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The Healer. Chapter 24

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

Chapter 24????♥️????

Chidinma held both tray in her hand and knocked.

“I totally forgot that witch is in my suite”rema said and left the door knob inside.He strolled back in the room,meanwhile Chidinma knocked again.Hana rushed to the door and opened it. she was surprised to see dinma.

“Hana!! Chidinma smiled.
“hunn am the one”

hana smiled relived. dinma wanted to enter, Hana dragged her back.
“why? dinma said.
“hmm nothing,I will do it myself princess Lila doesn’t like others serving her except me” Hana lied.she just doesn’t want Chidinma to enter cos she knows dinma is a type of girl guys will die to look at over and over again.. countless girls in the part of the kingdom where they came from fought with Chidinma saying she stole their boyfriend’s.It happened to her also,her first crush stopped liking her the day she introduced him to Chidinma…
Hana was scarred she will lost in this one again…she likes Chidinma as a friend and will sacrifice so much for it but,there should be some limits.

“are you alright?”dinma asked,she saw the expression on hanas face.

“(smiling) nothing bring the tray I will do it” she said. dinma gave her the tray.and went away. she already reached halfway when the door opened back.

she thought it was Hana so she turned again.

“Obim!!! her eyes widened but she didn’t shout it nor say it.

drema took the left side turn and hopped up the stairway up,Chidinma couldn’t move. she caught the side view of his face.she wiped her face and looked again…….his hand in the stairway rod was adorned with royal beads all black in colour,each of his fingers wore a sparkling diamond ring…
his earring glitters.

Chidinma got confused.
she couldn’t even close her mouth.
“Obim!! the face and memory appeared in her memory.She looked again,he already left.

Chidinma still stood her mouth opened.she wiped her face again.

“Obim is tall….this person too is tall”
“same heights..
“Obim has tight dimples…am not sure of this person has”
“Obim has a…ohh my god same side view..
“Obim is poor…..this one is a prince”

“Obim is….”

Chidinma stopped demonstrating when she heard the door opening again but Hana already caught her. she held “obim”.

“are you okay??”hana asked.
“i…I..I don’t think I am”dinma said.she really wanted to cry but she wants to confirm first.

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“whattt??? you look somehow”Hana said.
“hmm Hana that guy that came out of the room who is he?? is he palace guard? dinma asked.

“palace guard?? noo!! that’s prince drema, prince drema,he’s an actor and an international model….he’s the youngest prince” Hana said,she rolled her eyeballs. despite her attitude they still met.

“what happened,did he talk to you?
“hmm nothing,he didn’t even look in my side..
dinma said. Hana felt relieved.

“thank you.i almost died of confusion”dinma said.
“really? why??.
“he kind of look familiar but am not quiet sure” dinma said.
“you’re mistaken…prince drema doesn’t go out there is no way you can meet him,not even in your next life,I mean you are not categories you’re not qualify to be his maid”Hana said with bitterness..
Chidinma just smiled.
“I will leave now”she said instead.she felt hurt her best friend insulted her because of a man she barely knows.

she sighed. Hana have every right to act that way,she always say I snatch her boyfriends and admirers.

she entered the maids quarters.

ROYAL PALACE……Jewel’s dinning.

the family was complete so they had breakfast together and the maids stood by them and offered each person what they wanted.

Charles sat opposite the king..while tochi sat beside his mother,drema sat beside his mother also, opposite him was Lila.

“dad you still haven’t passed judgment accross the state mens”chris said he picked his cutlery,a maid served him specially.
“dad you came back late yesterday why?… Lila blocked the question Charles asked.
“sorry I had to wait to meet other Kings from different clans,it was really hectic”
“you really looked stressed up honey,that’s why you need to choose a successor”queen ivory said.
“yes senior queen you’re right,the work is too much coupled with kingship affairs”

“what can I do??
“least I forget king Damon sent an invitation for his daughter birthday?

“sooo??? queen ivory said.
“that means they want to use our place for the party”..
” also strengthening my relationship with king Damon,we have one company together.i will make sure to seal this relationship with marriage between his daughter and one of my sons”the king said. he looked at both tochi and Charles..
the two queens smiled and nodded in agreement except dremas mother.

drema ate quietly without saying a word.

