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The Healer. Chapter 22

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

Chapter 22????♥️????

“I remembered I asked a question”Nora said.
chidinma fiddled with her fingers as she look Nora in the eyes.
“are you deaf? answer my question! she yelled chidinma remained silent,she bowed her head a little.

“can’t you speak??
“eeehnn I….I ..
“jeezzz why are commoners so stupid” Nora sounded impatient.the presence of chidinma suddenly irritate her.

“am sorry…I…I…I…mean…”chidinma replied thinking of a lie.
“stop that nonsense and answer my question!
“actually am a new maid”chidinma said.
“and so what???Nora yelled.
“sooooo ehmmm so I just want to look around so I will not get lost in the future,am really sorry I know it’s against the rules to go out at night,I will leave just now.am sorry once again” Chidinma said politely,she bowed and ran away.

Nora scoffed,she walked away with her two hand maids.They got to the main gate.
“my lady”the security said.
“have you seen drema??
“he actually drove out an hour ago?
“ok did he take guards along?
“no ma’am,not at all.

Nora got curious. is drema seeing someone else??

“security,what direction did his car take?
“I can’t really say my princess”.

she walked away with her hand maid.
“where can drema be,he doesn’t go outside not to talk of mingling,something is really off”.

“you two can go,I will wait here till his car comes” she said.
“okay ma’am”her maids bowed and left.

Chidinma entered the maids quarter,they all have slept except for Nina who sat facing a mirror arranging her hair.
She looked away when Nina looked back,she laid facing the window.
It started raining,the room got so cold.
“obim must be in the rain waiting for me.He doesn’t even have a place to stay” Chidinma said.she looked at the wishing star.

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“Obim I wish you become rich and have peace of mind someday”she said.the wishing star disappeared.She smiled and slept.

Nora still waited at the gate,the rain got much she intentionally soak herself in the rain.The guards watching her thinks she really care for drema.
Queen chiamaka who was looking at her from upstairs smiled and went in.
A car drove in.Nora rushed to the car but instead Charles stepped out.

a maid quickly tiptoed to his height and covered him with the royal coverage.
Nora scoffed and moved away.”and I thought it was drema.but why does Charles smells so much from liquor.Pergaos he must be coming from the town club”.

Charles walked in with two girls.
Tochi walked out,he was fully dressed.Nora left the coverage and ran to him crying.

“tochi”she said in tears
“Nora are you okay,why are you in this rain come on get inside”tochi said and tried dragged her in..
“no drema is in the rain.find rema I don’t know where he went to,he doesn’t even know anybody nor anywhere in this kingdom; you know his health and emotional condition please”she said.
“first you need to get out of the rain Nora” tochi said and tried taking her in,she collected her hand again.Tochi smiled.They must really love each other,he thinks.

“ok..I will find him even if u have to suspend where I am going to….”tochi was still talking drema’s car drove in.
“that’s him”tochi winks and left.

Drema moved out of his car,the maids rushed to him with so much royal coverage. drema stopped them from moving closer.He walked in. Nora smiled and followed him.

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“rema why will you get out on the rain have you forgotten—

drema stopped walking and look in her eyes.
“do you really care??

Nora sighed and held his hand,he took his hand away angrily. Nora almost fell.

“he has really changed. Did I hurt him this much? I know it’s my fault he is like this”..
she saw his eyes turn red. blood came out of his nose…she was surprised. the sign on his wrist glittered as well.

“rema you’re bleeding???
she said. he wiped his nose and walked away she knew he was angry.

“rema what mistake did I make that is not forgivable. I was there I was always there when you where blind and now that you’ve regained your sight you totally forget about me”she said. she followed drema in his suite and hugged him from behind.

“our tree was long dead” he told her.as he poured himself a glass of wine.

“drema what do you mean our tree was long dead,I loved you,I care for you and just because you caught me cheating you want to leave right???
“look drema I love you
“I really love you…”she said.

drema placed the glass on his lips,desires clouded in Nora’s eyes.

“I remembered very clearly the two words you gave me when I was dying,I asked you if you ever loved me and you answered “never ever” I have always regard those two words as a golden rule,I bare your response in my heart firmly…

I don’t dare to forget the times I will call your phone you will pick and all what I will hear is you moaning from another man’s pleasure ..

what about the times that you threaten to leave,I still come around to beg why? because am always afraid of being alone. I just allow you around here in this palace because I see my mom likes you…” drema said.

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“I told you “never ever” when you were dying because I was angry. since my childhood I always have a bad temper,at that time you where dying,I know nothing about love” she said.in tears.

“Anger”. that word sounds very tricky…drema said and sipped in his wine.
“I owe you nothing Nora,stop black mailing me that you were with me when you where blind”

“I love you.i really do” she said.
drema got angry and stood up. little blood drop out of his nose.
“from now on,if you say that you love me again I will cut a slice of you anytime you say it” he said.

Nora rushed out….her mind pained.
she walked out of the palace hastily and find her way to the second kingdom clan. she located the tallisman hut and walked in.

the talisman has so many customers,the talisman dismissed his customers and attended to Nora when he saw that she was putting in a royal dress.

“my princess!!! he addressed her
Nora remembered the mark on drema’s wrist, she took the feather ink and draw the mark on a paper. she showed it to the talisman.

“tell me,what mark is that???”she asked
the three lanterns in the talisman hut went off
“where did you get this mark from???..
Nora got confused. She has her own mark too but she hasn’t seen the type on drema own on anyone..

“tell me what mark is that???she asked.
“am sorry my princess,I am not allowed to disclose this!!!