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I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO. Chapter 1-26

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????I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO????

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 1


“He’s coming, are you ready?” Mildred; My sister who had dressed me like a robot asked.

For many years, I’ve been meaning to see and live with the CEO of Gov natural gas. He’s being awarded as the mostt handsome man on earth for three years consecutively.

In one way or the other, I must follow Sir Richard to his house today.

My elder sister and I had read it that he would be coming to BnB supermarket to buy a female robot, many people believed he is weird cause he had once said that he would never marry or date any woman.

He prefers talking robot who won’t break his heart.

Sir Richard started to walk around the robot company alongside dozens of bodyguards, he was scanning the robots around.

I was amidst the robot, I pray he sees me.

One would not have been able to differentiate me from other robots, my sister tried so much in designing me to look perfectly like one.

As Sir Richard approached where I stood, his eyes fixed on me and I became nervous all of a sudden.

My stomach rumble and I wondered if I would be picked or not.

He approached me and I almost closed my eyes cause of how uneasy I was.

He glanced at me from head to toe and faced one of his men.

“Pick this.” He said and the man walked to me and carried me.

I remained stiff on the man’s shoulder.

I was taken out and placed gently inside the car, I was just sitting and looking still.

“Your name is now Pearl.” He turned his head and said to me.

“Information confirmed…” I said in a robotic tone as I faced him.

Suddenly, I started to feel like urinating.


How can I feel like urinating when It’s barely ten minutes I enter this car.

Robots do not even urinate, I’m doomed today.

After several minutes, I couldn’t hold the urine again and I can not kill myself.

So I just urinated on my body.


I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 2


No one knew that I had urinatedon my body for the first one minute, Mr Ashley Romeo sniffed and looked around probably wondering what was smelling.

“Joe! Park.” He ordered his driver and his driver blew a loud horn so other eescorts could know he was about to park.

He parked and other cars escorting us parked.

Joe went to open the the side door of Sir Richard and he walked out.

“Are you alright sir?” He asked Sir Richard.

“Something smells like urine inside the car, find out.” He ordered

“Yes Boss!” Two of his men walked inside the car, they tried to carry me from the chair but I was being adamant.

They expressed shock and exchanged surprisingly glances at themselves.

One of them sighted the floor that I was sitted on and he placed his hand before the floor, he realized it was wet.

He shot me a surprisingly look.

“Will I be too foolish to say that this robot urinated on her body?” The man that touched the floor asked.

“But do robot urinate?” the second man asked.

“Impossible, bring a blade.” The man ordered the other man and he walked out of the car.

I remained still, sitting very scared.

Seems I have being caught.

The other man came back with a blade and handed it over to the man beside me.

The man received the blade and pierced my skin gently.

“Ouch! ” I let out in pain as blood spill.

“Blood!” The man shouted. “This is not a robot!”

The two men ran out and on peeking, I saw that they were reporting to sir Richard.

I hurriedly opened the door beside me, got down in my wet trouser and began to run as fast as I could.

I ran so fast that I almost stumble into a car, I didn’t even turn back, I just continued running.

I finally rested when I got tired behind a pole, I turned and didn’t see anyone in sight.

Sir Richard is the man that I had always loved and now that I had an opportunity to act as a robot in his house, I failed.

Thank goodness I wasn’t caught.

I breathed out heavily continuously but two men suddenly appeared behind me.

I turned and saw that they were the two men that confirmed I wasn’t a robot.

“Please…please forgive me.” I pleaded.

The man didn’t say a word but covered my face with an handkerchief.

I woke up to find myself resting my head on a man.

I was confused, I quickly raised my head wondering how I got there and who I was resting on.

I was stunned to see that the man was Sir Richard.

I examined myself at once and saw that I was nãked and was only covered by a duvet.

What! did he take my virginity already?

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 3


I looked around and didn’t even see any cloth that I could wear.

But then, I noticed Sir Richard was well dressed. He was looking cute on the bed.

Did he make love with me and later got dressed?

I sat upright and covered myself with a duvet, I didn’t even know how to speak to him.

“Why did you pretend to be a rōbot?” His thick firm voice came through.

I looked at him nervously, I felt my mouth dried up, I tried to speak but words were not potruding.

I know Sir Richard to be very wealthy but his crazy handsomeness is why I want to live with him by all means.

“Did….you….make love with me…sir?” I asked sullenly.

“I undre-ssed you and bãthed for you, I brought you here but when I tried to make love with you, your p–ùssy stinks.”He answered and I felt embarrassed.

He had already saw my nak–Edness. I feel ashamed right now.

I lowered my head and wondered; If my p—Y really stinks. But I clean up.

I have never made love with anyone but I do not think my p—Y stinks.

” Can….I. …get a cloth?” I asked.

“Stand up and get my swirt shirt there, there is a three quarter jean that I had only wear once, check that ward robe.” He said and I tried to stand with my blanket but he yanked it off from my body.

I hurriedly covered my b—st with my hands and felt so embarrassed.

“Go n@k-ed.”He ordered

When I realized I do not have a choice, I stood and went to the wardrobe , I changed into his dress.

After I had changed, I said; ” I…erm…want to start going home.”

His eyes were still fixed on me.

“I paid $50,000 for the robot, now, the money is fruitless cause you diguised as a robot in their company. If I report you, you will go to jail?”He said.

” Please don’t report me sir.” I pleaded.

“Then find my $50,000.” He said.

“Ha! I am not even worth $20.” I said.

“Choose one, I report you and you go to jail, or you pay my money or you become my s-ex manchine for thirty days.” He requested and I furrowed my brow in shock.

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO

-Do Not copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 4


“Sir, please help me, I knew I made a mistake but I’m still a v–ïrgin, I do not have the energy to be a s-x machine!” I pleaded.

He took up his phone and I noticed he was dialing a number.

“Who are you dialing sir?” I asked thinking it was those he buys robot from.

“The company you went to disguse as a robot.” He said and I blinked my eye multiple times and walked close to him.

That’s a very big offence and I would definitely go to jail for many years.

“Please sir, please sir…Hang up sir.” I pleaded.

