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On The Lioness Tail. Episode 17

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Episode 17

Kaya was worried of how to help the remaining nine sick villagers.
She intends to heal Salabi and Lili with the remaining tekah that Yuri brought back after using a drop for Maya’s husband to get well.

Lili was almost at the verge of giving up the ghost and Zain has totally loose all hopes.
She cried her eyes out as she watch her only child dying.
She was hopeless and had given up.

She had prayed to the gods to be merciful but even the gods has turned their back on her.

Everything was happening so fast, the shock that hasn’t left her yet is about Chief Dre.
The news of him coming back from the dead had not only gone round the kingdom but even to other kingdoms.

Chiefs from both neighboring and distance kingdoms traveled all the way down just to see and believe.
It was widely believed that his second daughter, princess Kaya brought him back to life with the help of a leaf called tekah.

They said tekah leaf is hard to get and anybody that is able to fight the lioness in the cave and get the tekah is a hero.

Kaya is mentioned by almost everyone in the village of how she did not only bring her father back to life but also healed her grandmother and all the children in the camp before the tekah finished up.
Now she is looking for cure for the rest of other villagers.

She has become the pride of the land.
A great Lady to reckon with.

Fathers and also mothers were begining to value their daughters because of Kaya.

They said “whatever a man can do Kaya can do better”.
Her bravery is incomparable.
Her kind of strength can’t be measured. She beats down five men that attacked young girls in the village and ever since then crimes and evil deeds has drastically gone down because most of them fear Kaya.
Any man that tries to challenge her or look down on her because she is a woman will be thoroughly dealt with.

She was beautiful and wise.
And the most important part that villagers are still in bewilderment is the way she was highly favored by the gods.
She was a seer and has the ears of the gods.
Even when she is away the gods reveal everything going on in the kingdom to her.
Kaya lashes out at both young and old. They say she has an unbridled tongue that cut deep into the skin of the offender.
She never lacks word to say when the situation arrives.

She has become a saviour to many homes, marriages and most especially women.
Her girls camp is the first in Zukumo kingdom and some parents who rejected their girl child before are coming to the camp to claim them back.

Kaya did not make it easy for such parents, she makes them go through different trouble before they could get their daughters back.

She made one of the men who was sorry for neglecting his family, by throwing his wife and two daughters out of his home.

Kaya made the man to marry his wife all over again, he has to buy a full box of materials for his wife and his daughters.
He also went on his knees to ask his wife and daughter for forgiveness.

It was after the man completed everything that Kaya asked of him did Kaya release his family to go home with him.

different tales as such which was why she has become the people’s heroine and a godsent to women not only to Zukumo kingdom but generally.

Kaya took the remaining tekah to Salabi and the woman became well again.

She went down to see Zain who was scared on seeing Kaya.
She has been hiding from everyone and does not even know how to look Opa and her husband in the eyes.
The chief’s presence scares her greatly just like Kaya also terrifies her.

Seeing Kaya now makes her crawl up close to a wall.
She wondered if Kaya has come to torment her for all the evil things she did.
Zain wiped a tear from her eyes.

Kaya didn’t pay attention to her as she went straight where Lili was laid and put the last drop of tekah in her mouth.

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Zain was stretching her neck and watching from where she was.

After sometime, Lili sneezed out loudly and stood from the bed.
Zain screamed in total shock, she couldn’t hold back her emotions as she fell to the ground and began to worship Kaya.

“Please stand my Lady, thank the gods and not me. I only follow their instructions. If they decides not to spare my sister’s life because of your evil deeds neither I or anyone can do otherwise. And if the gods decides to punish us all for our bad deeds none will be spared. But beware that your iniquities will always stare back to you…it has become part of you and will remain so. Every evil deed against another soul will not be erased. The gods has favored you by giving Lili another chance to life. Is an undeserved kindness from the gods, the god of this kingdom deserves your gratitude and not I.

Kaya walked out after speaking to Zain. She did not stand from the ground, but cried her eyes out as she realized that indeed the gods has pitied her and sent Kaya to her aid despite how unworthy and undeserving that she was. her only child is well again and is something she cannot take for granted.

After then Zain made up her mind to confess her faults maybe she will find solace in her soul.

