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The Healer. Chapter 40

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

Chapter 40????♥️????

She is his lucky charm. Lucky charm.
now enjoy????????????

Nora’s eye turned sour.
she didn’t only felt tricked,she felt used and miserable.No maid servant had ever had the right to talk back at her.
what now. A common groudnut seller.

shortly afterwards,the guards she called arrived.”my lady what shall we do for you’
Nora flared angrily.”No need! she has left,how can dumb and idiots be guards,you can’t even answer fast to deal with a fly”

“we are sorry my lady.we can still help you handle this? what’s the maidservant name? we can help you.

“I said no need. I don’t even know her name so how then will you identify her. royal Palace has 200+ maid servant,so it’s still useless” Nora shouted and walked away.
checking dinma words hurt her deepest.

“I mean I wonder how a handsome and wealthy prince take a cricket as a bride. does the prince not have eyes.in fact let me go and bring insecticide!!!

those words really made her face burn.
she barged into her suite,looking at herself in her mirror angrily.her fingers itched to torture Chidinma in the underground dugeon or the mine where no one would notice.

Nora got so engrossed in her dirty thoughts that she didn’t notice queen Chiamaka walked in.

Chidinma finally moved out of her hideout as soon as the guards cleared out.
there was light everywhere in the palace,escape wasn’t something easy.

she rip tier and was getting almost successful until she heard a hoarse voice saying “stop”.

Chidinma froze right into her spot.
chaii I only have mouth to insult,I can’t endure torture oo.

“my friend.my friend” she heard and recognized the voice. Prince tochi,it was him.
she smiled and turned to him.anytime. in trouble you always show up.
she hastily ran to tochi’s side as soon as she heard the guards coming out. Nora must have told them to keep a check.

The guards coming increased in large numbers. Chidinma already ran to tochi. she hide behind him although he doesn’t seem to have a very fit physique unlike obim.
“what’s wrong with me? why must I compare every guy I meet with Obim? it’s okay forget about him big head,you’re in trouble.

“ahhh prince tochi you’re my friend right
“Biko(please) help me out am in trouble don’t let them see my face!! those words came out of her mouth calmly.

“No one”the guards bowed to tochi and moved back to their initial position.
Chidinma moved out. tochi chuckled. “you’re a bunch of trouble right”

“humm yes. thanks for today”Chidinma said and hastily remove her hand.
“so how will you pay me back? asked tochi.
“hmm I really don’t have money,I could have cooked for you but you see am a very bad cook…I…I..bye bye no one should see us together else am doomed” said Chidinma, she rushed out to the maids section. unfortunately again she ran into crystal the head maid.

Is trouble really made for me.

“you this girl,what are you looking for at night? is this the rule! go to the 3rd building and reflect on your punishment!

“yes ma’am”Chidinma curtised and turned to leave.
“come back,it seems you will be useful. here deliver this to old Nana,in the magic clan. if you like get carried away by those unreal things you are on your own”

“yes ma’am”Chidinma curtised again then left.
she took short turns and arrived in the exact place.

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“this is so beautiful
“the market place is even open at night

at the central of the market there was a crowd. Chidinma squeeze herself in,it was a magic show. How real is this???
she walked away and came across another magic show.

something the magician called “beast of dream”. it tells people’s dream by giving out bubbles.
chidinma got carried away.

is this some movie or what?.

“I want to watch a dream”a young woman from the crowd said and dropped a huge amount of coin bag. The magician changed soon a bubble appeared. everyone watch the woman dream in the bubble.

“I would have watched but I have no money”.

Chidinma stepped forward,everyone clapped for her.
“hunn is this even real?”she said loudly.

“yes it is real.There are two types of dreams
one is a blue dream from memory,the other is a yellow dream of desire.When people dream of the things that had once happened then the dream bead will glow blue light which is the coloured blue dream of memory.

if it’s a dream that has never happened but just an imagination then the dream bead will bring out a yellow light which is yellow coloured dream of desire.