“Why should I, choose one quick?” He said and the person he was dialing picked it.

My heart beats heavily in fear and I quickly said! “Fine sir, I will be your s–X machine for thirty days.”

“Hello!” The person said to him.

Sir Richard didn’t reply, he only hung up.

“Better! Follow me.” He ordered and I followed him.

I’ve really entered some deep mess, I should have stayed away and keep crushing on him from afar.

I never knew that he was this cold hearted.

He took me a room that looked like a cinema.

“This is where I watch movies, sit there.” He ordered and I sighed heavily, I walked to where he signalled for me to sit.

“Watch and learn.” He commanded and I gazed at the white screen. It was very wide and large.

Suddenly , it began to display.

I saw a man telling his wife he would be travelling for a week, the wife and the man kissed before he left.

I thought it was a story.

As soon as the man left, the lady called a guy and he appeared in the next scene in her house. Immediately they saw, they began to undre—ss themselves.

They were soon nak—ed.

My days! they are about to have s—ëx.

I turned my head to Sir Richard but his face was only cold and firm so I took it away gently.

“Set your gaze on the movie.” He ordered and I nodded.

The man and the woman in the movie began to f—-!k and do all sorts of s—x style.

Is this how he will be ba-nging me hard, I’m in real trouble.


Written by Feathers.

Chapter 5


I was already wet watching the movie. the movie finally came to an end. It was only a thirteen minutes session.

“Follow me.” He ordered me and I followed.

We arrived at his living room, it was the largest living room I had ever seen.

He placed a call across and five men walked in.

“This is the girl that disguised as a robot, take her outside and find out what she’s best at.” He commanded and those men carried me out.

On getting outside , the five man stood before me.

“What can you do for sir Richard?” One of them asked.

“Nothing, he was my crush, I only admired him from afar.” I answered.

“Do you get the question, what can you do? like; what skill so you have? can you sing? can you sow cloth? what skill exactly do you have?” One of the men asked.

So after he had asked me to be his s—x machine , he still wanted me to serve him with my skill.

“Is he going to pay for my skill?” I asked and those men exchanged surprising glances.

“Sir Richard does not owe people.” One of them answered.

“Better, well, I can teach.” I answered.

“Teach? what grade can you teach?” One of the men asked.

“I can teach university students English language and Mathemtics and courses that are related.” I said.

One of them walked away but was on phone with someone.

They took me back to Sir Richard and left.

“I was informed you can teach?” He asked.

“I can.” I answered.

“Good luck for me, you will teach me cause I’m running an evening part time course. I’ll pay you only after I had passed.” He said.

“I can assure you that you will pass sir.” I said.

“No, I need to test your ability, sit there.” He ordered and I sat.

I sat for several hours, he ignored and only kept pressing his phone.

I thought he said he wanted to test my ability to teach.

He checked his watch and said; “Good, it’s 5PM.”

He phoned someone and the person came back with a br–st band and a face mask that looked exactly like that of Sir Richard.

“Sir Richard is having a text in class today, he’s a business man and does not have the time to read, go and write the test for him, you will be masking as him, if you are caught, you will be arrested and no-one will come for you, if you said it was Sir Richard that sent you, no one will believe you. Good luck.” The woman said and walked out.


I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 6


“Sir! I’m scared of going.” I said to Sir Richard.

He signalled for the woman that just delivered a message to him to leave.

“Strï-p na-ked.” He commanded.

“Huh!” I exclaimed.

“What’s surprising, aren’t you my s–x machine? I was not thinking of starting with you so early but since you would not do what I want, let’s start already.” He said.

I thought for a while and realized that going for the text will be better than allow him f—!k me like a do-g today.

“I’ll go sir!” I said and he phoned someone agan.

A woman walked in and signalled for me to follow her, she disguised me like I was Sir Richard.

If one do not look carefully, one would think I was sir Richard.

“Be clever, don’t be caught and most importantly, ensure you come out in flying colours so you can be legally employed as Sir Richard’s tutor.” the woman said.

I didn’t say a word, I was thinking about how the place would be.

I walked out of the dressing room with the woman, the woman spoke a diffrent language to sir Richard and walked away.

Sir Richard gazed at me and said; “Beautiful, my driver will drive you, leave.”

I walked out nervously, a man was already at the entrance, the man led me to one of the cars parked inside the entrance.

I was driven to the university, we parked beside a building.

“That class over there is Sir Richards! ” The driver said and I stepped down.

I knew how he walks and talks cause I had been following him on Instagram for a long time.

I arrived at the class and walked to a sit. the students were just as old as Sir Richard, some were even older.

I sat down calmly and the lecturer entered.

“I believe we are prepared for the test?” He asked and began to press some stuffs on his laptop.

“Open your laptop and log in, time starts now.” The man said.

I opened the computer before me and entered the details of Sir Richard that the woman that dressed me had given me.

I saw the questions and I hissed cause they were so simple.

“Who hissed in such manner? is the text ridiculous?” The lecturer asked and began to walk towards my direction.

Heaven, protect me, I must not be caught.

The man got to where I sat; “Sir Richard, were you the one that hissed?”

I shook my head in response, my voice is the only thing that was not like that of Sir Richard

“First time sir Richard will be replying with a shake of his head, are you alright sir?”the lecture asked and I nodded.

This man should leave already.

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 7


“Hummm!” I answered in the thickest of tone. I was glad when the lecturer left me without saying a word.

That was close. I sighed and set my attention back at the test of Sir Richard.

I was done in few minutes. I knew surely that he will pass the test cause they were simple questions to me.

I clicked submit and waited till the test was over.

Everyone dispersded and I walked out too.

I sighted Sir Ruchard’s driver looking at me. I walked to him and said; “I just finished with the test!”

“Get in, I’ll drive you home.” He said and I stepped inside the car.

As the young man drives, he said; “Sir Richard doesn’t like to fail, if he does, you will be in big problem.”

I didn’t answer him but rather kept looking out of the window.

“You are beautiful, though.” He said and I was forced to look at him.

He wasn’t handsome in any way and I felt like such words shouldn’t even potrude from his mouth.

