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A Night With A Cute Guy. Episode 18

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A night with a
Cute guy????
????Took my virginity????

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????Episode eighteen????


After the wedding, we went to Blake’s wedding house, that is, the house he got as a present.

We got there, and entered, he looked ate m….but I avoided eye contact……..we got to our room, and I sat down on the couch.

He sat down close to me, smiling.

“am so happy we are finally together”,he said, trying to peck me, but I shifted away.

“look, I agrred to marry you just so that my child can be with his father. Apart from that, I nothing else with you, so stay away from me”,I replied firmly.

I entered the bathroom and showered, I came out, wore my nighties and laid at the other end of the bed.

I closed my eyes, pretending to sleep, as tears flowed freely.


I decided to let her be for now….I showered, and laid at the opposite end.

I know she ain’t sleeping….

❌The next morning❌

I woke up, but Richie wasn’t in bed…..a sweet aroma aroused….I guess she is cooking.

I walked downstairs, and met her in the dining, eating.

”good morning”,she muttered.

“ya, good morning, how was ya night?”,I asked, but she didn’t reply.

She carried her food upstairs………hmmmn!


I could barely sleep last night ………the thought of what dad blurted put yesterday was just too harsh…..


After I was thrown out…..I pleaded to speak with them, dad cane out.

“dad, why are you going this to me?”,I asked, as tears dropped from my eyes.

”i have tried for you”,he replied.

“what do you mean by that?”,I asked.

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“maybe its time for you to find yourself’,he replied, getting me more confused.

“dad….am not getting”,I replied.

“am not your father”, he blurted out.

“what??”,I shouted.

“well, yes, infact, we are not your biological parents. You were found in the bushes, and my wife, out of care and sympathy took you in”,he replied.

“bye”,he replied.

I stared at him in shock……as he slammed the gate.

❌flashback ends❌

Geez! Then who am I????

T b c

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????A night with a
Cute guy????
????Took my virginity????

✍️Prin cess✍️

????Episode eighteen????


Its been two days now, and I can’t get through to lisa, so I decided to pay her a visit, but I was told she doesn’t live there anymore. Where else could she be living?

I got confused, i drove to the park. Wait, this looks like Lisa’s car, lemme not get so convinced.

I stylishly passed the corners to confirm if its actually her car. Yes! Its her car. I peered through the tinted glass, I could see someone in there, so I knocked at the window severally, but no one opened.

I called her number, but it wasn’t available. What the heck! I need to open this car immediately.

I called some car experts immediately and they got the car open.

Oh my gosh! Lisa! I knew it, she is unconscious. I quickly rushed her to the hospital and called my brother. He arrived immediately.

“doctor, how is she?”,Michael asked anxiously.

“am sorry but you see, because of the stress, lack of food and suffocation, she lost the baby in her womb”,the doctor replied.

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“what! She lost the baby?”,I asked.

“wait, so I was right, lisa was pregnant all along”,Michael blurted out.

“brother, this is not the right time to talk about this”,I replied.

“doctor, can we see her?”,I asked, and he nodded and left.


I opened my eyes slowly as I felt sharp pains on my abdomen.

Wait, my baby.

“my baby, my baby”,I muttered, then Nora and Michael walked in

“what is it?”,Michael asked, since my hands were still bound on my abdomen.

“nothing”,I muttered softly..and he breathed out loudly.

Nora sat down close to me.

“what happened?”,she asked.

I turned to the other side of the bed, not wanting to talk about it….tears flowed freely from my cheeks.

Nora patted me……“i…went to your house and I was told you don’t live there anymore. Where fo you live?”,nora asked.

“i…I don’t have a family and am homeless”,I replied.

“what…what do you mean by you don’t have a family and you are homeless?”,Michael asked.

I turned to face him…”pls let’s go home first”,nora offered, and all went to her house.