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The Healer. Chapter 49

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[kill me????heal my heart]

© adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings;Nigerian Epic drama????

(Season 2) Chapter 49????♥️????
Royal Palace

Lila was escorting her friends who came to visit her out of the palace when a black car drove in. A girl walked out,she was elegant beyond descriptions she had a very short natural hair and a very fair skin which can be mistaken for white from afar. She was slim and tall,she’s nicely statured and she smells royality.Her face was round,with a pretty pointed nose.She wore like three earrings on each ears she walked with pride and grace, her outfit was short,yet the classics.

“princess Stephanie!!!
“Stephanie!!!! Steph!!!
both old and new maids from the 5th mansion waved at her,she smiled and waved back at them. she even bowed to the head maid.

Lila saw her and left her friends. she ran towards Stephanie and hugged her.
Stephanie pecked Lila.

“i miss you,you don’t look childish anymore
“am a big girl, Stephanie you’re so beautiful
“thanks Lila.

meanwhile the royal family already sat to eat breakfast in the royal dining. Stephanie handed a maid her bag and ran towards the dinning.

“I came in foods time
“mother, father” she pecked them.
“you’ve grown big,Steph”king Jewel said.
“you’ve grown up way,he meant” tochi said as he pull out a seat in the royal dinning,he sat beside his sister, Stephanie.

Stephanie smiled at queen chiamaka,she pecked her cheeks softly.

“how are you dear,it’s been long how is your studies?”queen chiamaka asked.
“tedious,but am doing well”steph replied.

“am glad you came for royal feast ahead if time….
“thank you mother
“ohh I missed you,after you left,no one come to my room to read fashion magazine.

Stephanie laughed.

Hana bowed and took Stephanie’s little bag inside her suite.the maids already arranged it for her ahead of her arrival.
A neat maid in check uniform stepped forward and served everyone the food they asked for.

“do I eat raw tomatoes? or are you having problem with sight??? Charles blurted out to the maid.
“am sorry sir??? the maids bowed and removed the tomatoes…
“where is your glove? you’re serving me food without wearing gloves,do you want to…..

“it’s okay Charles. our maids are also humans, they can’t be perfect for us….
bring it,I will do it” Stephanie said and took the maids position,she served the whole table and went back to her seat.

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“you’re fired”Charles told the maid.
“i thought I just apologized for her” steph said, she was surprised about how king Jewel gave Charles so much authority.

everyone ate in silence.

“wait someone is missing,where is that curly hair cutie”steph whispered in Lila’s ear.
“his hair is longer now”,Lila said.
“he must be so cute now” steph replied
“cute and snubbish”tochi added.
“but where is he?? Steph asked.

Lila gave Steph the look she understands.
that poor kid,I wonder why father hates him so much.my first assignment in this house is to find out why. Stephanie said to herself.

A knock on the door woke Chidinma up with a start. she scanned through the expensively furnished bedroom she found herself. Rema’s bedroom. she said to herself and wore the high foam slippers she saw and rushed to the door immediately.

“am coming”
she said and pressed the open button on the thick glass door.

“good morning my prin—–
Emily paused as soon as she saw Chidinma.

“you…..what are you doing here..
she points out.

”i….I…slept here,is there any problem? asked chidinma.
Emily looked at her carefully,from her hair to her toe. why is she wearing prince drema’s shirt? is she a slit or what? no wonder queen chiamaka told me to monitor her movements in this house and make sure she doesn’t get to prince drema! what a shameful girl.

“you’re the maid sent here for pick up right?
Emily asked instead.
“yes I am
“umm can you not tell anyone about this” Chidinma said,Emily looked at her with bad eyes.So she knows she’s really a slut.

“okay”Emily replied dryly and entered prince drema’s suite,she almost pushed Chidinma away.
Chidinma overlooked it but on a normal day, she would have put her in her place.

“I respected you chidinma until I found out you’re a cheap wore this morning”.

”Emily can you not tell anyone about what you saw,look it’s not what you are thinking”.

