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The Healer. Chapter 26

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

Chapter 26????♥️????

Chidinma was alone at the pool cleaning, she had no idea of what was going on in the 8th building.

“maybe I will talk to hana later” she thought as she entered the pool fully to scrub the underneath,just little water was in the pool.

“you’re still cleaning??? Nora came out.
she was in her swim suite then a scraf was tied around her waist.

“why didn’t you get it cleaned very early?” Nora asked..

“am sorry the maid in charge of the pool isn’t around so I decide to take it up”dinma explained.

“that’s still not an excuse…jezzz poverty can make some people to be so stupid” Nora said.she walked out,her hand maid followed her.
Chidinma dropped the glove sponge…

Dika abd olive showed up as soon as Nora left.
“you’re lucky she didn’t give you punishment” olive said.
“does she??
“aaah that’s prince dremas fiancee”
“speaking of the devil she is the one”.

“I see*dinma said
the two joined chidinma in the pool,they started cleaning.

Light opens on prince tochi.

“this looks so difficult..I doubt it if Charles has gotten the answer”he said.
“I can only move one glass once…
“this is mad”.
he chuckled.

“really mad”Charles chuckled.he just came in.
“I swear”.
“imagine I read so many puzzle books yet no answer”tochi said.
“and today is the dead line”he added
“father will be disappointed”Charles said.
“that’s why we need to find a solution”
“yes what about Google??
“no answer!!!

“how about we call drema,he might know it” tochi said.he already stood up.
“you are causing more damages than good.. don’t call him here,he’s dispied by father”Charles said.
tochi sat back.
“so what do you suggest??

“I think we have no option”tochi said abd ran out before Charles will say another thing.
he got to dremas door and knocked. no response he doesn’t seems to be in his room. he walked back abd saw him coming out of the tennis game room.
his face beemed like a good dream.

“hey bro”he said as he approached drema.
“how did you know I was looking for you” drema said. they did the guylish hand shake.

“congrats”tochi told him..
“on what??
“you just covered over 500 billboards,your net worth is something else” tochi said.
drema chuckled.

“ohh that…do you need something?”Dre asked.
“yes,something very important”tochi said and dragged drema wrist to the gym as if they are kids..

“gym room”Dre said. tochi dragged him along.
his eyes locked with Charles,he smiled and looked away.
Charles got angry that tochi brought drema, he stood up and wanted to leave tochi held him back with his other hand.

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“please brothers,we shouldn’t be doing this to ourselves…we should be the one to reconcile this family and also make our mothers closer” tochi said.
Charles jerked his hand off,drema also removed his own gently.

“that’s a lucky stand”he pouted cutely and started playing round the gym smiling.
if there’s something that annoy Charles in the moment,it should be dremas smile.

he scoffed and walked out on seeing him happy…

“Dre I apologise for Charles attitude pls don’t be annoyed”tochi told drema who was playing around.
“I’m used to it”he replied and threw a soft ball at to him

tochi went out and came in minutes later with Charles..
they sat round the stand.
tochi smiled and explained the puzzle to Dre

“it’s so easy….just take the second glass like this,pour it’s content into the third glass and return the glass to it’s position”Dre explained and solved the puzzle.
“waoow am impressed!! tochi clapped he patted dremas head.
the two got along so easily.They turned the gym room into a serious play ground.

Charles smirked and left, he entered his suite the mark on his wrist made a bright green colour,his eye balls turned darker also..
his power has just came back in full force.

meanwhile tochi and drema played all types of games,until drema left saying he have an online meeting with his manager.

“obim” drema heard chidinma’s voice calling in his heart. meanwhile Chidinma was just few corridors away serving Nora in her room.
prince drema looked around,he could feel chidinma. sometimes she feels very close while sometimes she seems very far.

“am kind of going crazy,am always hearing her voice calling in my heart.Am I falling in love with my best friend? at times the only thing I think off is her,the only sound I hear is her laughter…..”

maids room/Night.

the maids stood in line to take food in the kitchen.chidinma noticed everyone moving away from her except from olive and Dika and she wondered why.

she collected her food and sat on the same spot with olive and Dika. The both of them didn’t tell her what Hana told the other maids about her cos they felt it wasn’t necessary.

“where’s Hana”Chidinma asked
Olive coughed.
*sorry”Chidinma stood to get water..
Nina intentionally bumped into her making sure that the water spilled on her.

