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Always you. Chapter 15

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I flung open the door and I’m stunned to see the person standing before me.
“Hello, Braden”Talia said, smiling broadly.
How do I get it into her head that I’m not interested in her?
And now, I’m even more pissed at her.
I would’ve been deep inside Megan by now and this woman had to ruin it.
I know she probably asked her father for this hotel’s address.
“Is Meg in?”She asked.
I could see disappointment written all over her face….
Did she actually want to be alone with me and then what?
Thoughts of even f*cking Talia feels appalling to me.
“I was hoping we could all get together and you know….watch movies…for old times sake. I bought popcorn, chicken and chips”She excitedly rattled out wringing the bags in her hands.
I really do want to send her back but the position she is….as William’s daughter couldn’t make me do that.
Talia is a conniving little witch and I wouldn’t want her spoiling things for me with her father.
“Of course.That seems fun”I bit out taking the bags from her and leading her into the suite.
“Hi Meg”Talia said surprisingly in a friendly way.
Maybe she finally accepted that we can just be friends.
I really hope that’s the case so that this visit would go on smoothly.


I can’t believe Braden seem so calm about Talia’s visit.
I don’t get why Talia’s suddenly acting nice towards me.
She’s isn’t nice!
I won’t give them any f*cking clue that I’m quaking on the inside.
I smiled at Talia too.”What are you doing here?”
“Oh! I thought since you guys are still in Paris….we could hang out…. that’s what old friends do, right?”
When did we become friends?
I only nodded wishing she could leave.
Why did Braden let her in anyway?
He had even planned on beating Landon thinking he was the one at the door.
But he can’t do anything to Talia.
I wonder what’s going on in his head.
Talia looked around.
“This en suite is so lovely….as always…Brad you’ve such great taste”She commented as if wanting to prove that she knows him better than I do.
“Thanks”Braden beamed at her.”I’ll go set this out”He said gesturing at the bags he was holding.”You ladies can decide which movie to watch”With that he walked away.
I sat opposite Talia and I swear this is the most awkward moment of my life.
“How does it feels to be engaged to Brad?”She began.
I rolled my eyes seriously wishing she could make use of the door.
I’m not going to let her taunt me so I grinned at her.
“Oh Talia… it’s the best feeling in the world”
“Are you able to meet up with his needs…in bed I mean.You know even if we dated when he was much younger….Braden has always had such great needs….and believe me,he loves when he gets off on my mouth…Is it still like that? Does he like it when you take him in your mouth?”
A hard knot twisted tight in my chest and I felt momentarily winded.
I hate feeling this way!
Before I could think of something to put her in her place…Braden walked in holding a tray.
“So which movie are we watching?”He asked setting the tray on the table and sitting beside me.
He held my hand and at that moment,I wished I was the only woman in his life.
“We couldn’t chose”Talia replied.”Maybe you should chose….what was your favorite movie back then…those action series”She added.
“Yeah right and I’m sure you still watch those Korean Movies….you and Karen always talked about that guy… what’s his name again….Lee ho ho?”
Talia laughed.”Lee min ho, silly”
Braden laughed too.
As they banter about which movie to watch…. I realized that I’m jealous.
I hate admitting this….it f*cking hurts to admit this but I’m jealous of Talia.
She’s everything that I’m not.
She has everything I lack and I think Braden and her would really look good together.
My heart is aching and I hate that it’s aching for him.
He turned to face me.
“Are you okay?”He asked
I nodded knowing I probably look sick.
“Which movie will you like to watch?”
I shrugged not feeling like watching anything.
I just want to stop feeling miserable.
I used to be strong.
Vaguely, I’m aware that they were watching a movie now.
I stood up intending to go to the bathroom…to cool off my head when Talia spoke.
“Meg…. please can I get a cup of coffee?”She requested,sweetly.
I wonder if she’s behaving so polite to prove something to Brad.
I walked off.

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“Calm down,Megan.”I said to myself.
I have to get my thoughts into control.
I shouldn’t feel this way towards Braden.
I’m just heading towards a massive heartbreak.
It’s not just Talia…
He’s a f*cking Playboy.
A Playboy whom I can’t resist his touch.
I shouldn’t want someone I can’t have.
As I waited on the coffee to brew… I tried to organize myself.
This is all fake…. I’m going to go in there and be a perfect fake fiancee.
I took the cup and released a long breath.

