least 18 of such tall buildings in the estate.

we moved in the third building which was a total of three some mansion all painted white with a touch of gold bars.

a large beautiful swimming pool was in the compound. I saw a very pretty girl in the pool and like six neat maids were watching over her..
I walked with Delilah till we got to the main door,she walked in.i followed.
a maid attended to us.

“good day ma’am,how may I help you?
“oh am delilah and I want to meet prince Tochi’s mother”
“follow me ma’am”

the maids took us up..
jeeezzz is this a room.
the queen was a beautiful young looking woman,she has a caramel skin like mine her dress fitted her elegantly and she had numerous royal bracelets on her wrists,on her neck was two doubled gold chain.

“Delilah it’s nice to see you again”
“yes my queen”

“good evening ma’am”I greeted.
“my dear…”she replied.
she faced Delilah back.

“I even wanted to reach you,I need like 6 more maids. Tochi is really picky and doesn’t like any of the maids,he keeps firing them”

“am sure he will like this one”Delilah saud.
“what’s your name?”the queen faced me
“Chidinma,my queen”I replied.
“not bad”she said and looked me from head to toe.

“my queen Chidinma is not a random girl I picked,she’s like a sister to me”Delilah said.
“ohh really,I will make her more comfortable then” the queen said.

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“okay thank you
“you’re welcome
“okayy queen I will take my leave”
Delilah left.

the queen faced me fully.
“so tell me about you?
“am 20years old ma,my family is really selfless we are happy and contended with what we have,I have a little brother whom I cherish so much although I lost my elder brother when I was barely 5” I explained.
“ok…what level are you in school?
“I didn’t go to school…..”I said,she nodded.
“but why? how can a pretty lady like you be an illiterate?”she asked.
“that’s how the gods want it for me…am equally smart too,you can’t judge a book by its cover”I said.
“can you turn around?”she said.
“huhnn”I breathed in and did what she said.

she placed a call and two women came in. they were both older.

“Crystal where do you think I should fix Chidinma? I would have loved her to be in charge of Tochi’s room but she’s uneducated” the queen said.
“or can she managed being among Tochi’s maid? she added.

“actually my queen,her being prince Tochi’s maid won’t work,it’s better she should stay in the 8th building so she can stay with the other maids who clean the environment”Crystal said

“ok…but I feel like she’s clean and neat,I prefer her replacing Tochi’s former maid,Kayla” the queen said.

“that’s a good idea but prince tochi doesn’t like local people around,he likes his things done in classic ways”

“okay,take Chidinma to the 8th building,show her the room”
“okay my queen”

I followed the woman out.We walked in the corridor then got to the hallways we cut across some more maids,Hana was along but I doubt it if she ever sees me..

ma’am Crystal walked to a particular door,she beeped the open button.although no one came out.
“my prince should I get your dinner?” she asked and was even bowing when the prince wasn’t in our presence.We only heard his voice through the intercom device.

“no,am okay”I heard the voice,it was so calm, sweet and soft.
It so much reminded me of Obim.
I smiled,I must be really dreaming