I looked away and shook my head pittfully at his silly words.

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“Don’t take my words personal, it’s a sincere compliment.” He said.

“You talk too much sir, please drive faster.” I said

He didn’t stay any more word till we arrived at Sir Richard’s house.

Two escorts were already at the entrance of the house, as I got down from the car, they escorted me to Sir Richard’s living room.

On peeking at him, I realized he wasn’t wearing a shirt. He was b-are from the neck to the wai-st.

He was on a tight chilos green trouser.

One could view his shape and he looked so beautiful.

The strands of hair on his chest looks adorable, he looked beautiful to the face and glamorous in stature.

“My test result will be sent to me in fifteen minutes times.” He said and I nodded.

I was confident, so I sat on one of the couches.

“And who told you to sit?” He asked.

“Sir….I….” I stuttered but I was still sitting.

“You did not deserve to sit yet, let me know if you did well first.” He said but I remained sitting.

He sat upright and said; “Are you deaf or something?”

I intentionally remained sitted, I was waiting until he tells me in clear terms ro ‘stand up.’

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 8


Sir Richard gaped at me for a while and rested back on the chair, he didn’t say any word more until after many minutes.

After checking his watch, he brought his phone out and pressed few stuffs there.

He threw his phone back to the chair and said; “I see why you are so confident.”

“Did I do well?” I asked.

“You passed everything.” He answered and looked away.

“I think I wouldn’t need to be your s—X machine anymore, I can work as your tutor and I won’t need to be paid, you can accumulate the wages until it is enough to foot my debt.” I said.

“Oh really? As a turor, I can only pay you $200 per day. $200 multiplied by how many days will make $50,000?” He questioned.

“It will take me 250 days to make $50,000 sir.” I answered.

“You see….would you rather work for 250 days as my tutor rather than being my se-&x machine for the next 28 days?” He asked.

“I had chose to work as a turor sir, even if it is for two years.” I answered.

“Okay, I changed my mind, I will now pay you $20 a day for turoring me, how many days will it take you to make the $50,000 you are owing me?” He asked.

“2,500 days sir.” I answered.

He smirked wickedly and asked; “How many years will that be?”

“6 years sir.” I answered.

“Do you prefer to work as my tutor for six years or you would rather be my se–x machine for the 28 days?” He asked.

Cruel men won’t even give me a choice, the fact that he was seeking my consent and my agreement is a sign that he respects me.

“I do not want to believe you are cruel, Sir Richard. I was informed that you do not owe anyone and I knew that you don’t underpay your staffs, why should mine be different?” I questioned.

He rested back on the chair and said; “Well, what you heard is true. However, how much will you charge for tutoring me?” He asked.

“For a man of your status, I will charge $1000 a day, I can pay off the debt in 50 days.” I said.

I knew he would never agree but I just had to state the amount I would have charged if things weren’t like this.

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 9


“You want $1000 for a day, just to tutor me, is that?” He asked.

Before I could respond , he asked; “How much does lecturers that teaches many students even earn as salary?”

“Many lecturers earn between $10,000 to $15,000 in a month.” I answered.

“But you want me to pay you $50,000 for fifty days….can you see how greedy you are?” He asked.

“It was because I believed a man of your status should be able to afford it.” I said.

“I have other things I use money to do, and I have a budget for my monthly expense.” He said.

“But I can assure that you will pass flawlessly sir, that is if your education is of a top priority, sir, I already know you are wealthy, I find it hard to understand why you need to attend adult class again.” I said.

“Fine, I’ll pay $1,000 a day, if however, I failed, I won’t be paying you a dime?”He assured.

” As long as you listen when I teach and read what I ask you too, you will definitely come out in flying colors.” I assured.

“Such confidence! wash your silly scary face away.” He said and turned on the television before him.

I had not yet removed the masked face of his on mine, I walked inside to do that.

I wanted to go back to my room but then, I reasoned that I should be free to go home.

I walked to him and said; “Since I will pay with my service by teaching you, I think I should be able to go home?” I said.

“After your fifty days is complete, you will be free.”


He interrupted before I spoke further; “How about I change my mind and report to the cops how you disguised?”

“Oh! Okay…fine, I’ll remain here.” I answered and walked back to my room.

I was not with a phone but my sister’s number was in my memory.

I sighted a cell phone in the room and walked there, I put a call across to my sister.

“Hello, it’s me, Edna?”I said.

” Edna, how is your robot lifestyle?” She asked.

“Sir Richard caught me but I find a way out, he said I must be his tutor for fifty days then he will let me go.” I said.

“Isn’t that sweet? bye and enjoy your stay?” She said and hung up.

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 10

Seems my sister had really gone out of her mind, why in the world would she hung up just like that?

I fell to the bed and gazed around, I saw a big teddy gently sitted by my side.

I was glad and went happily to pick it up. My Love for teddy Is top notch.

I kissed it on his forehead and placed it beside me.

“You will be my companion, I really do not have a friend in this house, so be my friend in this fifty days, do you hear?” I asked the teddy.

It didn’t answer but I beleived it heard me.

Just as my stomach started to feel hungry, I heard a knock on the door.

I made the teddy sit very well on the bed, then stood to open the door.

“Would you like to eat at the dinning or I should bring your food here?” A man asked.

Is a man a cook for Sir Richard too? How come everyone around his are males, all his workers and everyone that I had seen around him are all males.

“Bring it here but make it two.” I answered.

“You mean I should bring two of the food I was suppose to serve you?” He asked.

“Sure.” I answered.

“I’m sorry but we don’t do that nonsense here, we don’t waste food anyhow, I’m not even sure you would finish one?” He said.

“Are you the one paying for the food? Is it not Sir Richard’s money? Why do you people carry other people’s problem on your head?” I questioned?

He smirked and looked away.

He set his gaze back on me and said; “Fine, this is what I think; You assume that we will not serve you food again for the rest of the day, so you want to keep it ,right? Actually, Sir Richard orders that we serve you food six times a day, so you have nothing to worry.”

“Six times?” I repeated in shock.

Did he think I was a glutton or what?

