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The Healer. Chapter 38

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

Chapter 38????♥️????

chidinma hastily stood up from drema body, she picked her delivery basket ste didn’t look at drema twice she rushed out after a quick bow.

“it’s really her” drema took his lips in and went his way.chidinma looked back again.

is that the prince drema?
waoow he is so expensive
why did I fall ahhhh
so clumsy
I was busy thinking of a way to address him
but why is his face so handsome from up close? I look at him and what I see is obim or am I seeing double.
she rushed out.

finally she arrived where olive sat,she dragged her down and sat beside her.

soon she fell back,Chidinma fell back also
they both looked at the sky,the garden was so silent it was still in the palace they didn’t leave the main gate.

“this building is so big”
said Chidinma.

“the distance from the earth to the sun is 1.521×10^8km the least distance is 1.471×10^8km the speed of light is 3×10^5m/s” said olive.

“what do you mean by that?Chidinma faced her,she collected her face at once
“it means if the sunlight goes out the people on earth need to take 8minutes to know it,now we have bathed in the sun,it’s night in fact it’s an illusory night and warmth”

“I see.You like speaking in parables,I don’t even understand a thing”replied Chidinma.
there was a little silent.

“meteor” olive shouted.
Chidinma saw it in the sky and also shouted lowly.

“if you make a wish when meteor comes across the sky,your dream will come true but this is a short meteor it’s not like the usual,will the effect be discounted?? olive said.

“it doesn’t matter let’s try first”Chidinma added.

“I wish….I wish to find my mom and I wish she will be happy to find me”said olive.
“your turn”
Chidinma looked in the sky.

“I Chidinma wish to stand by justice and live my life without regret”Chidinma said.

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“I wish princess Lila will change towards maidservants even if it’s for one week” olive added in a shout.

“oh I wish that too”Chidinma said.
“me too”
they turned,it was Dika.

“come on it’s late..let’s go”she said.
they stood up,chidinma picked the basket

“is anything wrong with princess Lila,I don’t get why you make that wish?asked Chidinma.
“just pray you never meet her”Dika replied
“she feels too perfect,if anything goes wrong people loose their job

“that small girl does all that!
“yes you can’t blame her

“hmp thank God she hasn’t met with me. I wish to serve her one day”Chidinma said.

“are you sure you don’t want to loose your job? olive chuckled.
“in fact I will serve her now
olive dragged her back,they headed to the maids room.
Hidden place????????????????????????

a guy sat facing a system. he paused and went for his glass of wine.
“Mable record label rival of xdragon, a Savage and vicious industry”
he scrolled down the system,surfing a lot of things.finally he saw what he wanted.
“Drema Jewel your rival is very strong and powerful turns out he is also a prince..
this is interesting”
be shut down his system and placed a call to a reknown blogger.
Bethel’s place????????

back in the industry bethel was busy on the internet,Mr Kelvin rushed in as well.

“you saw the report???
“yes,drema’s profile is on fire right now,I wonder who is behind it.the source and is still unknown”
“if rema sees the news he won’t come,he will compromise all his schedule for this month we can’t waste our effort at this stage
“I guess he doesn’t have to that’s why I called Stanley and nkem one of them should successfully steal his phone so he won’t have access to Internet for at last 8hours by then we would have cleared his name he won’t know about it”
“you’re smart. I will call either Stanley or nkem now
“please do”

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Royal palace???????????? Drema’s suite

immediately Stanley received bethel’s call drema walked in.Nkem rushed to rema’s bedroom and picked his phone,the most important one at the moment,he carefully removed the Sim and kept the phone.
he returned.

drema was all dressed.
“guys is everything set????
“yes everything is set”replied Stanley.
“the car is outside”added nkem as he wheeled down the travelling bag.
nkem smiled when drema helped him with the bags. he actually helped,he still gives me respect despite am working under him unlike Charles abd tochi who always order guards around like they are piece of trash.

“boss I can handle it”
they walked out.
the guards in front rush in front to open the door for drema.

“nkem you’re with my phone right? he asked.
“is this your sim card,I found it on the floor” Stanley quickly answered.
“waow thank God the thief can keep the phone,I need to place an order”

“I have a spare phone with me when we are done in the studio you can get another phone all this online shopping is not safe”
“yes you’re right”drema collected the phone. it was a small phone,he inserts his sim card.
“I like this phone better at least am free from internet gossips”

“yeah that’s right!.
the security card drove out first before drema’s car.

meanwhile chidinma watched from her window as the cars drove out.*am I really getting out of mind? next time if I see obim, I will confront him to tell me the truth,like is he a twin,each time I see this prince drema I always get goose bumps,my heart beat is something else,I have same feelings like am with Obim” she said to herself.she locked the window and turned only to find Hana crying in pain.

she cried harder holding her stomach.

“Hana!!! are you okay??? Chidinma asked,she rushed towards her.
“help!!!!( the pain increased) help!!! Hana was crying seriously.

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“I….are you okay???
“am coming,let me call someone!!!
Chidinma rushed to the door,she looked at Hana again.she was really in pain,won’t it be too late before I come back from calling someone..

“sorry…what did you eat??…
“nothing,it’s my sickness each time it shows up I always feel miserable but there is an antidote can you please take me outside I will show you were the antidote is”Hana said.

“what type of sickness is that? your symptoms are unclear. You have pale lips,sour eyes, you’re short of breath,your pulse are okay I don’t understand where this pain are coming from”Chidinma said. Unknown to her it was only a plan between Hana and Nina.

“am in pain!! take me behind the garden I will show you where the antidote is,if you don’t want to help me it’s fine leave me and let me die” hana faked tears.

Chidinma hastily helped her behind the garden she dropped Hana on one of the neat drug.
“where’s the antidote?? she asked.
“there!! it’s a balley herb,it’s pale yellow please help search for it am dieing,please don’t let me die”Hana faked.

“hey hang on,I will help you get the antidote” Chidinma entered the place Hana told her.
as soon as she entered, Nina appeared Hana gave her sign to enter.

“so you’re the healer!! Nina said in her head she hide in a distance.
“I thought as much!! she added as she chant the pure glazed fire.

Chidinma searched and searched…
she didn’t find any thing similar to what Hana described.
balley herb…. balley herb?? did I hear Hana correctly,there is nothing like balley leave!!

“I wonder what type of sickness she has,even though you betray me many times I will still help you,this one should reduce your pain” she said and wanted to pluck out another antidote herb.

She felt something covered her.