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The Healer. Chapter 41

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

(Season 2) Chapter 41????♥️????

Her love for him is pure and magical.
now enjoy????

For Hana,today is her most miserable day. Chidinma is an obstacle she feels she needs to eliminate faster.

“she can’t do it. she is a maid servant not a celebrity she can’t she will get caught” Hana said.
“that’s even better she is a maid so the secret is safe” bethel said.
“I really can’t it’s impossible
“Chidinma look at this as helping drema
“I think she can do it; olive said
“I he in trouble? Chidinma asked
“yes big trouble

Chidinma looked at Lila,how can she say no?
“ok it is settled”.

“won’t prince drema be mad after knowing Chidinma is nothing but a maid servant” Hana still said.
“he can’t be…
“Chidinma you can do it no need to be nervous it’s drema,he is human,he doesn’t bite,you shouldn’t get scared to be around him”

“who said am scared of him? I’m only scared this will lead to something that will make me betray my boyfriend.

“noo, you won’t,prince drema is not that type of man he….

chidinma thought and agreed to follow bethel.
“bye dinma,remember to be proud..” olive said, Hana clenched her fists secretly as Chidinma was taken away.

they walked out just then Chidinma got more nervous,she felt her heart beat increased for no reason.This feelings only pops up if obim is around or when I miss him..
or am I liking two guys at the same time? that was when bethel touched her hand.

“it’s no big deal,Chidinma right?
“hmm yes but do you know. that groundnut seller?

bethel laughed.”really? waoow I almost didn’t think of it. no need to worry, I was once a fish seller”.
Chidinma laughed.

“remember you can’t let anyone guess your class,you need pride,poise,grace and don’t talk slot,don’t be too polite”bethel added.

Drema rushed out fully dressed.
“am not late am I
“you are,but you look good
“thank you

drema wore a red suit with a white shirt inside his black curly hair was styled handsomely, he had little diamond earrings on his hair and wore a silver bracelet and his silver necklace his shirt has diamond stones as buttons and drema unlocked the first two buttons exposing his flawless skin and the necklace.

his trousers was pencil fitted and not long like the normal style,it maintained a distance from his shoes.

Mr King took off dremas suite jacket and held it in his hand as he gave drema his mask which he held in his hand.

they took only 3 black cars,drema took only three guards and no maids. they trailed off.

back at the party,everyone had on their masks on even maids. Hana took off hers angrily and searched around for Chidinma. I wonder where they took her to.

“waoow,the crowd is ever increasing” olive removed her mask, giggling.she turned and caught Hana’s expression.
“looking for something??
“yes,Chidinma I wonder where they took her to am worried for her
“you don’t need to worry for her, princess Lila and princess Jackie can’t sell her out, can they??

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minutes later rose arrived. Olive stand up immediately from where they maids sat to see this particular celebrity in person. Rose walked around in styles and walked down the red carpet before wearing her mask, so many people waved at her. she got there and the presses rushed her..



Rose ignored all questions as her guards carefully walked her down till she got to one of the VIP seats.
the show started,the cheers didn’t get much cos who they wanted hasn’t arrived.

Light opens back outside as drema’s car arrived.
the press magically knew it was him, drema stepped out and looked around then he wore his mask the press took pictures of him, he looked really awesome.

“alarming, drama Jewel’s shows up without a date again to his performance”
“dremas love life needs to be looked into something is wrong” another reporter said.
“how can our city’s sweetheart have a mysterious love life???

the paparazzi tool pictures of drema as drema tried walking in, me Kelvin ran to him.

“drema are you okay
“I think so
“how can you show up again without a date
“is it relevant??
“OMG those most reporters will start doing a background check on your love life we all know your past can cause a rumour
“they might even bring back old rumor that one that you’re blind.. or that you’re gay

“I’m going ahead I will just them am gay( he smiled).
“you’re smiling
“am going

“fine I found someone of high class,celebrity life is an act she could act as your date

“I don’t want any fake girlfriend, my performance is better without lies” drema replied and walked in,he knew he could easily ignore the press and reporters.

He entered,the cheers and shout got out of hand, cameras light flashing on him from left and right…
it was just as if everyone came to see him.

Drema Jewel, can you take off your mask please”, a chubby girl said.
Drema took it off,he almost go blind again because of the lights.

“the prince his so charming,why must Chidinma be chosen!! Hana bite her lips bitterly.
“hunnn I never knew he is this popular, will those people ever let him go!! olive climbed her seat and raised drema’s fan base flyer in the air.



Rose left the VIP seat and made her way into the crowd.


Rose smiled at that question.
“well he is….

Just then drema felt someone place her hand into his the hand was warm and very soft,he looked at her she looked so beautiful,her skin colour and lip shape reminded him of chidinma that he got lost for a seconds,the press noticed that and took several pictures if them together.

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drema tried to see through her mask but she just smiled angelically.
Mr Kelvin must have hired this model to act as my girlfriend..

