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Amaka, the lesbian. Episode 33

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Okay, sir. Goodnight” I got up, picked up my shirt dress, wore it and walked out, with a huge smile on my face.


When I got to the room that they gave to my sister and I, the door was slightly ajar, my mind skipped and I rushed into the room, I saw my sister sitting at the edge of the bed, with a worried expression, kai, “Nne, what happened? Why are you awake by this time?” “Is it not you?
I woke up and looked for you but you were gone, as usual.


Where do you always go to sef? Even back at the house, you are always disappearing. One time, I snuck out and followed you, but you didn’t know, I saw you whispering in the dark with Uncle, the way he was holding you sef, like you were his wife. I see everything happening, but pretend not to. Later, you will say you are not having s£x with him. Now again, you snuck out while I was sleeping, only God knows what you went to do…” I was speechless, it felt like I lost control of my tongue, I opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out.


How do I convince her that I wasn’t having s3x with my uncle or anyone, when it was what I was really doing? I kept thinking of a possible lie to cook up but I couldn’t find any. Then I said, “I guess I should just open up to you, finally. I was keeping it all from you because I didn’t want you feeling bad or worried, but due to this misconception you are beginning to have about me, I have no other choice than…” “Amy” she cut in… “you know you are the only one I know and have in life, I don’t want you to get into trouble or for anything bad to happen to you, please, tell me what’s really going on. I know am still young but some of my classmates that are older than I am, know what a man and woman do in the bedroom or in the dark and they always discuss it in clàss, so that was when I started suspecting you were sleeping with Uncle. Don’t see me as a child, please. I will be 12 years old next month, tèll me the truth” she finished, with tears in her eyes.
Kai, I felt so bad that I wasn’t going to tell her the truth. Who would even dare? She was only suspecting but not certain yet, it was up to me to erase that thought from her head, so I embraced her and began my lie, “The truth is that I am not sleeping with Uncle or anyone, I have been sneaking around at midnight to meet uncle, to talk about our brothers, you know am fighting to bring them to Lagos, so we will all be together…” she tried to talk, but I told her to hold on and listen, then I continued…”Aunty is just pretending to care about us, but when she’s with Uncle, she will tell him to hate us and stop treating us good, she even warned him not to ever bring bobo and kelechi to lagos, that’s why there has been delay, if not, they would have been here since. We chose to only talk about it at midnight when Aunty is sleeping, to avoid causing problems between them, you know she’s a trouble maker.

That woman is evil and heartless and I hate her so much. Stop thinking am sleeping with her husband, yuck! That’s the last thing I will do, me that is keeping my virginity for my husband” her face lit up and she said “Am so happy to hear this now. I have been so worried and scared that you were doing bad things and might get caught. I don’t want to go back to that woman’s place, I really suffered in that house, I thought I was going to die. But na wa for Aunty o, so she’s a bad person but will be acting like she likes us.

Last week, she said my b—–s has started to come out that she will buy bra very soon for me and she is always hugging me sef”
“Eeh? Bra… hugging you… hian. Biko, how does she hug you? Tell me how she does it and other places she touches you. Because, she hardly hugs you in my presence” I said, with panic ridden voice, I was beginning to shake when she said, “She doesn’t really touch me much, except when she hugs me. Most times, it’s when she sees me sitting alone in the parlour, she will just tell me to give her a hug, then kiss me here…” she pointed to her cheek… “I don’t even like hugging sef, she smells somehow, I was only suffering the hug because I thought she likes us, but now that I know otherwise, I will not hug her again, not even to greet her” I heaved a sigh of relief and replied “No ooo, you don’t have to change towards her at all, since she’s only pretending to like us, let us also pretend to like her too. Greet her normally when you see her, hug her when she ask for it but be very fast about it, if she does anything or touches any part of your body that you don’t like, tell me immediately, not just her, anybody, even uncle or in school, okay?” She nodded, “you mean like my b—–s or my peepee?”

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I proceeded to explain to her about her privates and how it’s not only guys that molest girls, even young girls and grown ups do so too, to their fellow girls. She listened to me for a while and dozed off, so I covered her up and laid beside her.

That was when I had the time to think about the pastor and what we had just done..

To be continued….

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