“Well, I still need two, one for me and one for my teddy.” I said and pointed to my teddy on the bed.

The man peeked and saw the kifeless beautiful teddy sitting.

“Oh! I forgot you that you are crazy, I will be back with your food.” He said and walked away.

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 11


The silly guy brought just one food, I collected it from him and shot him a look of disdain, he did not even look at me but walked away.

I placed the food before my teddy bear and said; “Let’s eat this together”.

Even though I knew he can not eat, I still feed him.

” Okay, how can you teach me how come out in flying colors in my exam when you are here behaving like a dummy?” A voice spoke behind me.

I thought I closed the door, how in the world did Sir Richard opened it.

Or…Maybe I forgot.

“It isn’t good to intrude on your teacher’s privacy.” I quickly corrected Sir Richard.

“How do you feel being ny teacher?” He asked, leaning at the entrance

“Like a boss or what? woman! I’m the one paying you, so calm your nerves. And….who in the worlds feeds an ordinary teddy, it can not even eat, this is why I was doubting your capacity to teach me.” He said.

“How about this, you think I’m not capable to teach you cause I was feeding a teddy, but I think I’m capable cause I made you pass your test. Some people won’t feed teddy yet they did not really have anything upstairs.”

“Meaning?” He asked.

“Meaning that, some people that do not feed teddy can be dull too.”

“Does that mean I’m dull?” He asked.

“I do not know if you feed a teddy or not ,but if I was to answer the question liberally, I will say Sir Richard is brilliant, he just seems to be occupied with his business.” I said.

“Don’t flatter me.” He said and looked around.

“I hope you have not brought jerms to my house, you poor people can be really pathetic atimes.” He said as he stared around the room

“Sir Richard, I think we should spend time talking about your studies more than jerms, if you fail , you will keep repeating classes.” I said.

“Why are you so confident….I hate you.” He said and shot me an annoying look.

“Same here, sir Richard.” I lied.

I actually liked him with passion, that was why I had pretended like a robot so I can have the opportunity to live with him.

He set his gaze at me and then shouted one of his guard’s name.

Two men walked in but I wasn’t scared at all.

I had already confirmed that Sir Richard wasn’t a cruel man.

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 12


“Carry her to the tiger’s lodge, I need to deal with her.” He commanded and the two men carried me.

“What! why are you touching her @s-s?” He shouted on one of the men whose hand was on my @s-s.

“It wasn’t intentional sir, it was the most convenient way to carry her.” The guy dropped me and said with a bow of his head.

“Haaa….you are touching the @ss of my tutor before me, you are fired.” He said.

“Yes, sir Richard.” The guy ran out.

He didn’t even plead, what sort of people are these ones.

“You, call another reasonable guy to join you.” He commanded the remaining guard standing.

“Sir Richard, are you this cruel? you just fire him cause he accidentally touched my @ss, is it your ass, sir Richard?” I asked.

“Before you go out and create scandal about me , saying Sir Richard molest people, I better curb it now.” He said.

I hummed and waited for for few more seconds, then two of his guards showed up.

“Why don’t they just lead me anywhere, must they carry me? I fear that you may fire these ones too?” I asked.

“Lead her to the tiger’s lodge.” He ordered and as I took the first step , I paused.

“And what if I said I’m not going?” I asked and a guard hissed and carried me on his shoulder.

As he took few steps to the exit of my room, Sir Richard called out; “Drop her at once.”

I was dropped and I adjusted my cloth.

“I haven’t instructed you to carry her.” Sir Richard said.

“I loathed the fact that she was daring your order, who the hell is she?” The guard said.

He looked bold and outspoken.

“She’s my tutor, I don’t want her to get maltreated so she won’t teach me nonsense.” He answered the guards and then glanced at me.

“Leave us.” He ordered and his guards walked out.

“Come to my room by 1:AM at night, you need to teach me my economics.” He said.

“Sure, hope Sir Richard won’t make any sex-ual advance?” I asked

“Don’t come late.” He said and walked away.

I grinned and went back to my food but it was already cold.

I jumped from my bed and caught up with Sir Richard.

“My food is cold.” I complained.

I’m A Robot For The Charming C.E.O

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 13


Sir Richard turned to me and asked; “How was that my business?”

“You came in when I was eating, your presistent stay in my room made my food cold.” I said.

“What should I do, then? Blow your food till it becomes hot?” He asked.

“No, command your men to serve me and my teddy another food, please?” I requested.

“I already gave order on how your food will be served, nothing is changing that. I’m expecting you by 1 AM.” He said and walked away from me.

I went back inside and carried the food.

“Sorry baby.” I petted the teddy and went to place the food on the table of the sitting room

I want everyone present to know that I did not eat the food.


I walked out of my room with my IPAD ready to go and teach Sir Richard.

I carried my teddy bear with me, I arrived at Sir Richard’s room and knocked.

I knocked severally but it wasn’t opened.
I twisted the knob of the door and walked in.

I saw sir Richard sleeping sound like a baby that had just finished su–king his mothers breast.

I sat at the edge of his bed and placed my teddy before me.

“baby, be my witness. I came into Sir Richard’s room but he was sleeping, nevertheless, I will teach him, I hope he hears my teaching in his dream.” I said and began to teach.

About thirty minutes later, Sir Richard opened his eyes and sat up right but I continued teaching like I did not notice.

“Excuse me , who are you teaching?” He asked.

“You, sir.” I answered.

“Don’t you see that I was sleeping?” He asked.

“You told me to come by 1 AM and I came at the exact time, so as to leave early, I had to start teaching either you are awake or not.” I said.

He folded his arms and said; “Haaa…I’ve employed a crazy tutor, you are not normal right?” He asked.

“I think I am sir, Please listen sir, I’m already in the definition of Price, please listen carefully, sir.” I said and continued teaching while he just kept staring at me.

After few minutes, he spoke up and said; “I wasn’t listening to anything you have been teaching before I wake or after I woke, and what is this teddy doing here?” He asked.

“To be my witness that I had been teaching for the past forty minutes.”

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 14.


Sir Richard snatched the teddy from me and said; “Do you realize I bought this teddy as one of the things to beautiful my house, how can you expect a lifeless lady to be your witness?”