Chidinma looked at drema with the mist romantic expression on her lips. “honey am sorry,I took time”.
drema raised her hand fast she gave it a fast kiss.

Chidinma suddenly felt her hear beat
her heart was so confused! same thing when obim kissed me.
what was I thinking when I agreed to this now, my heart is loosing control.

Rose frowned and walked away as drema took chidinma away

“oh my god she’s drema’s date
“no wonder they wore the same colour
the reporters were awed.
“drema’s girlfriend showed up today
“money is written all over her,we all wonder who she is.

Mr Kelvin turned to bethel.
“this girl is a natural actress
“she did it perfectly well,who can believe she’s a maid.

“not only a maid,you remembered that groundnut seller that duped drema? she’s the one..
“whaaattt(he laughed).

Soon the show started.Chidinma sat quietly in the seat prince drema put her, “miss this is all an act don’t remove your mask”
she remembered what Dre told her.

suddenly the shouts increased,if her ears was hearing well, the shout was all about drema..
the more she hears the shout,the more confused she became.

Her heart leapt again as someone carried her from the seat she sat,then the cheers got loudest. That was when it dawned on her that drema carried her.

drema quickly took chidinma to his car before the reporters and stalkers if fan will flood out in large numbers.
“we should leave now sir” the driver said.
he replied and took his lips in then removed his mask.

6securities car followed his car to the hotel where they booked reservations.
Chidinma was tempted to remove her mask, it’s better not to remove it either.

“I guess my manager paid you off” drema said
“yes sssssiii (don’t be to polite)” she remembered what bethel said.
“yeah” she said simply.
drema nodded. why does she looks so much like Chidinma,if only she can remove that mask and let me see.

“so what’s your name?and where do you base? Dre asked
“my name is Krishna I base in Paris”
“ohh really
“yes,what about you? you’re drema right? I heard your name from the crowd,I must admit you’re really famous.

“well,am just drema drema Jewel” drema replied. She is another person,but her voice and everything is same.

the car pulled into the hotel where bethel booked reservations.
“there is a little problem,the presidential suites have all been booked there’s only…miss Krishna are you comfortable with that

“no problem”..
“okay sir”.
the guards moved their things in.

drema didn’t spare Chidinma another glance, he walked upstairs immediately even though this Krishna scented like Chidinma to him.

“good night” Chidinma said.
drema was all gone.
Chidinma looked her room door and fell on her bed..

she laughed hardly.
“am miss Krishna. I base in Paris!!
she laughed again. well I wish to be miss Krishna, she took off her shows and left her room to the living room.

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the plasma tv was on, there was a landline on the far end of the living room…
soon the waiter arrived.
Chidinma answered it, she removed her mask immediately.

the waiter almost jumped on her.
“Mrs jewel,can I take a picture with you…I just saw your face??
the waiter took pictures then handed Chidinma the food menu.

“am your waiter for today,which dish will you like ma’am??
Chidinma collected the menu but then she can’t read..

“I…umm…just bring everything on this row! she said.
her order was delivered. Chidinma went back to her room and removed her gown, the nightie and other clothing were so revealing so she selected the yellow jersey.

She returned back to the living room with her mask.

All the dishes tasted good,the meat were juicy and so fleshy with soft bones..
maybe God wanted me to taste wealth today that’s why he present this opportunity.

Chidinma ordered more till she was full.
“this is really good!! she relaxed on the soft couch and sipped in the wine slowly. later she put on her mask and focused on the tv.
she slept off there.
in her dream obim appeared to her and kissed her.
hours later

“here..you mean you brought the contract files outside” drema rushed downstairs.
“okay,Stanley am coming!!
he added and rushed back to take the car key, he passed the living room and saw Chidinma fast asleep on the couch.

“what type of sleeping position is this??
“didn’t this girl said she’s based in Paris!!

he moved closer and adjusted her neck well on the couch. who sleeps with shoes on?? he took off her shoes,his eyes ran into her neck immediately.

“who sleeps with mask on?
“this girl is something else??

he drew her mask away and was stunned with her face. “Chidinma” he whispered slowly. it was really her.
he leaned in and peck her lips softly then look in her face quietly.

he was so surprised,
he took her both hands where he kissed deeply.
this must be Lila’s handwork,he thought

he stared at her on sleep with eyes so cool, his eyes ran down to her lips.

“obim am sorry I acted as …..”
rema heard her sleep talked.
he smiled. sleeping and talking,this girl is something else.
“it’s okay love”drema said and patted her in sleep,he peck her lips again he smiled into that kiss and locked tongue with her.

it was more than a kiss,it felt so

drema enjoyed every bit of it
he doesn’t want to stop,if he continues she might fake and it’s not yet time to reveal his identity to her.

He unlocked from the kiss.
“sorry if I put you in shock,dinma. I guess am fond of doing that to you” he said and tried kissing her again????.