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The Healer. Chapter 27

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

Chapter 27????♥️????

how could it change colour?
drema look in the other side and release his smiles,it sent girls drooling.

soon enough the heart testing change its colour from black to red. chidinma widened her eyes in surprise,drema wasn’t sure but he was happy.

“see.have you seen that?
“look,look at that”
“they make a perfect match”
“looks like they love over gold”
“they are an excellent match”

everyone clapped and threw them nice flowers
Chidinma wasn’t sure if this is real magic or not but she’s happy she will be taking gifts. she hastily walk to where the female magician sat and carry the gift.

the female magician stood.
“it’s all fake…the magic is fake” she said.

“whaaaaaatt”the crowd gasped.

“I said it’s fake,this girl blood is fake it’s not pure”. she said.

“hmm what’s happening?
“this has been the best magic show ever
“how can it be fake???
dinma heard things. the female magician collected the gift from her.

“it’s mine now…I won”dinma said.
Drema watch Chidinma drag the gift with her.
“it’s mine now”.
“not yours,you didn’t win okay come back next time to try”
“it’s mine…
“I said it’s not…

the magician pushed Chidinma back,drema caught dinma,dinma still wanted the gift so she ran back to the magician.

“my people her blood is fake don’t be fooled by her”said the magician. she really wants drema to think Chidinma is not meant for him cause she already know he is a prince.

Drema took Chidinma.
“it’s okay I will buy you gifts”he said.
“I want this one…just that one”dinma said.
the crowd watch the drama.

drema walked up to the magician instead. everyone kept quiet..
“we did the test and the colour changed right on front of everyone what the hell are you doing?”Dre said.

“Absolutely true
“Yes,I concur
“they won the gift,no blood is fake
“if her blood is fake will she be alive
“I think the magician doesn’t want to release the gifts maybe because it contain something valuable…she’s scared of losing it..”
the crowd said.

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“it’s obvious we win,you must not say whatever comes to your mind.You made promises so release our gifts”Dre said.
the magician felt defeated for the first time in her life.Everyone clapped as Chidinma carry the gift.

Soon they were out of the show..
“do you like it?”drema asked.
“yes the coverage is pretty I wonder what’s inside” she replied.
“let me open it”drema said.
“(smiling) you want to open it okay,I don’t mind” she said.
drema stared at her sweetly.
“what?? why are you looking at me that way? she asked.
“(smiling) cos you’re beautiful whenever you display madness” he said.
they both laughed.

“this place is really fun,we should visit here often”Dre said,he pressed dinma hand softly then kissed the back of her palms..
dinma felt butterflies in her tommy,his lips were so soft on her hand.those evil spirit in her enemy wanted a slow deep kiss even though she has never gotten one but she has heard her friends talk about things like that especially Hana.

They walked to a fish cake seller.
“i wonder how this tastes”Dre said.
“#500 per stick”the seller said.

Chidinma picked a stick and ate little,she fed drema a bite,Dre collected the whole stick and ate all.

“waoow commoners really enjoy a peaceful life fun filled” Dre ate more.
the taste was different
it was out of the world. He ate and ate and ate with Chidinma.
Chidinma came back to her sense she stopped eating and counted how many sticks they’ve ate.

“close to 40….”.
“aaah 500 for one…

“sir how much have we eaten? she asked.
“40….your money is 40 multiplied by 500” the man replied.

“whaaaat??? 20,000!!

“Obim how will you pay? she whispered.
“I will pay”he replied.chidinma didn’t want to get into trouble.how will he get such amount.
“obim I know you don’t have such amount,if I give you sign make sure you run away with me” she whispered.

“okay” he replied.
“obim 1,2,3….run”
Chidinma whispered and ran. Drema didn’t run with her. sure that Chidinma has covered a large distance.He dropped a bundle of money to the seller.
“thank you”he picked a fish cake stick and left.

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“may the gods bless you sir…come next time to eat more…”

drema was long gone. he caught up with Chidinma.
“I said run…you better than your star they didn’t tie you. cos they use to eat someone here”Chidinma said.
Dre chuckled.
“let me see if they mark you”Chidinma said and took Dre hand,his hand look so expensive even in common dressing…
he looks like an already made guy.
dinma didn’t want to jump into conclusion like that… maybe this is her own version of prince drema.

“so have you gotten a job?”dinma asked.
“silly girl I have hundreds of people working under me”

“ohh yes have gotten a job”Dre took his lips in.
“after all my wish was granted”she said.
“wish? what wish??? Dre asked.
“it’s my little secret”she replied and ran away. Dre ran after her and caught her by her waist beside a car.
they both fell on the car for a second.

Chidinma felt a spark in her eyes,being so close to obim. He almost kissed her but he was able to control himself..
he’s really disciplined,his parents brought him up well…Chidinma thought.

“ohh my God this car is really beautiful. we shouldn’t stain it,what if the owner comes” dinma said.dre flapped his lashes and moved away with her.

“what type of car is that? it looks expensive” Chidinma whispered.
“it’s a Lamborghini”Dre replied her.
“hmm its pretty*Chidinma moved round the car… a name was written on the plate number

it was signed “DREMA????” officially.
Dre covered his mouth,he uncovered it when he saw that Chidinma couldn’t read.

“it’s pretty,let’s go”Chidinma said.
silly that’s my car

they walked a little.dre saw that Chidinma was tired of walking.He smiled.
“hop on”he said and squat.
“are you sure? am really heavy!!
she leaned into him..and intentionally touch his hair.then she locked her arms around his neck.

He really scent nice that she almost slept.
Dre dropped her at the place they will part and offered her a transport fee.
“I don’t want,the fun is enough for me” Chidinma said.
“yes”Chidinma nodded. she doesn’t know what she felt that moment. Obim told her he wants to tell her something yesterday right…
“okay goodbye”
“hunn goodbye”she replied.deep down she really wants a hug or another kiss at the back of her palms..

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jeezzz I think am insane.

“miss,can I get a hug?? she heard him.
“hmm yes”she nodded shyly.
Drema walked closer and pulled her in a romantic hug.Chidinma relaxed in his arms.

“fine, bye”she pulled away and ran away.
drema chuckled and walked back to his car..

Nina put on the lights in the maid building.
by this time- 12pm…
where on earth did this girl go???
she glared at chidinma’s bed. she noticed Olive was still awake making beads.

“where is dinma???”Nina asked.
“why asking like you care?” olive answered. Hana walked out.

“Olive be mindful of your words to me cos I can make your stay here miserable so it’s better you cooperate with me. I had seen her sneaking of the palace earlier and I am sure she told you where she was going?” Nina stated.

Olive grinned and stood up. Hana walked in.
*who are you to determine if someone stay would be miserable or fortunate?”she said…

“should we watch and see..
“olive oil or what’s that your name again” Nina said.

“what’s your business with where Chidinma went? that should be her problem not yours…
life can be so pathetic..
why are you acting as if you care for someone you hate?? Dika asked and stood up also.

“maybe playing cat with rat” olive said.
just then Chidinma walked in.

Hana’s eyes lit at the sight of the gifts she held. Olive just smiled.
Nina hissed and walked away.

“what’s happening? Chidinma breathed out and dropped the gifts on her bed.
“it’s nothing”olive smiled.
“sooo how did it go?? olive left her bed.
“I will tell you..I want to bath first” Chidinma said and left for the bathroom.
“I will bath too”olive said and followed her

she bath and wore the maids nightwear.
she came in and was surprised to see Hana trying to open the gifts.