People often dream of reality at the very beginning of their dream but then it gradually fills with all sorts of imagination the dream will change from…

chidinma interrupted.”it sounds difficult to understand,to put it simply can I say that the yellow dream is fake and a blue dream is real, if it’s both blue and yellow then it’s half fake half real”said Chidinma

“miss you’re really smart to get it easily. I will give you a dream for free”
“okay,I want it now.

Chidinma waited. finally the magician let out her dream,it was a blue dream from memory meaning real.

In the bubble dream,chidinma was seen kissing prince drema who was dressed in a royal attire.
“hunnn whaaattt
“prince drema in my dream eeehnn
“am I really that girl he is kissing!!! eeehhh!!
Chidinma looked confused.
“why is it prince drema and not obim??

Someone from the crowd used a whip to wipe the bubble,the dream cleared out. Chidinma turned only to meet a fierce face of a lady.

“tell me who is that lady hugging prince drema in that stupid magic bubble! asked the girl.
Chidinma looked around,all eyes on her. it was clear enough she was the girl. Her. but why her with prince drema.
Eversince she was born,she never liked anything royality. her mother hated royality, she hated royality she doesn’t want to have something with them.
Her mother hoped for her to marry a simple and ordinary guy.

“I have no idea too,I was just watching also. with that whip of yours,I couldn’t see if the girl was me or not”she answered.

“hmm even a poor villager can watch a dream, he wasn’t kissing you okay,he was bitting you if you don’t know
“and who are you,how dare you spy on prince drema’s dream?? asked the girl.

“I am a palace maid servant.if you want to see prince drema,just go straight turn left,left,and left go on” Chidinma said. the girl ran immediately.

Chidinma laughed. “very senseless girl.i tricked someone again”.
she delivered what crystal sent her and returned to the palace.
the healer; adesola golden stories..

Royal Palace????????

Princess Lila and princess Jackie looked too pretty to be described. they looked amazing.

“bestie I thought you wouldn’t come
“why won’t I? its prince drema unveiling
“come on let’s go”
“hmm I ordered something’s,the maid will bring it then we can go”said Jackie.

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meanwhile Hana stood by the door with what Jackie, Lila’s friend ordered. she opened the door and moved in.

Jackie took her thing,Hana bowed and left.
“I wonder if there’s maid called Chidinma here?
“how will I know,there are up too 200 maid servants here,should I count the slaves or low borns?”answered Lila.

“just that am looking for her. she’s my mentor, she cured my madness”said Jackie.
“ohh really” Lila shouted.
she took the landline and called crystal.

“hello,let all maids with the name Chidinma come to my room now”
Lila dropped her landline.
Chidinma on the other hand walked back tiredly to the palace. the walk was too much.
do I need to report to crystal?
aahh no need let me rest.

“hey report to princess Lila’s room” olive said.
“she asked for all maids bearing Chidinma go now”
“wait princess Lila,why is she looking for Chidinma,hope Nora didn’t report me to her, I won’t go!
“okay,let’s go to the room then

Crystal saw Chidinma leaving.”what type of girl is this hunn! she heaved a sighed of relief.
“Chidinma!!! she shouted
Chidinma heard.”the end has finally come for me!!!
“dinma!! crystal shouted.
“okay ma’am!!
“am going now!!
Chidinma replied and head to Lila’s room.
“it must be for something good,how can I stop her from going” Hana thought, as Chidinma approached the door of Lila.

“Chidinma”she called.
“hunn Hana,is anything wrong??
“yes,my antidote I misplaced it can you..( ahh am in pain)

“okay,I will get it but let me..okay fine I will get your antidote now,if you misplaced it again I will not make you another one in the future”


before church dinma could turn,Jackie opened the door from the inside and saw Chidinma. she dropped her phone to the floor and hugged her tightly.

“leave us now”Lila said to Hana. they took chidinma in and locked the door.
hana sighed and left in anger.

“aunty I have a lot to discuss with you but time is not by my side” Jackie said,it’s almost time for their flight. Drema’s show will start any moment from now and she wants to watch live with Lila.

“then let her follow is to my brothers show” Lila suggested.
“good idea”
the both of them pulled out Lila’s last box and brought out the gown. it was the only gown that occupied the box. the both of them spread it on the bed and chidinma was waowed the gown was amazing. it was a show back gown,dark red on colour and the thread was laid diamond.

