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I Sold My V. Episode 32

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( His royal Excellency)

Thirty – two


“Wake up, babe” I rubbed her shoulder and whispered in her ear. “Valentina” I said when she didn’t get up.

She moaned and rolled over resting her hand on my chest. I licked my finger and stuck it in her ear. She twitched a little but stayed sleep.

I kissed her lips still no response. I started kissing her neck and that’s when she started to wake up.

“Mmm Joshua” she said tiredly. “Stop” she tried to push me off.
I sucked on her neck until she started squirming underneath me. “Okay I’m up now” I heard her chuckle.

I stopped and looked at her. “Good morning beautiful”

“Good morning handsome” she smiled and closed her eyes.

“Come on, you gotta wake up”

“What time is it?”


“In the morning?” She whined.


“6 in the morning” she repeated tiredly. “I got to go to work!” She said and jumped up quickly.
“I called you in sick” I said and sat up.


“Do you not remember the events that took place in this house yesterday?” I looked at her sideways. “I’m not taking my eyes off you even for a second”

She sat down on the bed and sighed. “Besides we’ve got a lot to do today”


“We gotta go see Miles and look for some apartments”

She got up and walked into the closet. I followed her and leaned against the door framed, watching her.

“Why do you want to look at apartments?”
“I was thinking about moving” she stopped what she was doing and looked at me. She’s so beautiful.

“Why do you want to move? Your house is beautiful”

I shrugged. I honestly don’t know it was just something I decided on while I was up last night. “Try something new, we could go for a change”

“So you’re gonna sell your huge expensive house?” She asked while getting undressed.

“Well this is my fathers house and I don’t actually pay for anything. So he can do whatever he wants with it”

She looked at me with wide eyes. “Wow” she chuckled. “You’re father is so nice”
“I’m glad you think so, he’s coming tomorrow for business”

“I can’t wait to see them”

After her getting dressed and brushing her teeth she put her hair in a sleek ponytail. We got some breakfast and headed out the door to the hospital. We moved fairly quick, I like the way we move. Together, as couples. This is so different to me. She does something for me then I do something for her causing us to be productive and move in unison.

We got in my black Rolls Royce and headed to the hospital where Miles is. After spending an hour there we saw his wife approach the door.

“Hi” she said. “How is he?” She said struggling with the things she had in her hands.

“He’s fine” I said and helped her. “He was up earlier, talking and asking all about you”

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She chuckled and placed a baby carrier on the floor.

“Hi” she said to Valentina shaking her hand. “I’m Marie, Miles’ wife”

“I’m Valentina” she shook back.

Marie circled around Miles and rested her hand on his chest. She sighed shakily and put her head in her hands.

Her head shot up when her baby started crying.

She rushed over quickly and picked the small thing up rocking it back and forth.
“How old is she?” Valentina asked.

“18 months” she smiled.

How did V know it was a girl? I can’t if it’s a boy or a girl.

“What’s her name?”


Valentina stood there fiddling with her hands as she stared at the baby. “She’s beautiful”

“Would you like to hold her?” Marie asked. V hesitated but then answered yes. Marie moved toward Valentina and placed the baby in her hands.

The baby giggled and drooled all over itself.
“It’s been years since I’ve held a baby” Valentina chucked.

“She likes you” Marie smiled sadly. She took a deep breath then walked over to Miles again. “I want to stay with him tonight but my parents aren’t able to watch her”

Valentina took a glance at me. “We can watch her”

I quickly darted my eyes to her, trying to give her a signal that says we are not watching that f****ng baby.

“Oh no, I couldn’t ask that”

“Really it wouldn’t be a problem”

She looked at me, then at V and then at her baby.
“Thank you” she said. She ran over to us quickly and hugged me then Valentina. “This will help me so much”

“What the hell?” I asked. As we got in the elevator.

“What?” Valentina laughed.

“It’s a f****ng baby” I said as I twisted the baby carrier in my hand.

“She can hear you” she said as she look down at it.

“I’m not changing it’s dirty diapers”

“Yes you are” She said looking up at me.

“Oh really?” I raised my eyebrow.
“Yes, Mr. Maxwell” she bit her lip.

She’s doing this on purpose. She’s teasing me. Is this how she gets her way?

“Stop biting your lip” I said.

She put her hand on my face and kissed me slowly. Sliding her tongue in my mouth and then pulling it out again. I put my hand on her waist and pulled her against the wall. I put the baby down and slid my hand under her shirt.

“Joshua stop!” She laughed. “We’re in an elevator”

“I don’t care” I smirked.

“At least wait until we get home” she kissed me one last time and pressed the button to the elevator.


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“How many places do we have to look at?” I whined as I put my feet up on the dashboard.

“I scheduled two for today and four more tomorrow”

“I’m going to work tomorrow” I said.

