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The Healer. Chapter 47

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

(Season2) chapter 47????♥️????

Nora jerked her hands off,she looked so desperate just now.
the guards handling her like a stranger is something she can’t fathom.

“you don’t have to hold me,I can see the door”
she said and took one more last look at the house,and it only make her anger increased.

“you this useless girl come out now!!
“stupid chidinma come out side now!!!!

the guards held nora again and walked her to the door. she scoffed and stormed out angrily, the tip of her heels stumbled on a little stone which resulted into a fall.

her hand maid rushed to her.

“madam are you okay?

“i won’t back down without a fight,it’s okay that I won’t have drema but that useless girl won’t have him too,am going to kill her I swear am going to kill her”

the maids gasped.
only Hana understands what Nora meant.

“what are you staring at,let’s go??
the maids helped her to enter into the car and it drove away. Her eyes burned,her fingers itched to hit someone. remembering all what she have lost even made the flames in her eyes increased..

She never lacked anything when she was still with drema,she is also from a rich family but being drema’s girlfriend has a lots of advantage..

his jewelry company delivers her all sorts of jewelries for free…..
and his cosmetics companies delivers her all sorts of skin care routines,even samples all these things makes her gets more rich friends like hers.She never lacked any make up kits cos as a model and male musicians, drema’s company uses fame to sell products..
and he deals with proffessionals.

Now that she doesn’t have rema anymore, she have to use her money to buy all those things so her friends will believe she is still with drema and she is running out of costs badly even her friends are starting to doubt her.

???? when are you going to resume training,Nora!
It’s been six months already”Loretta,one of her friend messaged her.

another message beeped in.
“hello Nora
“Nora I told you I wanted you to model those imported bikinis for me and I just released a new sport outfit too; it’s already the talk of the industry and it’s a face off contest!

Nora mutted the message from Romeo.

“why should I model for you,Romeo haven’t you done enough. You’re the reason I cheated on rema….

she dropped her phone.

“madam are you okay
“do I look like am not okay

“ummmm just that….

“your face,it looks like you wanted to kill someone”
Nora scoffs
“off course,I need to hit someone really hard.

“umm did third prince accept the engagement pronounced by …

“mind your business
“yes ma’am.

few minutes after Nora’s car left
a flashy Lamborghini drove into rema’s mansion,the guards knew who it was so they opened the gates without delay.

“welcome sir Chris!.
“welcome sir Harry!

Chris beemed at the guards and walked in, while Chris went to look for rema in the penthouse,Harry entered the kitchen straight for snacks and juice.

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finally Chris found rema playing guitar while staring at the clear water. His tone was so calm and sweet.

“rema are you sure of your decision??
“do I have any option!!
rema dropped the guitar and walked away.
Chris followed him,rema sat on the upstairs rod.

Chris dare not sit there,he is scared of heights.
“do you want to commit suicide?
“that place is high and dangerous! what if you fall,rema get down now!

rema took his water can and drank out of it, his little earrings glittered.

“he is still your father no matter what” said Chris..

“am not his son anymore

“rema tell me you’re joking.
“(smiling) do I look like am joking

“seriously,rema why did you change your name you removed jewel from your name are you drunk”Henry said, he sat beside rema. he isn’t scared of heights unlike Chris.

“have never seen a father that hides his son against from the world. All my life have never asked for something huge.
Charles wanted the throne,he wants to be the king… tochi also wanted the same thing
but me,I never wanted all that.

I only wanted the love of a father,why can’t I have it…..sometimes I feel like I don’t have a father at all so it’s better I stop bearing his name” rema adjusted his hair band and smiled out dimples…
Henry nodded and ate from his crackers.

“are you really going to be Sir Lucien foster son?

“in fact have signed the documents..
However,I have taken a different path and I will never call king jewel father,we have no relationship anymore.

have removed my royal jewelries and royal properties,have throw them into the rivers to break off our father and son relationship. Since I throw them away,our connection ends. If we become competitors later,I will show no mercy” rema said.

Chris frowned. Although sir Lucien is a good man,apart from being an ex president he is always been there for rema and he likes rema a lot….he still doesn’t like the idea of rema throwing away his royal things away.

Henry smiled. “you’ve endured him enough”
“that’s not the topic for today,practice is in the next 6hours”
he walked away

Next morning…..
Chidinma and her brother were seen in the market,at their mothers store.
Chidinma was cleaning while nonso was bringing out the eggs carefully.

“can’t you carry eight crates together??
“aahh it’s heavy!!.
“it’s heavy??? and you eats so much…where are all the foods you’re eating going to? lazy kid !.

“am not a kid,am even taller than you.
“go and use tallness to collect money in bank now!!..

they finished shading the eggs.
customers started coming. Chidinma won’t stop looking at time,she needs to leave in the evening for queen chiamaka’s gold.

in fact she should be in dremas mansion cos that’s where the address stated but,she doesn’t just want to see obim’s face…
a part of her doesn’t want to see him.
the other part can’t wait to see him.

when it was 4pm,she left the shop to nonso and besides Benita,their mothers worker arrived so she left.