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“then I need you to get a present for the princess,I hope she will be well mannered” Lila said she stretched her cup and a maid poured juice in her glass.

drema smiled out dimples,Lila exchanged her food with his own. he smiled and dipped his fork in it,he caught his father’s glare immediately,it shows nothing but hatred. drema looked away abd dropped the fork, he stood up and walked out.
Lila noticed it and ran after drema.

she rushed down,he was already by the pool thought Mable stones in it
“sorry?? Lila said and held his hand.
“about what!??
“about dad”
“it’s okay I have an endorsement deal bye”.

Light opens on Rose getting dressed for a modelling deal which drema was the partner.

“madam you look so anxious”the stylist said.
“is it that obvious?? she asked.
“it’s pretty though!!.

soon she was done,the stylist led her out to a place where they came across drema..
everyone in the place took pictures of them together.

*it’s just a play don’t be too happy”Dre said and held rose hand. they walked to the live room. the press filled the outside door.

“who said drema is blind????
“when will he show us his face??
“we love you…
“we love you ..

the brand they modelled was a success and the short film advert was a blast. it lasted till evening.

Later they sat to celebrate their success.
Rose carried her tray to where drema sat beside the waters,his guards weren’t with him neither was he wearing a mask.

rose flushed..she had just seen drema’s full face the tray in her hand would have stopped cos she was so lost drooling.

“I ….I….”she starmmered..
“you’re really embarrassing yourself”drema said. rose smiled and sat on the relaxing chair opposite him.

“the show was real…some said we should be couples”rose said.
drema sipped on his wine.
“sir I have booked a reservation in the hotel,we can’t go back today”bethel said. drema nodded she walked away.

“Dre can’t you see this place is cool and kind of romantic”roses said.
Dre didn’t replied,he sipped in the wine again. a table long at about 30cm was wheeled to his side.The chefs were all neat and professional.

“my prince!!!
“you love grapes…

the first line was filled with fruits,the second were sea foods.
Dre just nodded,the chef left.

“so how long have you been modelling?”roses asked.
“let’s say since I was 6months old”Dre replied.
“yeah,I modelled for Johnson baby skin care and Huggies Pampers”
“wow am impressed”.

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minutes later they finished their drinks. a maid came..
“miss rose we made reservations but it’s a couple suite with prince drema”the maids bowed and left.
Dre stood up and picked the keys,rose adjusted her dress and follow him.
“very beautiful wow I love it”rose said.
drema walked to his bedroom,the other one was for rose.

drema entered his bedroom,he locked the door and changed in a blue prince robe,he packed his hair up with one of the bracelet.

He opened his bedroom door,rose showed up.
“I need something”rose said. she held drema hand and quickly placed her head on his chest.
she kissed his chest,Dre pulled her back.
“ohh am sorry”rose said.
“we can’t…you’re drunk”Dre said.

“I am not drunk are you really dumb,I have been giving you signals all these while,getting you to give me attention,going to drink….you can’t tell me you don’t know what I want” rose said.

Dre walked back in.
“come in no string attached”rose said and walked into his bedroom.

Dre laid on the bed and hugged the teddy,his mind was else where,he wasn’t even looking at rose…

rose removed her nightie and pulled down her panties.
Dre mind was far away- his father.

rose moved to the side of his bed naked,she collected the teddy bear from rema absent mindedly.

“Rema…forget about it,I will be there for you” she said and lock her lips,shekissed him softly..

he moved his hand to her bare back,he doesn’t know what he was doing that moment.
the picture on his memory was his father and the hateful look..

Rose pressed her lips into his until he lifted her to lean on him softly.

Rose moaned out wordlessly..

she sat perfectly on rema,and rode him slowly, she increased her pace…drema came back to his senses slowly,rose moved faster and moaned all by herself.Rema didn’t push her away..it’s just a one night stand,nothing is attached,drema thought.

he didn’t feel anything in the sex at all. Rose was crazily in bed with him,she enjoyed being with drema,his handsomeness,the perfect male frame.

she moaned out in high ecstasy and finally pulled out,she laid on drema’s arm.

“I love you”rose said.
“I love someone else”drema replied and slept