“except you know what am thinking”
Emily replied. chidinma sighed and watched Emily clean and arranged rema’s suite. she got the locks to his wardrobe and arranged the money in lines.
Emily was expecting chidinma to get moved by the money and all that,but she doesn’t even matter notice all that.

“when are you going to get the gold you came here for cos I see you are actually doing another thing here like chasing after men,it will end in tears for you….

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rema won’t ever date a poor smelling maid,so I just guess is use and dump” Emily added
Chidinma still stared at her unmoved,she was so disappointed Emily could say such words to her.she didn’t reply her cos her relationship with Obim is secret.

“I am not seducing men,hopefully madam Claudia will call me to come and collect the queens gold today and I will be leaving immediately I see her call. Again I beg you not to tell anybody what you see this morning” Chidinma said and left.

emily scoffed and arranged rema’s jewelry box, she puts everything in place,beside the bed side red pretty share was a letter. Emily took the letter and opened it.

meanwhile it was the letter rema wrote down for dinma before he left for his important morning shoots.
Emily read the letter and couldn’t believe the relationship between them,she read the letter again in disbelief.

“Jesus what have I done????
she shouted and walked out.


Emily shouted.
dinma answered from the kitchen,she had already bath and had her cloth changed. She wore a long skirt that had front slit with the matching top. she looked really beautiful.

“what happen? why are you shouting my name or did you got bitten by the dog” said chidinma
without turning from the plate she was washing.

Emily moved closer and saw the hickey on her neck. she is really prince drema’s girlfriend and i spoke rudely to her.

“why are you shouting my name,when you have nothing to say? next time then shout me in vain”chidinma said on little anger,the little friendship she had for emily already dried up minutes ago..

“ummm…let me wash the plates”.
Emily said.
“no need” chidinma replied.
“ummm you shouldn’t be washing plates am the maids here”
“am also a maid too,so no need cut the crap”
“umm I mean am the maid here,if prince drema comes here and see you washing plates…

“(scoffs) why will he be angry at someone who knows nothing than to seduce men”.

Emily swallowed into nothing. I’m in deep trouble” she said to herself.she thought of another way to apologise,just then a guard came with a phone that was ringing out loud. dinma slowly remove her hand from the dish washer and collected the phone.

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“good morning ma’am
“the gold is ready but I can’t send my attendant down,she is busy.come to the airport now .
“okay ma’am,I will come
Chidinma dropped the call and returned the phone,the guard bowed to her but Chidinma quickly collected her face.

“the food is in the fire I will go with the guard to collect the gold”she said,without looking at Emily.
“noo don’t go,rema said you shouldn’t go anywhere in the letter,he said he will go get it” Emily said.
“ok” Chidinma cleaned her hands and walked out to the slivery built living room where she quietly sit.

somehoe Emily words got her and came back to her….
“he will use you and dump you. last last he will go for the next sexy but rich lady”.
what if Emily was right? even if she believe obim will not do such to her.
I mean the way obim treats her says it all,the way he looked at her and desired her body.. she has never seen him look at any other girl in that manner except her.

what if Emily is right???
it’s okay,stop thinking about it.

Emily walked down and sat on the same couch with chidinma whose eyes is on the plasma tv.

“hey,your food is on the dinning.
“thank you,am not eating…
Emily cringed,she placed her hand on chidinma’s hand on the couch.

“about what happened earlier am…..
her ringing phone interrupts her. she picked the phone and excused herself,it was queen chiamaka.

“I remembered I told you to monitor that Chidinma movement? she sneaked out with the driver right??? said queen chiamaka.

“whoever said that?? Chidinma was with me all through yesterday,she never went out” said Emily…
the queen was surprised.
“who’s lying between you and Nora? whatever I don’t care. Don’t let the snake get close to my son”queen chiamaka said and hung up.
Emily dropped the call and returned to the living room.
“why didn’t you tell me you’re the real girlfriend”..

“am sorry for what happened earlier”

“youre sorry???
“for what crime exactly,you people should leave me alone oo” said Chidinma.

I don’t know whatever lie Nora told the queen all I know is that you’re innocent,and rema loves you so much” Emily said inwardly. she just pray rema shouldn’t watch the CCTV camera to see what she said to her..