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soon she arrived. it took long before the guards allowed her in. she went straight to Ethan in the workers section.

“the woman has a bad timing,she hasn’t deliver the queens jewelry” Ethan told her.
“okay,I think I should go
“why are you leaving again,you should stay here what if she suddenly delivers it and you’re not here. since tomorrow is the last day,her delivery should be tonight or very early tomorrow”….

“okay”Chidinma sighed.
ethan called one of the inside maid and pleaded to take chidinma in for the night.

“ummm does the boss knows about this
“security has been really tight this days,let me inform third prince first”
the maids left.
she came back again.
“what’s your name in case he asked?
Chidinma collected her face.

“Chidinma” Ethan replied quickly,the maid left immediately.

why do I look so nervous??
it’s okay forget about it…I will just tell him we should break up once he sees me.

the maid came back minutes later.
“ohh follow me.Luckily he didn’t ask for your name”
Chidinma felt relieved.as they walked.
she already promised herself not to get carried away but it seems everything in the house was meant to tempt her.

“your room for the night” the maid told her.
“hmm is there anything I can help you with”
“ohh yes,the kitchen!!
chidinma followed her. She really wanted to see drema but as a woman,she has her pride and even if she won’t break up with him,she still wants to give him attitude.

she helped the maids to do almost every work, she even mopped against tomorrow.

“I predict that we will be friends in the next 5secs the moment I saw you”
“ohh really!!
they ate from the same plate.
“you’re really beautiful ooo,what work do you do???
“am also a maid!!
“okay goodnight.

“emm is there still anything you want me to do?? Chidinma asked,she is just trying to make drema not to see her.

“there’s nothing left,good night!!
“are you sure? you better think very well!!

“ohh yes,third prince takes cold milk in the middle of the night,here is his water,help me take it to his room”

“thank you goodnight” Emily said and ran away.

exactly what am trying to avoid,what have I gotten myself into.
she carried the tray and followed the foot map to his door room…
everywhere in the hall way was glassy. there were like six guards at the entrance.

“I will just drop this! Chidinma stretched the tray to the guards but instead they opened the door for her to go in.
what type of luck is this!!!

she moved in. the fresh air greeted her. she saw drema sleeping peacefully on the king sized bed.so she carefully drop the tray without making a single sound.

she dropped it and watched rema for a while, she tiptoed and even adjusted the duvet to cover him well.
his temperature was hot yet he looked so Hale and hearty.
she felt his temperature again.

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what’s my business?? didnt I say I will break up with you??
she went to his washroom and came back with a bowl,she collected icecubes from the fridge and folded her handkerchief smoothly to dab his forehead. After some minutes,his temperature came to normal.

“water!! she heard.

“hunn….water,do you want water”
Chidinma formed the maids voice and made an attempt to reach for the glass. drema drew her back in a manner that she fell back to the bed heavily. and he was almost lying on…

she closer her eyes tightly and used her hand to hold his chest from coming closer.


she opened her eyes immediately,drema saw it was her,he knew it was her already,from her touch,her scent,everything.

they stare at each other from seconds..
“rema I want to break up” she imagined her self saying.

“rema….” she said.
rema bashed his lashes and leaned well into her.no words,he stared at her with so much emitions

“rema let’s…..” she didn’t complete it.
“why didn’t you tell me?why did you lie to me!!
she asked instead.

“I’m sorry! Dre replied and kissed her immediately.chidinma removed her hand immediately their lips touched…

“I want to show him attitude,why can’t i push him away…
“I can’t even say let’s break up to scare him.

drema deepened the kiss,Chidinma opened up immediately and let his saliva come in,she let him touch her freely and kissed her the way he wants,he deepened the kiss and they both didn’t plan on disengaging from the kiss.

As drema kissed her lips deliciously,she felt his hand come to her hips.
she smiled against the kiss and held him tight.

“I miss you,don’t do that…..
“ouuccch remaaaa!!!
she made sweet sounds into the kiss as he brushed his fingers on her butt.

He unlocked from her lips and kissed her neck then up to her ears.
Chidinma felt beautiful as drema held her manly,she looked away innocently and stood up.

“time to show him attitude” she said to herself. drema also stood up,on his feet were the foam bedroom slippers.

“Chidinma,I said am sorry…
“I actually wanted to tell you that day..

Chidinma made a fake scoff and took her hand away before drema will charm her with his looks and touch again.

“am very angry at you and I do not want to see you again” Chidinma said,smiling inwardly.
she ran away.
drema chased after her.

she was fast enough to rush into the other room where she locked the door.
drema breathed out and knocked.

“honey…I am sorry….that low profile stuff,I did it for a reason am sorry if I put you in a state of confusion..

“(smiling on her bed) I don’t want to see you again,I want to break up!
“fine,let’s break up” said drema.
“fine,as from today I am not longer your boyfr…

Chidinma rushed to the door immediately.
“are you out of your mind,when did I say I want to break up??
drema chuckled and pecked her lips softly.

“I love you…