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The Healer. Chapter 8

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

Chapter 8????♥️????

without hesitation,Chidinma agreed with her brother and that both ran out of the scene to where their mother went them.
it was the first time nonso will see a guy stare at his sister for so long….that was why he asked them to run.chidinma herself didn’t notice all these.

they stopped running to catch their breath when they arrived.the smell of cooked herbs abd shrubs was what greeted them and the maids we’re seen working at night.
madam Tamara is not only bossy,she’s mean and Chidinma wondered how she managed to heal the sicks.

“excuse me I want to see madam Tamara” Chidinma asked one of the maids.
“for what? if you’re here for healing procession then go and line up under the shades till it gets to your turn”

“am not here for healing,I came to deliver my mother’s message”she replied with an eye roll
“whatever it is you will still have to cue before you see madam Tamara”
the maid walked out.

Chidinma had no choice than to go under the shade,the crowd there was much so she stayed behind the shade.
she even peep several times to see if madam Tamara is coming,finally she saw her in the inner room making her hair.

is this woman Soo mean??
she kept the sicks waiting and she’s making her hair….between hair and human life which is more important??

she sighed angrily.
she turned,the guy sitting in the middle of the shade was battling madness and if care is not taken,the madness will go out of hand the chain they used in holding him down is almost loosed.another woman at the front was in tears her baby was compulsing and might die within hours.

madam tamara finally came out,the woman stood up immediately.

“the healer of our time,my baby is dying”the woman cried.
“have you completed my payments? now leave! leave! leeeave!!” madam Tamara said

“I beg of you ,I don’t have anything else…I already gave out my beautiful beads and clothes,I also gave out my best ointment, my farm produce right now my store is down…”
the woman begged.
madam Tamara laughed.*your acting skills is really bad”

“I beg of you…okay just heal my daughter and I promise she will serve you for two years as payments* the woman said.
“okay we have a deal,give the child out”

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two guards came and collected the child from the woman.Chidimma watched she really pitied the woman who went home sadly without her child.

“my healer have completed payment please heal my son from this madness,his madness was caused due to the death of a loved one”
“you can go”

finally it got to chidinma’s turn.
she already saw how inhuman this woman is so she avoided looking her in the eyeballs.
“yes,you what ailment do you have?..madam Tamara asked.

*I have no ailment.i am chidinma the daughter of uremma,my mother went me to deliver the community money to you..
“here,have it” Chidinma said and stretched the parcel to her.
madam tamara recognized chidinma as the girl that beat her son up because he was trying to woo her.

Chidinma on the other hand maintained a strong serious face but madam tamara saw beyond a troublesome and beautiful maiden, she saw something different.
she muttered something inaudible to herself
“isn’t this my opportunity….I mustn’t loose this girl”she said in her way as she thought of ways to retain her down.

“what’s that your name again?”she asked.
“does that matter,take the money…” Chidinma replied with a serious face.her spirit doesn’t feel comfortable immediately madam tamara arrived.

“look at me”madam tamara said.
Chidinma did but it was until madam Tamara repeated herself.
“now take it back to your mother and tell her the limits have passed…so she will have to serve punishment for late payments…”

“what late payment are you talking about? tomorrow is the deadline and I brought the money today…
are you serious looking for a way to cause trouble with my household” chidinma said.
she walked away with her brother.
madam Tamara smiled at her back view till she was out of sight.

Prince drema’s suite….
no one believed prince drema when he said his sight got cleared for 2minutes and that alone made him feel like no one cared for him

“sir you need to relax”bethel said.
“bethel am for real…my sight got cleared”
“but it’s just an imagination,sir you saw nothing how can you say you saw for 2minutes and the sight got weak again.. this sounds like a joke”bethel said.
drema got lost of what other word to say to convince them

“it’s not possible,that’s a joke right? prince tochi said.
“swears drema’s blindness is turning into madness”prince Charles said although it was when the doctor took drema in.