“oh my god this is nice”Jackie said.
“I used up all my savings and even stole from the king to buy it” Lila said.
“how much
“10million dollars
“Jesus Christ of Nazareth. holy Mary

“chidinma what do you think?

“waoow it’s pretty”dinma said.
“good because you are wearing it to the party”

“aah what if I get kidnapped,this is too costly
“you haven’t been to a party and we really need some time together so let me do you this favour common aunty Chidinma say yes”

“ok am game”

Jackie was done and Chidinma was so beautiful in the gown. They looked her hair and stretched her natural hair, they were all amazed.

“here is our mask
“waow this one suites Chidinma
“I know right I carefully choose it,we must cheer for drema. this is his industry and team banner
“what about her shoes?
“got that covered.

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Lila brought out a box,Jackie removed the shoe,it was a carefully molded glass shoe.

“Chidinma you look beautiful

Jackie placed a diamond anklet on Chidinma leg.chidinma turned her back to the mirror.

“whaaat my back is so opened,only my breast is covered part of my….
my waist is showing,if obim sees this he will feel betrayed,like am I advertising my body…

“beautiful that’s the style”Jackie clapped
“you’re looking good you have a nice figure and your skin is so flawless”Lila complimented for the first time in her life, she will say something good to a maid.

Lila and Jackie walked out with dinma.
Lila took 6maids. Hana and olive were along, Hana couldn’t hold her hatred olive cheered Chidinma up. The maids wore pink checked gown with flat shoes and their hats.

like 12guards followed them.
Charles saw them from his window,his eyes wouldn’t just give up. Very soon you will be mine,I will specially choose you on the royal feast day and tell the king I want to marry you.

Charles looked away.
They took off. Chidinma felt like she was in wonderland she couldn’t believe this was her.
All thanks to Jackie.

They arrived.
Chidinma felt she was in heaven.

“reporting live,Lila jewel is at it again, she just arrived”

Lila is sure a famous ice skating rock star, Jackie was her best friend,they go everywhere like sugar and ant.

Jackie held chidinma’s hand as they stepped out,Lila walked in the other side abd held chidinma’s other hand.
the cameras which were suppose to point at Lila and Jackie focused attention on Chidinma

who are you

what’s your name??

are you a model?

who are your parents?

what’s your relationship with princess Lila and princess Jackie???

“this press are scary?
Jackie took chidinma in. It was sure crowdy, they found a space,the guards bought different light banner.
“drema must win,we must cheer up very well!!
Lila said. almost three quarters of the crowd held drema’s fan based banner.
he has the strongest fan base.

Chidinma head started too hurt.
the more she sees drema’s picture,the more confused she is….
it’s my obim???
I don’t know my head is hurting??

“aunty Chidinma are you enjoying yourself? Jackie asked.
“yes,but I feel….
“it’s alright,mentor.

Mr Kelvin and bethel saw Chidinma
“who is that goddess?
“yes,exactly what we need!!

“height checked,figure checked,colour checked, skin checked,hair checked check check check perfect” Mr Kelvin heaved a sigh of relieved.

“and luckily they wore the same colour of outfit,I hope she agrees*said bethel.

Chidinma still didn’t get herself.
the more the crowd cheered for drema who will soon show up on stage,the more confused she got..
Hana noticed this, Olive walked forward and whispered into chidinma’s ear “what’s wrong??

“nothing,I feel hurt somehow,I want to leave here!Chidinma said and stood up.

Mr Kelvin saw that Chidinma wanted to leave, he rushed to the VIP place where they sat.

“we don’t have time can you act as prince drema’s girlfriend???

“whaaaaat!!! Hana shouted
“whaaattt!!!! Lila
“whaaaaaaattt!! Jackie.
Olive smiled.

all eyes to Chidinma.
“I want to leave here,my brain is paining me and you’re even making it worst”she answered.

“please it’s my brother,prince drema please just act as a girlfriend. Name your price” said Lila.
“yes please mentor”Jackie said.
“he’s your prince,help him*olive whispered.

“whaaattt noooo. how can I betray obim???
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