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The Healer. Chapter 39

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

Chapter 39????♥️????

Chidinma felt something covered her she noticed that the air surrounding her got different,she felt she was covered inwardly.

“everything was so cool before,why do I feel hot around me all of a sudden.Is it this environment or just me or just my imagination I feel like am covered but when I look around, I see nothing…

“maybe am thinking too much.”
what is balley leave anyway??

Chidinma still didn’t find anything called “balley” she hand picked another set of herbs to decot.she rushed out,she felt the air around her turn normal again. Hana wasn’t in the place she left her,she started decoting the leaves as soon as possible.

Nina’s victory smile dropped into disappointment.”why didn’t it work on her,it was tested and trusted.Now I can’t even get revenge for Hana and take what I wanted to take”. She snarled. Her fingers itched to hurt Chidinma badly.

Hana shower from behind.” Nina how did it go, I saw her rushed out,it doesn’t seem like she is affected”.

Nina gasped disappointedly.” Hana you won’t understand” she says.

“hunn what’s there not to understand,didn’t you say you have pure glazed flame,I also know about that magic chant so well. I came across it in a socery book. It’s so powerful,it affects healer than normal people except you didn’t use it well” Hana replied.

“I used it well okay.i can use it again if you want to be sure”Nina casted the spell on the grasses ahead of them,everything burnt into dist within seconds.

“as you can see the power is intact” Nina says bluntly.
“but….but why didn’t it work on her then? Hana questioned.

“exactly”Nina told.
Hana’s hatred filled eyes dazzled,she really want to stab Chidinma at the back so badly, to her she is just an obstacle.
she hates her so much that the mere sight of her burns her skin.

“I just hope it shouldn’t be what am thinking” she clicked her tongue.
“what are you thinking? I don’t even care if she will be hurt or not,I just need to extract her healing powers for my mother.Even if we can’t hurt her,do you know of a way the healing power can be extracted?” Nina said.

“Hunn. you want her healing powers,I want to see her cry so deep and beg for mercy,I want to see everyone hate her so badly. It’s a win- win for me and you,Nina. I will tell you this. Despite how powerful your “pure glazed flame” is,it can’t affect god of war.

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now that Chidinma didn’t get affected,it only means two things. One it’s either she has already gotten intimate with God of war or she wears a thing of him that protect her secretly” Hana analysed.

“God of war??? does that type of person exist? I only read them in stories…if god of war exist as a person,then what type of human will he be”Nina asked.

“he isn’t afraid of string enemies,he can bear what’s unbearable to others. that’s the definition of god of war has a human. It’s okay, I suspect chidinma’s boyfriend I have my way of finding out. For now,lets pretend as if we are enemies so I can gain chidinma’s trust back”Hana said.

“pinky promise”
“pinky promise”
they both giggled.

Long minutes dragged by. Chidinma finished decoting her herbs and already she tasted it to be sure of what she did.

she squeeze out the water from each scoop of wet grinded leaves and applied them to the mixture which was already in a bottle.
She rushed to Hana’s bed.

“here Hana,I have made you so many antidotes for your sickness.This one heals, this one soothes,and this one calms. make sure to take them everyday and have a rest to assure it’s effectiveness” Chidinma said and presented the bottles.

“Chidinma I…I…..(faking pain Hana sat up).
Chidinma helped her sit up,she opened the concontion bottle and pushed it to her mouth, Hana held where Chidinma hand touched on the bottle. Her eyes were filled with smiles.

just fake smiles.

“Chidinma really sorry for how I behaved on the past months,I acted so imature but you still care about this idiot which is me..
all the things I did in the past few months were not what I wanted. I did bad things to you because am jealous of you,
I was so jealous cos eversince you came here, everyone in the palace liked you,
I was so pained of loosing a best friend
I’m really sorry…
Hana starmmered on her words and took chidinma other hand.

