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Pregnant at 18. Episode 15

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????PREGNANT AT 18????


????????BY CRYSTAL????????

???? EPISODE 15????

????JUSTIN’S POV????

I got to my secret house to find Rose and Sydney tied up

I should have known.”You were in this too”I said calmly looking at Sydney

She nodded nervously…I took my gun out and they shivered in fear

I chuckled seeing them like that.”So you have nerves to kill but you are scardy cats”I said smirking at them

“Anyways I won’t waste my bullets by killing useless people like you two”I said cocking the gun

“But if you get near my family”I said and shoot the wall times two

They screamed and I smiled ..”That will hit both of you”I said and gave my security the gun

“Let them go”I said and walked out

I just realised killing both of them will be a waste of time so threatening would do

I got in my car and drove home..Soon I got there to find Emily crying on the bed

Geez!!Why did I come back…i ran my hands through my hair and sighed before going to bed

“Wife to be”I said as I hugged her from behind

“You are a killer”she said and I chuckled

“Really??”I asked smiling and she nodded…She has lot of water in her eyes. Like seriously she is always smiling

“Who did I kill?”I said wrapping my hands around her waist

“My cousin”she said and I chuckled

“I didn’t kill your cousin I just threatened her”I said and she quickly faced me

“Really?”she beamed in happiness and I nodded smiling

She faced the front and I burried my face in her neck

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“I love you”I said and took my hand on her chest to feel her heart beating fast

????️EMILY’S POV????️

My breath siesed as he said those words.

He has never told me that and it makes me feel butterflies in my stomach

He chuckled “I love you”he said again making me smile and feel those butterflies again

“I love you too”I said shyly and covered my face with my plams

He started laughing “Look who is shy”he said and I burried my face in his chest

“Stop talking or I am going to flog you”I said and he chuckled

“Come on let us lay down”he said and drugged me to the bed

We laid down and cuddled….We just stayed quiet

“I miss you”he said and I raised my brows in confusion

“But I am right here”I said laughing nervously

“You know what i mean”he said”what do you mean?”I asked playing with his hair

“This”he said and before I could say anything I felt his hand in my private part

A moan escaped my lips….We were still kissing when the door broke open to reveal miss Carter

“Don’t shift the womb”she said and I immediately burried my face on his chest because of shyness

I heard Justin chuckle “We won’t”he said and I hit him on his chest…

Miss Carter laughed and walked out

Justin tried kissing me but I covered my mouth

“Why did you do that”Justin asked looking at my face

“I am not interested anymore”i said sitting down

“But I am hard already”he pouted like a baby and that is when I felt the urge to puke

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I quickly ran to the bathroom and puked… I was still on my knees when Justin walked in

“Are you okay?”he asked worriedly while I flushed the contents

“Yeah”I said and rinsed my mouth

“Let us go then”he said kissing me before holding me by my waist

“I want fried chicken”I said rubbing my tummy

“I will tell the maid then” he said and tried walking away but I dragged him back by his t-shirt

“The baby said it must be prepared by you”I said sternly

“Come on…”he whined like a baby

“You don’t love me anymore?”I asked as tears fell from my eyes

“I love you but I am tired”he said and I went to the closet

I took my clothes and put them on the bed

I then took a bag”What are you doing”he asked looking at me in confusion

“You don’t love me because I am fat…So what do you think..I am going home”I said packing

He started taking the clothes out while I took them in

We continued like that till we both gave up and sat on the bed breathing heavily