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He stood and walked out, I followed him wondering where he was taking the teddy too.

He took the teddy to the backyard of the house and he threw it inside the furnace.

“Sir Richard!” I screamed.

“Yeah… you might be the next to join it inside that furnace.” He said and I kept quiet.

“Now, follow me and teach me like a sensible tutor.” He said and I followed him back to his room

“I was informed that Sir Richard was not cruel, what you did to that teddy was not fair, air Richard.” I said.

“Will you teach me or I should fire you as my tutor and then report you to the cops?” He asked.

I swallowed and began to teach him.

About an hour later, I said; “I’d like to ask few questions to know if you understand what I was teaching you?”

“Who are you to ask me question, I understand. leave the question aside. “He answered.

“But how do I know that you understand unless you answer my question.”I said.

“You did not have to know. ” He said firmly.

“If you insist, sir.” I said and decided to continue teaching.

“How in the world did you get so brilliant?” He asked.

I raised my head to him and answered; “I read more than anyone.”

“What I hate most about you is your confidence, you are just a poor ordinary tutor but your confidence is what I can not understand, do you fear me at all?” He asked.

“I respect you, sir.” I answered.

“Sir Richard, sorry for this question but is it true that as handsome as you are , you did not have a girlfriend?” I asked.

I have been finding a way to ask that question.

He hesistated for a while before speaking; “I haven’t seen a lady that I can trust my heart with, all ladies are as useless and heartless as my mother.”

“Oh!” I exclaimed and swallowed.

“Don’t ask any more question, and you, do you have a boyfriend?” He asked.

“Please, don’t ask about my personal life, sir Richard.” I intentionally replied.

I was happy he actually asked, now that I know he does not have a girlfriend, I have a hope of being one. I will keep making it look like I’ve got no feelings for him

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 15.


“You can’t even have a girlfriend, you are too lowly to have one.” He said.

“I think I’m done teaching for this night, sir Richard. Can I leave for my room?” I asked.

“You have not taught me anything, woman. Are you dumb?” He asked.

“I have been teaching for several hours, the only teddy that can testify has been killed by sir Richard.” I said.

“Okay , then. I will not include today as one of the day you were to teach me, so your fifty days count down start tomorrow.” He said.

“Okay, then…I’ll continue teaching.” I said and continued teaching him.

After few hours, I was tired but still continued teaching him.

“Aren’t you tired?” He asked.

“No sir, please let’s continue?” I said and wanted to continue teaching but he stood from his bed and walked out.

He came back with a cup of water and stretched it to me; “You should drink this.”

I glanced at the water like I was not thirsty.

“Sir Richard, Do you now care about me?” I asked and he angrily threw the cup of water on the floor.

“How can I ever care about you , nonentity, you are only my tutor and I felt like you should drink water so you won’t faint.” He said.

“I did not ask for water, though. If I need one, I will get up to get it.” I said.

“Oh! go to your room, I’m tired.” He said and sat on his bed.

“No, don’t be a lazy student sir Richard, I will have to teach you for ten more hours.” I insisted and he smirked dryly.

“Guards!” He shouted and two men ran in swiftly.

“Carry her and lock her up on her room.” He commanded and as the two men charged at me, he said; “Wait!”

He came to me and carried me himself to my room.

He then walked out and commanded his guys to lock the door on me.

I wondered why he does not want his guards to carry me.

Am I now in a prison or what?

Now, I do not even have a companion, he has burnt my teddy.

I slept off, I woke and found out that the door had been opened.

I walked out of my room and ran to Sir Richard’s room.

I saw him sleeping.


I closed the door on him too.

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

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Written by Feathers.

Chapter 16


I decided to eat at the dinning today, I sat at the dinning, eating my first meal for the day when Sir Richard came to me with five of his guards.

“Were the one that closed the door on me?” He asked.

“Why would I?” I asked like I was stunned.

He exchange glances at his men.

“If you were the one, I would have thrown you inside that furnace.”He threatened.

” I think I’m the one.” I said and his face heightened in shock.

“You dare lock the door on me?”He asked.

” You ordered your boys to do the same.” I said and continued eating.

I was wondering what he would do to me.

I noticed his guards wallked away, I was not looking up at him but at my food.

He sat before me and placed my two hands on the table.

“Tutor, do you want to die?” He asked and I dropped the spoon I was using in eating in shock.

“Die?” I repeated like I heard the wrong word.

“Oh yeah! Do you want me to kill you?” He asked.

“What will it profit you if you kill me, sir Richard?” I questioned.

“Nothing, which is why I’m still being patient with you. If not that brilliant turors are hard to find, I would have killed you myself.” He said.

“Have you killed someone before, sir Richard?” I asked as I sip in the cup of water before me.

“Don’t ask me silly question.” He said and dragged my food from me.

“What! I’ve not even finished eating. ” I said.

“I ordered my men to serve you seven times a day , must you be satisfied at one meal?” He asked.

“In short , you want your tutor to be starved?” I asked.

He gave me the food back and stood; “My girlfriend would be coming around today, make sure you behave.”

“Girlfriend? thought you said you did not have one?” I asked.

The door opened and a lady ran to hug Sir Richard.

I felt so jealous, just when I was glad that he did not have a girlfriend.

“Who is this?” The lady asked Sir Richard, referring to me.

“My tutor.” He answered the lady and they both walked inside.

I lost my appetite for food immediately and I became gloomy

I stood and walked sadly to my room.

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 17


I was in my room for several hours sad and depressed, I do not like the fact Sir Richard has a girlfriend.

My purpose of coming to his place isn’t to end up as his turor but as someone he would love with passion.

I had loved him with passion a long time ago, I follow him on Instagram and on Twitter.

Not only is he a popular man, he is also handsome.

I read almost every news about him, I tried all my best to reach him but it wasn’t just working.

That was why I pretended like a robot just to have a sneak into him. What gave me hope of being loved by him was the fact that I knew he never had a girlfriend.

It’s so surprising to see him with a girlfriend.

I heard a knock on my door and I stood reluctantly to open it , it was the lady that had come to visit Sir Richard.

