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Dirty Housewife. Episode 11

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???????? Dirty Housewife ????????

Episode Eleven

???? Patrick ????

I paced about in the living room really angry.

I snapped around to look at Lucy again.

“Did you just say you are pregnant? For me?” I asked.

She nodded with a smile. “I’m carrying your baby, Pat. Yes! I’m pregnant!!” She exclaimed happily.

” Who’s pregnant?”

I turned around to see Nancy coming towards us. I breathed in and sat down heavily on a chair.

“What’s going on here?”, Nancy asked again.

” You wanna know? Well I’m pregnant for our husband!”Lucy snapped.

,As expected, Nancy looked hurt and shockingly at me. “Patrick?”

I nodded. “I’m sorry.” I replied and watched her back upstairs.

I looked at Lucy again. What have I done to myself?

???? Nancy ????

Huge tears dropped off my eyes as I sat on the bed, thinking.

So this Lucy of a woman has finally succeeded in dividing my home?

I wept like never before cos I knew everything was my own fault.

If I had been a good wife, Lucy would never had the chance to come into my home and destroy it.

The door opened and she came in with laughter.

I stood up, facing her. “What exactly do you want Lucy, why can’t you just leave us alone? “I asked.

” Leave you alone? Oh no. You know that’s not possible. And for your information, I will be the first wife to be having his baby so I deserve some respect from your side. ” Lucy said and I shook with laughter.

” Is it funny to you?” She asked and I look at her.

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“Whatever your plans are, they are never gonna work. Read my lips… They aren’t gonna work! ” I yelled at her and she laughed.

” Don’t shout yet my dear. Save it for later when I’m gonna be getting married to Patrick… My dream man. ” She said and laughed again.

I almost wanted to slap her but refrained. I smiled instead.

“You are just a frustrated desperate woman, Lucy.

Let me remind you that you are nothing but a concubine in this house!! ” I yelled at her and her countenance changed.

” If that word comes out of your mouth again… I’m gonna slap you…!”

“Try it and see me in action!! ” I cut her short, edging closer to her.

Her chest heaved up and down in anger but I didn’t really care. I stared at her eye balls to eye balls!

“No mater what you do… You will always be a concubine! ” I whispered at her and she raised her hand to slap me.

Just then, the door opened and Patrick came in.

“And what the hell is happening here!!” He yelled.

???? Lucy ????

I scoffed before looking at him. “I will advise you talk to her, Patrick. She’s trying my patience! Let her understand that I’m carrying your child! ” I fumed.

” Hold on! Wait a minute! Why do you keep saying you are carrying my child?

I’m here to say no to that! ” Patrick thundered and I laughed.

” Wow….. Look at you,what a Marvelous joker! You don’t know what you are saying!

Whether you like it or not Patrick.. I’m carrying your child and that’s final! ” With that I left the room.

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Once downstairs,I bursted out laughing. Oh,I’m gonna enjoy this in a very long time!


Hmm…..devil in the house!