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“for now my prince,you need to let go of all negativity…you need to stop thinking your health is just getting critical”the doctor said.
“critical?? I said I saw!!! my sight got cleared–
drema was saying,the doctor injected him a particular injection that made his system weak..so weak to even talk.

“rest for a while”the doctor said and covered him with the slivery duvet. the woman in charge of his health bowed and leaned over to remove his gold earring, and finger rings. she dropped them carefully in his jewelry box.

The queen walked in.
“doctor how is his health?”she asked.
“fine…but he needs therapy,I think the blindness is turning him into something else” the doctor said. the queen sighed.
“when will the therapy take place? doctor just help me I don’t want to loose my son”the queen said
“I will send the timing schedule,panic not my queen.Am also after the prince wellness”
the doctor said and finally left..
the queen sighed and sat beside her son.

“Obim talk to me,what’s wrong??
“what happened this time again??

Prince drema tried talking but the injection made him soo weak.
“mother I saw…my sight got cleared” he tried speaking,but his words came out in stammers
the queen wiped her face
she was already crying,she was scared drema will go mad as the doctor said.

“mother I saw…..I really want to see that girl again”his words came out as of he were a toddler.
“I can’t hear you….just relax my son! your condition is really making me cry, wait let me call Nora”she said.
the network was bad..
“no don’t call her”prince dre said his words wasn’t even clear enough.
the queen didn’t heard him so she finally left to call Nora on phone.

“my prince do you need anything”
nkem came in..
drema scoffed,this is just the most terrible moment in his life…everyone thinks he is mad when he said his sight got cleared for a moment.

“I don’t need anything” he said and luckily his voice got cleared.the power of the injection just subdized.
“okay my prince”nkem said and turned to leave
“do you also not believe me nkem? prince drema asked.
“I do,my prince”nkem replied the reply just made drema happy.
“then do me this favor”
“your wish is my command??
“I need you to look for that girl…I don’t know but you need to tell her”prince drema said
“okay,I will do that now”nkem said and got to the door until drema spoke again.
“but don’t tell her am the prince,tell her that I am your brother and my name is Obim”
prince drema said.

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“okay my prince”nkem rushed words and went out…
drema fell back to his pillow relieved.

nkem on the other hand got to the parking lots,he was already in the Bugatti sport car he remembered what drema said and opt out for a very low car class,he drove out to that spot he looked around like he dropped something.

“how on Earth am I suppose to find this girl?? he walked down a bit.
still no sight or glance of her.
he walked down and finally saw two kids playing around in dirts.

“that is a stranger run away!!!!!
the kids ran away,nkem got more frustrated.
“I will come very early tomorrow” he said to himself and turned,he caught the sight of Chidinma returning with her brother..

“hey hey…dear maiden” he beamed in composure,she already recognized her as the groundnut seller.
“do you need something? chidinma said,she doesn’t recognize nkem.Its only bethel she knows.

“I’m nkem”nkem said abd stretched out his hand which Chidinma ignored.
“ohh sorry”he dropped his hand down.
“how can I help you? as you can see am in a hurry”she said.her face was serious already.

“ummm…it’s my brother, he’s blind but he said his sight got cleared for 2mins upon seeing you..Soo I was thinking if you both can meet who knows if his sight will get cleared forever” nkem said.

Chidinma looked nkem from head to toe..
“who sent you to me? maybe you should go back and tell them you did not see me” Chidinma said and walked out..
“have you ever loose a loved one before?? have you ever seen a loved one in pains!! please this is my blood brother and he is in pains,I do not ask for your life,I only plead for an hour of your time…”nkem said.
somehow the words got to chidinma.

“fine…Soo what time are we meeting??” she asked.
“same spot here tomorrow evening,please don’t disappoint me,I trust you to do what’s right”nkem said.
she replied and left.
Nkem also couldn’t help it,he stared at the retreating figure of Chidinma. He can’t deny her sexiness despite how baggy her clothes were.