“am very sorry,give me a chance and allow me make it up to you in the future. if you want,from nowards you and I should share the same mind,I will tell you everything I encounter and you will share yours with me like we used to do before.
I will be a good friend and not leaving you,I…

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Chidinma suddenly removed her hand from Hana she dropped the antidote in her hand and stood up.
“hmm Hana I actually have work to do,take care of yourself…..and….

Hana cried.Her tears were so real,it moved chidinma within seconds.
“I will get the napkin..have heard you already, just take the medicine and rest enough”she said and helped her back.
“Chidinma what do I need to do to make us go back to the way we are before?” she asked.

“you don’t have to do anything. You still have work to do in the mine,I will help you to finish it good night”.

Chidinma spoke with the head maid about adding Hana’s chores with her own for two days. Crystal agreed with her to finished Hana’s duties for the night in the mine and for the next two days.

She wanted to tell olive about it…but then she waved it off.olive and Hana are like cat and rat she even doubted of she can ever complete the duties tonight. that means she won’t be seeing Obim.
Night was almost falling,surprisingly she finished Hana’s work in the mine. The Jewel’s mine where they extract minerals and treasures from. The work was so tedious.

meanwhile Nora watched as Chidinma extract minerals from the pit. There was no one there, the mine coordinator was absent as well. Nora was feeling angry just staring at her.

I wonder what drema sees in this dirt..
drema doesn’t like dirt,how come he even have a taste like this. it can be any other girl and I will accept it was because I fucked up but its a maid servant! a common groundnut seller. it’s really a slap to my face.

Chidinma extracted the last plastic of mineral oil.All thanks to Hana,she now looks so dirty on the face,hands and legs. The underground was really dirty.

she walked to the nearby tap where she washer her face,hands and legs.
Nora’s eye won’t still give up.

How can someone in a plain maidservant uniform look like royality without even trying?

it angered Nora very well.She has to work hard in looking like a princess.
she watched as changed dinma carried the pot of water on her head after washing her face,hand and legs. As Chidinma got closer to her path,she came out of her shadows and placed a leg on her path.

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Chidinma stumbled on it and fell.Her pot broke onto pieces and she winced,rubbing her index finger.

Nora bent and grab hold of her neck.”watch where you’re going,slave”she snarled.

Chidinma swieveled her head and stood up. She stared at her.”you placed your leg on my path”she told her bluntly.

“you have no right to talk back at me,and you have no right to make such an unfounded accusations”Nora scoffed, loudly.

Chidinma gave Nora a long dirty look,her fingers itched to slap her. She’s the prince drema’s bride to be right. how can she forget this lady? she didn’t

When chidinma’s eyes held Nora’s defiantly, she let go of her neck. “Do well to avoid my path,maid.The next time you do, going to whip you bitch”she said and push Chidinma back, as Chidinma fell again, Nora straightened to her full height,she walked away slowly.

Chidinma watched her catwalk slowly,she took a deep breath to calm the anger coarsing through her as she stood.

“crayfish bended legs,don’t you look like a cricket already” Chidinma said,lowly.

Nora heard,she turned back sharply.
“did you say something??? her anger could swallow ten storey building.

Chidinma scoffed. in her mind she said “you think it’s only you that have attitude”.

“I said did you just say something!! Nora roared,it was as if she wanted to kill.

“mba mba(no no)
“my princess,I dare not say anything but I mentioned “cricket” I mean I wonder how a handsome and wealthy prince will take a cricket as a bride. I mean doesn’t the the prince have eyes??? I just wish to have an insecticide,what do you think” Chidinma said. Nora gritted in anger.

“Did you just call me a “cricket”
“and did you just insult prince drema by saying his blindness has not yet recovered…!!

“mba mba mba(no no no)
“how can I say such a thing? I didn’t even mention names?
“but my princess,it’s fine if that’s what you think. in short I really pity the prince. His taste in women I so poor…

“You….guards!!! Nora shouted.

“aaaahh I really want to use the restroom now
“my lady there’s a cricket behind you”
Chidinma said. luckily,an insect made a sound. Nora turned back.

“I will go and bring insecticide”
Chidinma ran away before Nora could turn.