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The Healer. Chapter 28

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

Chapter 28????♥️????

hana left Chidinma gift immediately and pretended she was checking the bed spread.

“I thought it was mine”she scoffed and moved to her bed. Chidinma was quiet surprised at her attitude,she was sure she saw her trying to open her gift.

does she wants the gift? why is she trying to open what’s not hers?
worst enough she couldn’t apologize for touching what’s not hers.

Minutes later all the maids came in.Olive was the last to come in.
“it’s really cold outside”Dika said.
“yah.time to check what’s in your gift box” olive said. dinma directed her eyes to hana.

“don’t think am trying to snitch on your stuff okay? am just surprised at how local the decoration wrap is” Hana said.
“surprised? the wrap is beautiful even though it’s local I won’t be surprised if you were actually trying to open it when it is not yours”olive answered.

Hana smirks”why will I try to open such dirty gift her smelling poor boyfriend gave her”.
the maids looked at each other all eyes followed dinma and the gift box.

“even if I was to steal something,it must be something worth stealing and not some local gift”Hana laughed.
dinma still find it difficult to believe it was Hana speaking of her like this

“leave it alone like that.She likes it like that and besides who are you to call her boyfriend smelling and poor”Dika said.
“hey Hana what’s wrong with you?”said Mary
“whatever Chidinma don’t mind anyone your gift is pretty and I love how simple it is” bontle said.she left her bed and came to chidinma’s place.

“do you want to open it now,I love surprises” olive said. Chidinma just nodded,her mind wasn’t in that conversation with olive the thought of what changed Hana attitude really made her felt bad.

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hana is making her feel like walking as a palace maid is a crime…but she knew she wasn’t doing anything indecent.
olive opened the first gift box
“what’s inside?” Dika said.
“oh my god it’s pretty” olive exaggerated and opened it fully to the eyes of everyone.

“can I touch it?? Mary asked.
Chidinma nodded quietly
the coral waist bead was really beautiful and alluring.it was pure gold it glittered in all directions.
Hana got shocked.
“where did Chidinma get something like that? Hana sat up.she really wanted to touch the coral waist bead,hold it to herself and test it on her waist but her pride failed her.
instead she relaxed back and watch other maids admiring it.
“I am really lucky to win this gift.No wonder the magician doesn’t want to release it” Chidinma said.

“do you know how much this cost?
“isht it the same thing princess Laura was dying to have? jeeezzz you’re lucky!!
“is your boyfriend rich? I thought you said obim is poor” tiara said.
“he is a thief then”Nina said.
“Obim is not a thief and he is not my boyfriend he is just a friend”Chidinma said.

“oh my god it’s so pretty”.

“it’s okay you all should go back to your bed. I won’t open the second gift box”olive said and left the gifts in chidinma’s cupboard.

“good night chi”
“good night mma”
“good night dinma”
the maids acted nice to Chidinma,something Hana really hated.

“good night Hana”Chidinma said and slept beside olive. Hana walked out.
“you still said good night to her,after all she has said to you”olive uttered.
“am not sure but that’s not really Hana attitude maybe something is wrong with her.i will find out”dinma answered.
“oops she has been your childhood friend but-

“seriously hana is not always like that,I will speak with her later and ask her what the matter is” dinma said.

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“and the gift…”
“what about it? dinma asked.
“it’s pretty but it smells wealth I thought you said Obim was poor”
“Hmm yes. Obim and I actually played a game we won the gifts box”
“ohk but what type of game?”olive asked.
“heart testing stone..is anything wrong” dinma asked.
“oh my god? why would you play such with a guy you barely know nothing about—
wait did the colour of the this thing change? olive asked.

“hmm it changed. is it real?.
“it’s quiet real but why will you play such with a guy you barely know nothing about” olive said.
Chidinma moved her eyes in a roll.
“wait do you like him?”olive asked.
“why do you ask? I won’t answer that but I know he likes me each time he sees me he smiled like heaven is open to rain. Even though he’s poor I don’t mind we are both happy”Chidinma said.she turn to the other side.

“hmm I…I don’t mean- I understand just be careful cos you don’t even know his background nor his family”olive advised.
“thank you”dinma said.

hours later all the maids slept.Hana walked in and stood in front of the mirror she looked at her chubby self.

“am really beautiful and I have been working here for months before Chidinma got here. It’s okay that she’s not a maid inside the palace cos in that way the three princes will not notice her,not even the queens but why will she say her boyfriend looks like prince drema of all people…

who knows if it’s really prince drema,this Chidinma is really worse than I thought is she planning on seducing all the princes. if I can’t get drema’s attention then no body will”
she walked out of the maids building and walked to the 4th building.

meanwhile prince Charles was seen shooting arrows in the garden…

“greetings to you my prince”Hana bowed.
Charles shot another arrow,
he looked back and recognized hana as the girl the other day before the royal feast.
“hey”he called.

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“my prince”she stopped.
Charles dropped the last arrow and drank water from his can.
“what about your friend?”he asked.
“my friend? which of them?”Hana asked.

“the one you came with the other day when you came to admire the palace before the royal feast”Charles said.
Hana knew it was dinma he’s talking about.


“you know who am talking about right?” he asked.
“hmm yes my prince but—
“what about her??..
“she died.She is dead”Hana said.


“yes my prince. A snake bite her to dead,it’s been over three weeks now. I’m sorry” Hana said.
there was silence Charles didn’t say a word. he walked away with his water can.

Hana smiled and walked on.
“should I report Chidinma sneaking out to princess Nora??”…

“hmm no..that will be too fast,I know what to do. My first Target is princess Lila hating Chidinma”she smiled and finally knocked on a door.

“yes come in”

she moved in.
“good evening ma’am*..

“by this time,hope no problem??” one of the head maid asked.
“it’s actually about a new maid”Hana said.
“what about her??
“she doesn’t know how to do anything at all and it’s really a burden to the other maids cos we always help her do her duties.” Hana said.

“are you sure she knows how to do anything cos no one will employ her if she knows nothing”Clara said.

“am very sure. she can’t do anything. if you’re doubting me,put her in the kitchen tomorrow let her prepare princess Lila breakfast and see if she will get it”Hana suggested.
Clara took the time table. “spaghetti Bolognese”

“she doesn’t even know what Bolognese means..I’m really telling you,there’s nothing she can do” Hana said.

“okay,have put her in charge of it”
“thank you ma” Hana said and left.