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“No you are not, Valentina” He said sternly as he tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

“I’m gonna be loaded with work if I don’t get back soon” he nodded but didn’t say anything. “So I’m going to work”


“You’re not” He laughed. “That’s the end of it, I don’t wanna here it” He parked the car and we got out. I went to get the baby from the car while he went inside.

Callie was smiling and had drool all over her face. I took a cloth and wiped her mouth then picked her up.

“Hi baby” I whispered as a I carried her inside.

When we got inside Joshua was already talking to the real estate agent. I looked around and the place was beautiful. It was a huge town home that looked like a whole house.

Four bedrooms with a full bathroom in each one. A balcony inside and outside, an even bigger living room and don’t even get me started on the kitchen.


“Look around babe” Joshua said to me as I stood there.

I headed upstairs to get a look at the bedrooms, going from room to room and deciding if I liked them. After a while of walk-in in circles Joshua called me and we left.

“I didn’t like it” he said as we got in the car. “And I don’t like the area”

“It was nice” I said. “It was huge”

“It has to be huge, you haven’t met my whole family” he smiled a little. “Maybe we can meet your family”

I looked over at him and he was staring at me.

“Um… my mom is all the family I have” I said turning around to check on the baby. “Besides, I like your family”

“But aren’t your curious of meeting your father?”

“Are you curious of meeting yours?” I snapped back.

He got quiet. “My situation’s different”

“How?” I sighed. Here we go again. Another argument. He has a strong power for ruining moments.

“It just is” he shrugged.

“Tell me how it’s different and I’ll drop it”

“Valentina, I really don’t want to argue with you” he tensed up.

“How is this arguing?” I raised my voice. “I asked a question and if you can’t answer it then I shouldn’t have to answer yours”

“Don’t get smart with me” He remained calm. He kept moving his head, looking at me briefly then the road.

“I just don’t care about my family okay?”

“So thats it, you don’t care?”

“That’s not what I mean, stop it”

“Then what?” he got quiet.

“Because I don’t want to meet the man that ruined my mother? What’s wrong with that?” He stayed quiet. “Why don’t you meet your real parents?”

“I already have a mother and father that love me?”
“And I don’t?”

“I didn’t say that”

“Well, John loves me and that’s all the love I need”

“Valentina you know that I love you, you know that”

“Well if you loved me you’d understand that I just don’t care enough about him to wonder where he’s at”

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“I’m sorry-”

“Maybe you should meet your real parents” I cut him off. “Then maybe you’ll stop wondering about my father”

He didn’t say anything after that. He just shut up, which is good because I can’t stand him right now. He stopped the car at the next house and got out the car, slamming it behind him.

I looked at Callie and chuckled. “Somebody’s mad, huh?”

She giggled and squirmed in her seat. “Isn’t he mad” I said in a baby voice.

I took her out her car seat and put her in my lap. “Are you hungry, baby?”

I reached in the diaper bag and pulled out a baby bottle and a blanket. Stepping out the car and walking inside, I struggle to find my way to the kitchen. “Hi” a tall, scrawny, light skinned man approached me.

“Hi” I said as I smiled back at him.

“I’m James” he stuck his hand out.

“I’m Valentina”
“Nice to meet you, are you looking at the house”

“Yes um- did you see a man come in?”

“No ma’am, I didn’t”

“I’m waiting for him, I saw him come in here” I looked around. “This house is beautiful” I said while readjusting Callie on my hip. “Do you kind of I heat this up?”

“Of course not, follow me” He turned around and I followed him. We went through a dining room, a living room and down a hall just to get to the kitchen. “Here we are”

I ran the hot water and out the bottle underneath it. Drool started pouring out of Callie’s mouth and I struggled to hold her.


“May I?” James asked.


He took Callie out of my arms and held her close to his chest. “She’s beautiful, what’s her name?”


“Is she yours?”

“Oh no, I’m just babysitting”

I turned off the water. “Well if you do ever have kids this house is very kid-friendly” he mentioned.

“Is it really?” I chuckled. “How so?” I asked as I continued messing with the bottle.

“Well the plugs for one are in high places so the… uh” James looked past me and focused his eyes on something.

I turned around and it was Joshua standing behind me. He reached for Callie and James handed her over.

“I’m Joshua” He stuck out his hand.

“James, I was just telling your wife here how kid-friendly the house was” He stayed calm and polite, no matter how mean and difficult Joshua was being.

“Oh yea? Well let’s have a look around”

James turned and started talking about the house. Joshua looked at me and frowned. He’s mad about something.

I looked at Callie and Josh was holding her like she was a football while she just sat there confused kicking her little feet.


I took her and started feeding her as I followed James and Joshua through the house.

I really don’t wanna get back home, Joshua is gonna give me hell.