“Sir Richard said you are brilliant, please come and teach me mathematics, I’m so poor in it.” She said.

She seems happy while I’m sad but faking a smile.

“You will have to pay me extra money, I can’t teach you for free.” I said.

“You are not so nice….ouch!” She said and turned away.

“Wait!” I said and she turned.

“Are you sir Richard’s…. who are you to sir Richard?” I questioned.

“His sister, why do you ask?” She asked.

“Oh! I’ll teach you.” I said with a smile.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yes, do you come with a textbook?” I asked.

“No, don’t you have one?”She asked.

” Okay, come.” I said and she walked to me.

I began to teach her.

Few minutes later, Sir Richard walked in.

“Baby, why didn’t you tell me you are coming to Edna’s room?” He asked.

He was calling her baby cause he thought I had not found out she was his sister.

“I love brilliant people.” She said and revealed her thirty two.

“Indeed! she can be crazy times, let’s go to bed.” Sir Richard said.

“No ooo, please, she still has a lott
to teach me. ” She pleaded.

“No, you know I miss you so much , come with me.” Sir Richard said and the girl walked to him with a wave of her head.

They both walked out.

I would have been thinking they were clear couples.

Smart Sir Richard.

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 18


I was served another meal for the night but I was already fed, I ignored the food and slept well

Very early the following morning, I decided to take a walk out, I need to perform a little exercise.

On getting outside, I started to exercise. I saw few of Sir Richard’s guards exercising themselves too.

Few minutes later, Sir Richard walked out with his sister.

They were both dressed in tight wears so as to give them the flexibility to exercise.

Sir Richard cane to me and said ; “I think you will be disturbing my girlfriend and I, why don’t you go to the backyard to perform your own exercise?”

I paused my exercise and asked; “Is your girlfriend complaining?”

“She doesn’t have to.” He answered and I nodded.

I went to the backyard to continue exercising, I have ny reasons for not wanting to drag words with him.

About forty minutes later, I was already done exercising, so I went inside.

My first meal were already served, Sir Richard’s sister was the first person I sighted, she ran to me and said; “Why do you leave after we came outside to exercise?”

“Sir Richard said I was so irritating and that I was not worthy to perform an exercise with you.” I lied.

“He really said that?” He asked and turned.

Sir Richard was at that time walking to his room.

“Sir Richard!” The lady called and he turned to her.

“Why are you treating your tutor like this, it’s not fair.” She said and Sir Richard approached me.

“She’s just a tutor serving the punishment of her irrational act, let’s leave dear.” Sir Richard held her hand but she was adamant on leaving.

“Don’t trouble me, baby…do now like her more than you like me?” Sir Richard asked her.

“I’ll come back to play with you.” She whispered into my ears while I only smiled.

Sir Richard dragged her away.

Few hours later, I heard the cries of someone and I hurriedly came out of my room.

“Why are you crying?” I ran towards Sir Richard’s sister and asked her.

“He said my trouble is too much in the house and that I should leave!” She replied.

Two of Sir Richard’s guard approached the lady and escorted her out.

He sent his sister away just like that?

Am I save like this?

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 19


While standing, I heard steps behind me and I turned, as expected, it was Sir Richard.

He was on a white jalamia.

“Any problem?” He questioned.

“I never said there is one sir, but why would you send your girlfriend away just like that?” I asked, still pretending like l had no idea whom the lady was to him.

“Whatever I chose to do with my girlfriend isn’t your problem in any way, you should learn to mind your business.” He said.

I nodded and turned away from him.

“I will be going to lecture this night, I need you to follow me.” He said

“Follow you to do what sir?” I questioned.

“To shit…” He answered sarcastically.

“Don’t be dumb, I need you to follow me to listen to what I would be taught.” He said.

“Why?” I questioned. “Thought my work here is just to tutor you?”

“Of course yes, your work is just to tutor me but to know what to teach me, you must listen to what my lecturers would teach.. I’m so occupied with business, you should know that.” He answered.

I wanted to tell him that his reasons for wanting me to follow him was irrelevant but I decided to swallow that.

I walked to my room and rested. Since I would be going out with him with this night, I must rest.

Later at night, I dressed in a simple gown and walked out of my room, I knew it was getting closer to the time of Sir Richard’s lecture.

I looked around but didn’t seem to see anyone in sight, not even a guard.

Where could they all have gone to at a time like that?

I walked out and saw all of them in white, they were sitting round Sir Richard and praying.

I do not understand what religion they practise exactly but I’ll find out.

I watched them till they were done, Sir Richard stood and painted the forehead of all his workers with a pink pouder.

They then started going on to change to their duty uniform.

Sir Richard was about walking away from their prayer ground when I appeared before him.

“Sir Richard! What religion is this?” I asked but he came to me instead and painted my forehead with that pink powder.

“This powder will cleanse your soul from all evil thoughts and make you not to ever fall in love with anyone.” Sir Richard said.

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 20


I grinned before Sir Richard.

“Is that a joke, sir?” I asked.

“Do you see a smile on my face? don’t be dumb, woman.” He said and begin to walk away from me.

I caught up with him and said; “What is the powder made up of? are you painting the head of all your workers so they would never fall in love?” I questioned.

“Exactly, falling in love is not a good thing, it makes one weak and gullible…we can’t afford to be weak before our fans and our enemies.” He said.

“Really? so, as you anointed me few minutes ago, I won’t fall in love?” I asked.

He turned to ne and said. “You will be leaving me after forty seven days, I couldn’t have forced you to beleive my religion, if you believe it , oh yeah! you won’t fall in love.”

“In short, you would never fall in love till you grow old?” I questioned.

“Till I die.” He answered. “Same with all of my workers.”

“This is interesting, how about babies, you do not have a plan of having one, right?” I questioned.

“I can always get a surroagate when I’m ready, same with my guards but for now, we have better things on desk.” He said.

“Oh! Sir Richard, I will be outside waiting for you.” I said and he nodded.

I walked outside and thought deeply.

Sir Richard looks funny to me, not only does he not want to fall in love, he does not want any of his workers to fall in love too.