When I got back I saw Talia had migrated from her seat and was now sitting beside Braden.
I hate this woman!
I moved closer to them.
“Here you go”I said stretching the cup at Talia.
Thinking she had intended to hold onto it, I let go and the hot coffee spilled on Braden’s hand.
“F*ck!”He cursed, wincing in pain.
“I’m … sorry..”I muttered, frantically searching for the first aid kit so as to get penicillin or something just to prevent it from being scalded.
“Jeez!Megan…. you’re just as aggressive as ever”I heard Talia say and I know Braden hates me more now.
My eyes watered.
I didn’t mean to hurt him.


After treating my hand,she disappeared to the bathroom.
Damn….I hate seeing her sad.
She had that look on her face since Talia got here.
I know she didn’t purposely pour hot coffee on me…she was probably distracted by something.
It’s not like I wanted Talia to come here.
That was why I had quickly set out what she had bought and the next thing was that we should watch any Goddamn movie then she’ll get the hell out of here but now…I have to get her to leave.
“It’s getting really late,Talia.You should better get going now… besides,Meg and I made plans for tonight before you came”I said.
She frowned.”Really?What are you guys up to?”
“It’s none of your business”I snapped.
I’m starting to get angry because if she hadn’t showed up.
I would’ve taken Megan to cloud nine and she wouldn’t have had that forlorn look on her face.
And heck I wouldn’t have had an aching hand too.
As if she sensed that I was at the end of my rope,she stood up and I saw her off to the door.
“I still don’t think you guys make a nice couple”She muttered.
“That’s not up to you to decide…..Bye”
I held the door open for her.
She grinned and walked out of the suite.
“See you soon,Brad”
I shut the door hoping not to see her ever again.
I wanted to go to Megan….I admit I’ve come to care about her.
And it bothers me that she’s not happy.

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When I walked out of the bathroom, I’m glad that Talia is gone.
I found Braden lying on the couch.
I glanced at his reddened hand and guilt filled me.
I slowly walked up to him.
“You should sleep on the bed, I’ll take the couch”I suggested.
He sat upright.
“It’s fine…you should sleep on the bed”
“I insist you….”
“C’mon,Meg. I can’t let you sleep on this.It’s uncomfortable”
Oh sh*t.
And he had slept on it for several night!
“We could both sleep on the bed”The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them.
He stared at me like he wasn’t sure if he heard that correctly.
“Ok… okay”

“I’m sorry”I found myself apologizing as we laid on the bed facing each other.
“Stop apologizing already. I know you didn’t do that purposely and it doesn’t hurt much”He assured.
He reached out and tucked some strands of my hair behind my ear.
My pulse thudded as we stared at each other.
“I’m just curious.Why did you think I was the one who played a prank on you in high school?”He asked.
“Talia and her friends told me you always do that to new students”
His jaw dropped.”What?And you actually thought I had the f*cking time to go about stuffing people’s lockers with dirt?”
He didn’t do it.
Then again,I never asked him.
I just let my anger take control and I tracked him down to the basketball court where I…..Holy Moses.
“I’m sorry…I just..”I can’t even justify my actions.
He must’ve seen me as a f*cking lunatic then.
If he didn’t do it then who did…..
I stared at Braden and he seem to know who did that too but none of us said her name.
I can’t believe she hated me then.
“If that didn’t happen, I think we’d been good friends”He said.
I recalled when he held my hand as we ran away from the gangsters and when we ate ice cream and joked at his uncle’s bar.
We probably would have been more than friends but I ruined it.
He kept on stealing glances at me when he thinks I’m not watching.
I don’t think I can sleep tonight with all my hormones running riot.
Something needs to be sated within us.
I’ll deal with the consequences later but right now…I need to feel him….all of him.
“Braden”I called.
“Yes”He answered,his voice laced with lust.
“F*ck me”
He quickly closed the distance between us on the bed and his hungry mouth devoured mine in a deep, scorchingly erotic kiss that left me aching with need as w€tness dripped from my p*ssy.
I whimpered his name,my hips writhing feverishly against the huge er£ction bulging from his pants.
Parting my lips,he plunged his hot,silky tongue into my mouth.
I captured it and sucked it hard, making him groan hoarsely.
“I… I … haven’t done this before”I informed him, breathlessly.
He stared at me as if I had spoken in a language he didn’t understand.
I suddenly felt ashamed for never been f*cked.
“You’re a virgin?”

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