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“sorry I don’t know you are coming”Nina said all the maids laughed at dinma.
Chidinma got more curious.

???? I can’t believe her background..
???? sooo her father is a carpenter…
???? you can imagine a groundnut seller
???? how did she get here..maids here are from the lending family,the elites and not the borrowing family.
???? she have just ten clothes..

???? I wonder how many pants she have.

Chidinma heard. she turned at Hana then walked up to her,she really want to cry.

“Hana what is this that am hearing?”she asked
“is it not the truth?? Hana replied.
dinma rushed out.
Olive left her food and followed her,then Dika.

“don’t mind them”olive said and hugged Chidinma. Chidinma cried. the insult didn’t pain her,she only cried because it was Hana.

“it’s okay!! Dika also said.
Chidinma wiped her face and walked out.
“where to?? Dika asked.
“to obim, maybe I shouldn’t have told anybody he looks like prince drema”Chidinma said, she rushed out..

Chidinma passed the garden leading to the gate. Unknown to her Nina was hiding there. Nina stood immediately Chidinma walked passed the garden.

“where is she going to??”. Nina followed her, she went outside the gate and didn’t know the direction Chidinma took so she backed off.

4hours later.
Prince drema was already there waiting for Chidinma,he was about leaving when he sighted Chidinma.
He smiled as dinma ran to him.

“sorry I didn’t come for the last two days” she said..
“it’s okay”drema said and held her two hands, he felt that was where he belonged.
they both walked down. Chidinma already forget about the prince drema looking like obim issue. she feel safe it’s obim with her now..

she looked in his face..he had the same look.
they walked and talked till they entered the next kingdom which wasn’t that developed.

they got to the village square there and saw so many fascinating things,drema was amazed somehow be preferred this poor and happy life than his life of a celebrity.

“what are they doing over there? let’s watch? Chidinma said.her and drema drew closer to the crowd.

“it’s a magic show I think”she said.
“magic?? is it real?? drema asked.
they watched.

“here is an ancient wooden heart test cup,I can make it stand in the air”the magician said the audience cheered. the crowd got much.

“hi pretty maiden” a guy whispered into chidinma’s ears.
“hunn”Chidinma said.
drema suddenly hold chidinma hand as if they are couples.

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“would you like some of this?? the guy said and offered some big candies.
“hummm I…I…

“she doesn’t want,if she wants I will get it for her”drema said and took Chidinma away to another side.
Chidinma chuckled
“are you jealous!!!

“am not,am protecting you as my friend” drema said.chidinma smiled. she looked at where drema was holding.

“is this magic real?? the audience cheered.

“it really stood in the air”Chidinma said. drema bought two lemonade drink,he gave one to Chidinma and held the other one.

“this is a heart testing cup that was used 2000 years ago..to know that you and someone is truly meant for each other you need to hold each other hand and shed a drop of your blood both in this cup.
if the colour changes then you’re meant for each other and if it doesn’t you’re not” the male magician said.

the audience cheered. Drema was really enjoying the show,he never knew commoners have this type of fun.

“drink your lemonade,obim”Chidinma said
drema tried opening it,he didn’t get the lid opening.
Chidinma collected it and gave him her own, she opened dremas own and drank it.
drema smiled and drank Chidinma own. he doesn’t know what was there,he only knew it tastes good.

“can you tell that guy to stop looking at you? drema whispered.
“hunnn”…dinma said.
“never mind”drema said..
“he is jealous”dinma said and suddenly hugged drema,the guys stopped looking at her
she laughed to herself.

“there is a gift for any couple that comes to shed blood in this cup…only if the colour changes”the magician said

So many couples went out to try,no one won.
“the gift is pretty,I wonder what’s inside” dinma said..
“really?? drema said.

“no one won,who else wants to try??? the magician said.

“it seems you want the gift”drema said.
“whaaattt!! nooo!!! Chidinma said,drema took her out to the middle…

“oops there’s another couple who wants to try!! the male magician said. meanwhile the female magician recognized drema as a prince..

“we want to try”drema said.
“hunnn is he your boyfriend??” Chidinma was asked..
“yes,we love each other”drema answered. chidinma nodded.she was scared as they moved close to the cup hanging on the air.

drema took a new blade on the stand and cut himself small,he cut Chidinma on her palm small too.

“ok at the counting of three,drop your blood together. 1,2…..3…

drema held Chidinma hand,
they both drop their blood.

what followed next was silence..