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No wonder all his workers are all males.

Sir Richard puts on a calm look because he had just finished praying.

“Get inside.” I heard Sir Richard say behind me and I got inside the car before me.

He also got in and sat beside me.

As the man drives, I was thinking about so many things, someone like sir Richard who doesn’t just determine to fall in love but also backed it up with prayer, I imagine if such kind of person can ever fall in love with me.

“Is there a reason why you wanted to stay away from Love?” I asked him.

“When people ask that question, I remember my stupid mother, don’t ask me anymore.” He said and I nodded.

I wonder what trauma his mother had done to him that made him determine and keep praying never to fall in love again.

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 21


We arrived at Sir Richard’s lecture center, there were so many exorbitant cars parked around, the driver couldn’t see a suitable place to park.

“Seems almost everyone that comes here to teach are all wealthy people? I questioned.

” Oh! you expected me to receive lectures amidst the commoners?” He asked.

“I see…” I stressed and jerked as our car hit anotherr car.

“It was accidental sir, I was finding a suitable place to park.” The driver said to Sir Richard before he could even ask.

“I know, hope we don’t get into troubles with one of these rude students.” Just as Sir Richard spoke those words , a man appeared beside the car.

“You just hit my car!” The man said, his voice was neither loud nor low.

“How much do you want in return?.” The driver asked.

I supposed that it was Sir Richard that was suppose to ask such question, or better still, he should apologize since the man doesn’t look like one that was ready to put up a fight.

“You must be silly, arrogant and rude. All I expected was a simple apology.” The man said.

Sir Richard haven’t spoken a word.

“We don’t apologize in my religion, don’t tell me you come here just to hear the word ‘sorry’. Don’t be pathetic, Mr.” The driver said.

“Fine, since you want it the hard way, I will give you the hard way.” The man whose car was hit said and placed a call across to someone.

The driver also called someone immediately.

The fact that the driver hasn’t spoken to sir Richard during his fued with the man whose car was hit still baffles me.

In few minutes, some jeeps arrived and some men whose faces looked scary started walking towards the car.

Sir Richard didn’t express fear at all, his expression and mood was as calm as a sea breeze.

At that same moment, some white jeeps also drove in and some men walked out.

I could recognize them with their uniform that they were sir Richard’s guards.

I guess those that came in black jeep were for the man whose car was hit.

“Should we make this place bloody?” The driver asked the man whose car was hit.

He look surprised when he saw Sir Richard’s men standing opposite his men.

The man then walked to our side and peeked at Sir Richard and I, he snapped us and walked away.

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

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Written by Feathers.

Chapter 22


“Sir Richard, are you not scared?” I turned to him and ask.

“In our religion, …fear does not exist.” He said the last four words in unison with his driver.

“Fear does not exist?” I asked.

“The man just snapped the both of us, do you have an idea what he planned on doing on the both of us?” I asked.

“I don’t care, he can never be as powerful as me, so put your restless mind at rest.”He said and I sighed.

The driver , finally was able to park the car well.

Sir Richard and I get off the car.

As we waddled to his car , he said; “Don’t stay very close to me, people might think I now have a girlfriend.”

“Oh!” I exclaimed and crossed to the other side of the road.

He paused and turned to where I was.

“Are you crazy? why did you move to the other side?” He asked.

“It’s the only way I can keep distance with you, don’t you get?” I asked.

“Get what?” He asked and crossed over to me.

“I only meant that you shouldn’t walk in such a way that would send a message to people that we are lovers.” He said but I intentionally crossed to the other side of the road.

“If we are like this, people won’t have any odd impression about us.” I shouted.

He shook his head and continued walking.

We finally arrived at his class, he was the first to walk in, he sat at a seat at the back of the class, there was an empty seat beside him.

As I walked towards the seat, a lady who was also a student stood from her seat and hurriedly went to sit beside Sir Richard.

I walked to them nevertheless.

“Stand up.” I said to the lady.

She only eyed me and hissed

“Must you make me angry? Stand the f–k up?” I asked.

“And what would you do, b–ch?” She asked.

“Sir Richard, tell her to stand up.” I said but he did not even turn to me.

Didn’t he tell me to come over to his class to learn what his lecturer want to teach.

“Sir Richard, who is she to you?” The lady asked Sir Richard.

“She is someone better than your generation, get away from here.” Sir Richard said to the lady.

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

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Written by Feathers.

Chapter 23


The girl stood in an embarrassed manner, her face turned sour and she walked sluggishly to her seat.

I then sat beside Sir Richard.

“That was a huge insult there, did she offend you in the past?” I asked.

“Did you come here to ask question or to listen to my lecturer teach?” He asked.

“Fine, I won’t trouble you anymore.” I said and concentrated on the students.

They all seem to be busy with one thing or the other.

The lecturer then walked in.

“Good morning students.” He greeted.

“Morning, sir.” Everyone answered but Sir Richard didn’t utter a word.

I took a glance at him and concentrated back at the lecturer.

The lecturer commenced teaching and after a while, he asked; “I hope we all still remembers what traditional budget is?”

The class only let our a soft murmur.

“Can someone remind us then?” The man asked but no one was willing to answer.

My assumption was that they were all so dull to answer.

“I expected you to stand up and answer that question.” Sir Richard said silently.

“I’m not omnipotent sir” I said to him.

“Oh! If you can not answer this, it means you are not qualified to be my tutor, you are fired.” He said and I furrowed my brow.

“Just like that?” I asked, thinking he did not mean it.

“Oh! yeah…get out before I embarrass you.” He said and I stood like I was ready to leave.

“Do you know what the answer is?” The lecturer asked me.

“Traditional budgeting is the initial system of budgeting that was developed with the main objective of planning how to utilize financial resources of a nation, controlling them and ensuring accountability from the stewards.” I answered and the man clapped happily.

“Perfect!” The man screamed.

“It’s my first time of seeing you, you are so brilliant.” The lecturer said and I turned at Sir Richard.

“Should I still walk away sir!” I asked.

“Sit.” He said and I sat back beside him.

“You are brilliant, I envy your brain.” He said and I blushed.

