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The Healer. Chapter 30

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

Chapter 30????♥️????

“I’m cooking but the fire is not…..”
Chidinma couldn’t complete her statement, Nora slapped her. Hana and Nina did a high five in the spot they hid to watch.

“why are you commoners so stupid” Nora rants,the other maids rushed to turn off the gas.dinma was still confused,she can’t tell exactly what she did wrong.

“but I really…”
Nora slapped her again.
“do you want to burn the palace??
“I didn’t…

Nora raised her hand to slap her again,queen chiamaka walked in and held her hand.
Chidinma took her face away to the floor. She still don’t get what she did wrong or did hana lied to her about the gas

“what happened? the queen inquiered.
“mother,she almost burnt everywhere she is not competent,she should get fired immediately” Nora said.

“I’m…my queen am…”Chidinma sturttled. am I really a fool.

“it’s okay, Nora get back to your suite I will handle things”queen chiamaka said.nora left.
“stand up”
Chidinma stood,her face still faced down.
“and you,you will be punished for your careless need.Evan take her to the back cage,release her after 10hours”…

“yes your highness…
Evan took Chidinma away.

“jeeez that was so smooth”Nina said
Hana moved her face to the other side unsatisfied. “hunnn it will have been better if the queen fired her,I wonder why she let her stay”.

“sooner or later she will be fired”Nina said.
the two walked away.
“today is my free work day.i need to go and see my mother”Nina said. they part ways.

Light opens on Charles in his suite.

He felt a surge of energy in his body system like two contracditting spirit energy are attacking each other. He gasped in pain trying to balance his body system.

Air of strong ice were seen surrounding him,he bled from both eyes and nose.
suddenly his left hand got frozen that he could hardly move it.

he yelled in pain and dragged himself to the glassy table on it were a bottle if alcohol and a bottle of antidote.
He mistake the antidote bottle for alcohol.

queen ivory called as soon as she entered his and saw him in such state.



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“aaarggh” Charles yelled in more pain. the two spirits in his body were really contracditting each other.Half of his body got frozen with scales of a fish.

“Charles,what is wrong with you?.
“Charles stop, alcohol is pernicious to health” she said and collected the alcohol bottle, she gave him the antidote bottle instead.
He took the antidote from her and pushed her away.

“Charles look at me”queen ivory said.
“I’m fine,leave me alone”Charles said. he took little of the antidote. His body came to normal likewise his temperature.
his body took the form of a human .


Charles stood up.
“my son”queen ivory hastily hugged him from the back. He felt no pain again. he held the hand his mother used to touch him.
he saw and older scar there and faced her.

“mother. what’s with those scars???

“I seek power from the deity of the water and what’s more,I poured all my magic power into your soul so I was injured by the west priest and vowed not to go there again. Those scars are left accidentally”

“just the small west priest.i will get revenge for you”he said.
queen ivory smiled.”really”.
“yes.apparently the west priest has an issue with the royal court,I will take advantage” Charles said.
mother and son hugged each other.
“Charles,soon your powers will stop contraditting each other and will return in full within 3days. is our promise still safe?”.

“yes so far the two people that made the promise are still alive”..
“(smiling) that’s my son”.

Prince drema was already set for the shoot. somehow he felt it’s an honor for him to work with damina David but the fact that rose is her partner for the shoot makes him want to cancel it actually.

and on the other hand,he doesn’t want to act rude to someone who wants to work with him for the first time.

the yellow tracksuit he wore fitted him perfectly. he stood in front of his jewelry box and carefully select diamond rings in his for fingers.
the intercom on his door beeped.

“I thought I told that maid not to bring stuff to my room again”drema said and took his lips in cutely.

“my rema”he heard.
“mother”he smiled when he turned.
“you shouldn’t bother you could have sent–

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“hunn let me do it”queen chiamaka said and oiled his hair,brushed it then packed it for him.
“still treating me like a kid
“no matter what you are still my baby..

“is this a trick to ask me about something” Dre said…
“you….” queen chiamaka said and hit his head with the brush playfully.
“that’s your code if you want to ask me for something you know I don’t want to tell you, don’t bother I won’t tell you”rema said.

“you this little—
drema pecked her cheek.
“you see mother,I know what you can do. don’t try to send guards to follow me each time I go out at night” Dre said.

“hunn but where do you usually go at nights

“I will tell you once you clock 100years. bye late”.
“I love you Mom”Dre pecked her cheeks again.
his bouncers were already in to pack his things.
queen chiamaka smiled and fixed him the royal bracelet he once lost.
“I know you are always right,whatever is it you used to go out for at night,I will always support you”queen chiamaka winked.
Dre chuckled and walked out.

it was might until drema arrived to his destination.His private jet was quiet fast but rose was missing.

“here sir I will make reservations sir”bethel said.
drema nodded.
Just then damina david,a brown skinned woman with short hair in form of a skull vao walked down her car towards drema.

“damina at last
“drema Jewel am so glad I could get you
“I always wanted to cover your magazine.
“we’ll have always wanted you to model for me, never knew you could be so humble
“my pleasures
“but where is rose

“Bouncers take Drema Jewel to his reservations to avoid press scandal.
“Yes ma’am”.
Royal Palace????
The atmosphere looked like it will rain seriously..and soon it rained mercilessly. Chidinma caught quick cold in the cage, her cloths got wet in a twinkle of an eye.

Evan might have forgotten to let her go cos her punishment was long over.

Evan passed soon.
“Evan.” dinma called from her cage.
“unlock me already my punishment is over nah” dinma said.she was wet immersly.
“sorry but princess Nora said I shouldn’t unlock you else I will loose my job”
“but Cora ABI what’s her name is not the queen,unlock me already”
“I’m sorry Chidinma.

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Evan left. Chidinma saw Nora approached the cage she was,two maids covered her with the royal coverage more or less like an umbrella.

“I came here to ask few questions” Nora said
“which are?? dinma replied.She hated Nora already for this. she really did not blame Evan.

“simple,where do you used to sneak out togo at nights”Nora asked fiercely.

“what if I don’t want to answer you?”dinma said…

“and you’re sure you don’t want to loose your job”Nora said.
“hunn I don’t care anymore,if you’re an emperor’s daughter,I am also a princess in my family’s eyes. I won’t stand you disrespect me because of a job. I think have been calm enough. jeez have really change oo, you better leave me and let me go if you don’t want to see my other side ooo.(scoffs)” Chidinma said.

“Where do you go at nights??Nora yelled.
“(smilled) listen,I won’t tell you”dinma said.
“then stay there for one week”
“pls make it one year,in fact call your village chief priest,add your father the emperor, rubbish” Chidinma hissed
Nora walked away angrily.

Rain poured the more. The water her hair drained was much,it made her hair somehow heavy. she sat on the floor in the cage and unweaved her hair.

Prince Tochi passed that moment and saw her shake water out of her hair and body sexily.
her hair fell on her half back after a lot of water was drained out of it.

Tochi didn’t know when he got into the rain. Chidinma also stood up immediately in the cage she sat.

“hmm….hi…am..”tochi stammered at the sight of the ravishing beauty in his presence.

“hunnn we you release me or you continue staring at me as if you’ve never seen a lady before”Chidinma said.

“hmm sorry.i will unlock you. By the way,I’m prince tochi” Tochi said and unlocked het

“(scoffs) prince tochi”.dinma said. she came out.
“yes,am the second prince” tochi said and took his lips in.
“(scoffs) thank you”dinma said.
“hmmm”tochi held her back.
“can we be friends??

“friends”dinma said.
“Just friends” he said. dinma looked at where he was holding in her body.