After days turned into week she approached Opa, since she couldn’t face her husband.
She knelt with tears in her eyes to ask Opa to forgive her and to also speak to Chief Dre on her behalf.
Zain also pleaded with her to ask Bambira to forgive her too.

Opa was baffled at Zain’s confession.
She knew Zain has a hand in the husband’s illness just like Salabi warned but she never knew Zain went so far in trying to also poison Ivan after succeeding with Bambira who never likes her
It was too much for Opa to take in at once. she couldn’t think straight or come in term with the reason Zain with Mario wanted to wipe the entire family out.

Opa asked Zain to give her time to digest her confession because it was too much to take in at once.

Forgiveness as such doesn’t come easy and she will be lying and deceiving her if she admit to have forgiven all her faults just like that.

Dre and Kaya were mostly seen together as he continued teaching her all the things she needed to know because the hand writing of Kaya ruling Zukumo kingdom was becoming very clear to him.

Kaya also visited Bambira, the elderly woman was the happiest person alive to see that Dre was considering Kaya for a chieftain.
It was a thing of joy to her as she showered Kaya with praises.

While still troubled on how to get help for the nine remaining sick villagers, she decided to pay Mario a visit.

Immediately Romo saw her approaching, he ran right back into the house.

Mario asked him why he was running and he told him that he saw Kaya within the compound.

Mario and Tira, his second wife rushed out to see for themselves.

“What are you here for? Did your father send you to come and beat me up because I have heard how you go about beating up people. Be warned because my son will deal with you if you try to mess up around here. You are only held in high esteem by some gullible villagers. This gullible set of people thinks you are a heroine. A woman heroine… please, spare me such pathetic tale because it has never been heard off. Is unfortunate that you brought your father back to life and he decided not to announce it but to scare us all to death. Tell me, what sort of a leader will do such…no leader will scare his subjects like your father did. It was generally believed that he was dead, immediately he recovered and bounced back to health the first thing an intelligent chief will do is to inform the entire village and to debunk the rumour of his death. Instead of doing that he appeared to us like a ghost and I almost broke my waist bone while running for a cover thinking he’s a ghost. Your father is not fit for the title of a chief, he has proven that already so, a new Chief supposed and will definitely take over and that chief is none other than…

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Somebody interrupted from the background.
Everyone turned to the direction of the voice.
They were surprised to see Salabi walking towards them fearlessly.

“Kaya!! The next chief will be Kaya and it doesn’t matter if you agree or not but this particular hen, beautifully made in human form will rule Zukumo kingdom and if you are alive to witness that day you will become part of her subjects.

Mario began to laugh sarcastically.

“Salabi, you have indirectly become a bitter woman but I understand your plight of not having a child. Female children are not acknowledged so I won’t really count them in. You had three female children and I don’t recognize them as mine because they belong to another man ones they are married off. Romo is mine and he will rule Zukumo kingdom. A male child is the pride of the father and also of the land. May the gods forbids that a woman should become a ruler of any sort. Never seen or heard off. A woman has not be given the privilege to guide or rule even the smallest of kindreds in a village…not to talk of ruling an entire kingdom. I will rather die than to witness such ridiculous thing on earth…

Salabi retorted.

“Then prepare to die my lord because is going to come to past.

Mario boiled angrily at Salabi’s word. he turned to face Salabi

“For such statement, you from this day cease to be my wife. Park your things and your remaining hen of a daughter that is yet to be married. All of you should leave my house this instinct. Salabi you have dishonored me and took side with my enemies. You have washed your dirty linen outside whereby disrespecting me as a husband. I cease to have anything to do with you…. you cease to be my wife. The only wife I recognize is Tira. She is my one and only wife. Salabi return to your father’s house and never acknowledge me as your husband ever again.

Mario was expecting Salabi to start pleading but instead she began to laugh.

“You are just waking up from your slumber my lord. I have been a single mother for years and has already come in term with the fact that I have no husband. You ceased to be my husband long time ago, I didn’t want to make it official but I’m glad you finally did. After surviving from whatever you and your so called “recognized” wife did to me… all thanks to the gods who through Kaya brought about my healing, after coming out healed and hearty I have taken the bull by the horn to face whatever comes with a tightened fist. I curse the day our path crossed. Is better i had a drunkard for a husband than old evil man whose hunger for power has clouded his reasoning.