“You are too irrational, you will fire me just like that?” I asked.

“I need to be sure you are qualified to be my teacher.” He said.

The lecturer walks out after the lecture.

“For answering that question, I will pay you extra $10,000 when you are about leaving.” He said and I nodded.

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO

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Written by Feathers.

Chapter 24


Sir Richard and I walked out of the class after the first lecturer had left.

“Where are we heading to sir Richard?” I asked him.

“It will take another twenty minutes for the next lecturer to come, so let’s sit there for a while.” He said and we walked to one of the empty beautifully designed cemented seats built strategcally in different places in the school.

After we had sat, Sir Richard crossed his legs and brought out a cigarette from his picket.

“You smoke?” I asked him.

“It’s not forbidden in my religion.” He said and lighted it up.

As he wanted to smoke it, I snatched it from him and said; “You would have cancer sir Richard.”

“Okay….hand over the cigarete to me or go to jail.” He said and I furrowed my brow.

I pretended like I wanted to give him and as he wanted to collect it , I intentionally allowed the cigarette fell off my hand to the floor.

“Smart! But I smoke everyday in my room, why do you think snatching this from me makes a difference?” He asked.

“Sir Richard, I’m your tutor, and I…” Before I could complete my sentence, he interrupted.

“You care for me?” He asked.

“No, I only care for you for the remaining forty five days that I will be spending with you, after I leave , I don’t care for you anymore.” I said.

“There are thousands of people caring for me, either you care for me or not does not change anything. If you stop me from smoking in the future , you will go to jail.” He said.

I saw a man pushing a little hawsk or ocd creams around, he was selling it for students around.

“Buy an ice cream for me, please.” I said.

“Why should I? Should I deduct it from the money that I was supposed to pay you?” He asked.

“Yes, deduct it from the bonus of $10,000 you promised to give me…” I said.

“Okay…” He said and I went to the ice cream man.

I bought two biggest ice cream sized.

“Money?” The man asked.

“Go and collect it from that man?” I pointed at Sir Richard and we both walked to where Sir Richard sat.

“She said I should collect the money for ice cream from you sir?” The man asked Sir Richard.

“When I pay her after fifty days , you can collect it from her.” Sir Richard answered the man.

I’m A Robot Do The Charming CEO.

Written by Feathers.

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Chapter 25


“Sir Richard, you can deduct it later but pay now.” I said.

“Oh! that looks like an order.” He said to me.

He then faced the ice ceam man and said; “Young man, this lady here is my tutor and I do not owe her any money yet.”

“I hope you have not torn the ice cream , please return it to me.”The ice cream man requested politely and I handed it over to him.

I sat back beside Sir Richard.

” As wealthy as you are, you can’t buy an ordinary ice cream for me.” I said.

“Am I suppose to ask myself If I employ you so I can be buying ice cream for me or so you can tutor me. ” He said.

I was quiet for a while and was pissed. Not because I was hungry but….why wouldn’t he just buy an ordinary ice cream for me.

“Tell me a little about you.” He suddenly requested.

I pretended like I did not hear and looked away.

“I guess my tutor is having ear problem.” He said and I turned to him.

“Ear problem?” I asked. “I can hear you clearly, I just didn’t see any reason to answer you, sir.”

“Seems you have found a job somewhere else.” He said.

“Answer my question.” He further asked.

“Why are you interested in my life, there is nothing you must know about me, mine is to teach you, yours is to learn.” I said.

“I will buy the ice cream for you freely if you tell me about you.” He said.

I smiled and hurriedly went to invite the ice cream man over

After he had arrived before Sir Richard, I said; “Sir Richard, how many should I take?”

“Tell me about you, firstly.” He requested.

“No, you buy an ice cream firstly.” I said.

“Get anyone you like.” He said and got just one ice cream from the ice cream man. It was of the biggest size.

I was not even sue it I would be a able to take it, ice cream isn’t really my favorite drink.

“So tell me about you?” He requested but I kept drinking.

“I’m waiting.” He said but I continued drinking without saying a word.

After few minutes, he said; “I’m waiting, woman.”

“Let me enjoy my ice cream, sir…please.” I said and continued drinking.

I had dicided not to tell him a thing about me.

I’m A Robot For The Charming CEO.

Weitten by Feathers

Chapter 26


“Are you trying to play smart?” He asked.

“…By refusing to tell you about my personal self? Sir Richard, you should respect my privacy, plus why do you have to know something about me?” I asked

“I thought you told me that If I could buy the ice aream for you, you would tell me about you?” He asked.

“I changed my mind , sir.” I answered.

“Lying is a crime in my religion, now that you have deceived me, you will be punished greatly when we get home.”He said.

” I can’t wait.” I answered and drank the ice cream more.

He shot me a look that seems to ask if I was crazy or something.

I attended all the lectures with Sir Richard after which we returned home.

It was around 3AM at night and I was feeling so sleepy.

“Hey! Remember I told you that you will be punished for lying?” He asked as soon as we got down from the car.

“I am weak and tired Sir Richard, I need to sleep.” I said weekly, my eyes were puffy indeed.

“I don’t care….bring her to the holy ground.” He commanded his men and his men led me to a space in the compound of the house that they pray.

I was made to stay at the middle while they surrounded me.

“This lady here is my tutor but she lied, she decieved me and now, she would be punished severely for such cruel act.” He said.

“Yes, Master.” They all echoed and bowed.

I wonder what punishment I would serve just for refusing to tell him about my identity.

Sir Richard walked away and came back in a white gown, he was holding a plate that contains a pink powder.

He approached me and dipped his hand inside the powder first before rubbing my lips with it.

“May your lips be anointed not to lie anymore.” He prayed and they all echoed; “So shall it be.”

“May you speak the truth and the truth only.” He said again and rubbed my lips with the powder.

He then buried my cheecks in his palm, he raised my head up like he wanted to kiss me.

He brought his lips close to mine and bite my lower lips gently.

“Is that my punishment?” I asked in surprise.

“Yes, you can leave to your room. Go and lie no more.” He said and I only grinned.

Sir Richard is a joker.