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Pregnant at 18. Episode 20

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????PREGNANT AT 18????


????????BY CRYSTAL ????????

????EPISODE 20????

????JUSTIN’S POV????

I stopped laughing when I realised that Emily was giving me a deadly glare

“Mommy,daddy it was nice seeing you… Justin let’s go”she said and embraced her parents who were still shocked by her actions

“Aren’t you going to explain yourself first”her dad asked

“No daddy I have something more Important to do”she said smirking at me evily

I felt like I could pee at myself..I am actually scared of Emily more than mom

“Wife to be let us stay for more few minutes”I said smiling nervously

“I want to do something important”she shouted almost bringing down the whole house

“Go before she eat us”her dad said and we all chuckled

“Pregnancy hormones”her Mom whispered into my ear and I chuckled

“Heard that!”Emily shouted”Okay mom and dad bye”i said and hugged them

They accompanied us to the door and returned back

Emily walked infront of me angrily.I was so nervous like what is her punishment

I smirked as I thought of a plan”Emily”I said but she didn’t turn back

“Valentine”I said as we almost got to the door

She didn’t even turn to spare me a glance

“Wife to be”I said and she turned immediately

“What!!”she spat out..Oh so she likes it when I call her that

“Are you done smiling?”she asked rudely

“I love you”I said and she smiled wildly but quickly covered it with a frown

“You are so ugly when you frown”I said and she kept a straight face immediately

“Better”i said and she half smiled and hugged me

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“He turned his back on me”she whispered lowly in my ear

“Love is blind sweetheart”I said and I felt her smile wildly

“What happened to wife to be”she chuckled as we disengaged the hug but I still put my hands on her waist while she put hers on my shoulders

“Didn’t know you liked it”I said seductively and she blushed heavily

“I don’t like your pet names”she said and I chuckled and kissed her

“I still want my Ice cream and bliss biscuits “she said as we disengaged

“You will never change”I said and we chuckled as we went to the car
Written by Crystal


????EMILY’S POV????

“You look beautiful”my other mom which is Justin’s mom said

I blushed heavily before replying”Thank you”I said as I admired myself in the mirror

I actually looked more beautiful
“This is what my mom gave me on my wedding day it has been passed for generations..Make sure you pass it to my grandchild on her wedding day”she said and put a crown on my head

I gasped as I saw it…It was pure diamond

“Thank you”I said and embraced her as tears threatened to fall from my eyes

“You don’t want to ruin your make up right?”mom said grinning besides us

“Yeah thank you”I said for the second time

“No problem”she said in French accent and we all laughed

“Ready”dad asked as he entered…I nodded nervously

I tugged my hand on his and we walked out

“Don’t be nervous Valentine..Just smile and feel free”he said

“Okay dad”I said and smiled

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I got to the entrance and all people stood up

A song started playing in the backround

We walked slowly till we got to where Justin was

He looked more than a demi god…I was actually drooling..his hair was styled differently

“You look hot”he whispered and I smiled more wildly that my cheeks started hurting

I couldn’t believe I was getting married to this hottie infront of me

“Before we start is there anyone who object that the wedding must continue?”the pastor asked and I became more nervous

“I object”two voices said at the same time

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