Salabi turned to Kaya and bow her head in greeting, spiting her husband the more.

“All hail chief Kaya, the great wise Chief of our time, the beautiful hand made of the gods, rightfully chosen to redeem Zukumo kingdom from evil people. Your days are long and may your leadership bring about the great change that we have been clamouring for.

Mario tightened his fist and bite his lips. He took two steps towards Salabi, Kaya came to stand in front of him daring him to take another step.

“I actually came here to give you a serious warning concerning my people, most especially my father. If by any chance my father cough, had a common cold or complain of headache I will hold you responsible. I joke you not my lord, I will tear your skin into pieces, dry it under the sun and throw it to the swine to feast on.

Kaya spoke every word with anger in her voice, scaring Mario who felt the heat.
He took several steps away from her.
Romo hide behind his father’s back.
Tira tried not to look at Kaya’s face because the whole atmosphere became scary as she threatens Lord Mario.

Kaya turned and looked at Salabi before saying with a smile.

“Thank you for honoring me my lady, you and yours alone is blessed of the gods. There is enough rooms in my fathers house. I will send maids to fetch your things while I speak to my father. That change you hunger for is around the corner. You will live to see it and I promise you this day that you will be among the people stationed in my right hand on that day. Evil will not prevail in Zukumo and any one intoxicated with power will not smell the throne of the great Chiefs of Zukumo kingdom.

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Salabi turned and looked at Mario and Tira with a smile cornered on one side of her mouth.

As Kaya turned to leave Mario found his voice and said.

“This is not the end, don’t think you have won yet because the people with me are far more than those with you. No reasonable man will ever want woman as a leader. Kaya if you are that powerful and has the ears of the gods like is generally believed why haven’t you found a solution to the remaining sick villagers? Few days from now they will start dropping dead one after the other. If they die, every of your supporter will see how self centered you are. You came back with a mighty tekah leaf as is been heard off but instead of helping those critically down you used it only for your family and neglected the other villagers. How selfish can you be. And aside that, why haven’t you gotten married? No man will want to marry a woman with a razor kind of tongue. a disrespectful and rude woman in unmarriageable. No man will want a woman like you which explains why you will remain single for the rest of your life. And talking about ruling, you can’t be unmarried and assume the title of a chief. I have found a wife for my son. The only thing remaining is for him to officially be announced as the next chief of Zukumo kingdom. You won’t be able to beat that Kaya. Everyone will soon know how selfish you are by healing only your family and leaving the rest of the villagers to die. Nobody will want a leader as such. Go home and think about what I just said. I have you right where I want you Kaya…

Kaya ignored him at first but suddenly turned and said.

“Remember everything I said to you lord Mario. You will be digging your own grave if you dares hurt anyone close to me again, which includes Salabi, who has ceased to call you her lord from this day.

Salabi gave Mario another annoying smile, he made a fist to the air wishing he can lay his hands on her.

While Kaya went into deep thought over how to heal the remaining villagers, she continued praying to the gods to spare their lives like he did for others.

Chief Dre was busy making arrangements for men that will be suitable for Kaya. A good husband that will befit her was what he was looking out for without Kaya knowing.

One of the Chiefs from another kingdom visited with his second son, prince Dhaki.
After chief Dre introduced Kaya to them, prince Dhaki fell in love with her immediately.
He tried to get acquainted with Kaya. As they moved about talking, Kaya found him to be intelligent and caring which was one of the attributes she admires in a man but she was distracted during the whole conversation as her mind continued traveling back to the sick villagers.

While all this was going on Yuri was on a serious journey to the most dangerous place. The lioness cave where the tekah leaf is found.
He was going to pay the lioness another unwelcomed visit and he prayed to the gods that he won’t be torn into pieces by the beast.

He needed to prove to Kaya that he seriously loves her and will do anything to prove that.
He hasn’t told Kaya yet about his feeling due to how her mind was occupied.
Neither did she know that he was on a journey to get another tekah for here.

All she kept talking about during the little time they spent together was how to get a cure for the remaining sick people and it worries him greatly.

Yuri doubled up his weapon and journeyed down to the cave to get more tekah for Kaya’s people and he prays that the gods will favor him so he will return back in peace and not in pieces.