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Dream High. Chapter 1

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T.H.I.E.F (Dream High)

An India love action story….

Chapter 1️⃣

???? Queen Aishwarya (Part 1) ????

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.

???? Authoress Pov ????

It was 7am in the morning.

Two people were seen practicing in the large palace compound with swords. Princess Aishwarya who was practicing her sword skills with one of the palace guards stopped when she saw her father and mother coming out of the palace castle.

“Papa where are you going?” Princess Aishwarya asked as she saw her father dressed in his King attire together with her mother who was wearing a white long siree.

“I am going for a meeting to meet the rest of the King’s to discuss the improvement of India.” King Padas replied to his daughter.

“Can’t they come here Papa, I have a bad feeling about today, please don’t go anywhere, you can shift the meeting tomorrow.” Princess Aishwarya said.

“If it were that easy, I would have done so but it is not my child. I will try and come back early today. And don’t forget Prince Khan will be coming today.”

Princess Aishwarya could only nod her head. “Let’s fight Papa.”

King Padas smiled. “Of course, today I will teach you the Royal fight of this kingdom.” He told his daughter.

“Darling, there is no time, you are going to keep the King’s waiting.” Lady Meera said to her husband.

“Let them wait, I rule over them and if playing with my beloved daughter will make them angry, well, it’s their fucking business.” King Padas told his wife who huffed out in anger and walked towards the fleet of cars parked in the car garage and entered the one they will be going with. King Padas told the guard who was practicing with his daughter to pass him his sword, which the guard gladly did.

He taught Aishwarya the royal sword moves for close to thirty minutes. “Only a true Maharaja can do this sword move. It is in our blood and if you show this sword moves to the world, they will know you belong to the Royal family of Maharaja.” He told his daughter. “Hope you are happy sweetheart?”

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“Yes Papa. When coming back buy me vanilla ice cream.”

“Okay.” He kissed her on the forehead then left her to go and meet Lady Meera.

Aishwarya went inside the castle to bathe and wait for her previous handmaid, Mehek, to bring her breakfast.

Three Hours Later….

Prince Khan arrived with his Royal large carriage. A dirty looking young boy was pushed out of the carriage and he quickly placed his hands and knees on the floor for prince Khan to come down. His back served as steps.

Prince Khan, a young handsome boy of fourteen with dark hair and eyes, steps out of his carriage and cleans his boots on the dirty slave back before he steps down.

He was welcomed by the guards and he went to meet Aishwarya who was standing outside the castle corridor.

“Who is he?” Aishwarya asked, pointing at the dirty boy who hadn’t stood up from his position.

“His father couldn’t pay the money my Pap lend him so he exchanged it for his son. So he is my slave.” Prince Khan replied nonchalantly.

“Hey bring him to me.” Princess Aishwarya told one of the guards who went to drag the dirty boy to meet them.

“Greetings your highness.” He greeted her with his head bowed low.

“What’s your name? I am Aishwarya and you?”

“I have no name, your highness.” His voice was cold.

“And why does he not have a name Khan?” She asked returning her gaze to the Prince.

“My princess, he’s just a slave, we don’t give slaves names.” Prince Khan replied proudly.

Aishwarya held her anger and face the dirty boy. “Carry your head up.” She ordered and the boy did as told, his face was hardered with hatred. He hates royals. Aishwarya smiled at him, not moved by his cold stares. “From now onwards, your name is Rohan.” She told him and faced the guard who brought him. “Take him to meet Aunt Mehek to run a bath for him. Get him nice clothes and throw away the rags he is putting on.” She ordered the guard.

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The cold look on the boy’s face faded to be replaced by a surprise look as he was being taken inside the castle.

“He is my slave and I will do whatsoever I want with him Princess.” Prince Khan said, getting angry.

“And your kingdom is under my kingdom Khan. The road of my kingdom, starts from the entrance of humanity, passes through the areas of mercy and honesty and ends at the door of the heart. Your heart, Khan, is locked to all these so you will not understand the pains his type are going through.” Princess Aishwarya said, “Let’s go in and talk.” She added and turned and entered the castle without waiting for him.


A Few Hours Later…

Towards evening…

Prince Khan tried to contain his anger when he saw how his servant was being treated better than him. The clothes given to him made him look more of a Prince than a slave and that provokes him the more. In fact Mehek and Aishwarya gave more attention to his slave than him.

“We shall be going now my Princess.” Princess Khan said, forcing himself to smile.


“Don’t forget our engagement is in a few day’s time.”

“I won’t Prince Khan.” Princess Aishwarya said and walked the Prince and Rohan to their carriage.

Prince Khan entered first but Aishwarya stopped Rohan before he entered. “I haven’t known you for long Rohan but don’t forget this kingdom is always open for you at any time, okay?”

“Thank you, your highness.”

“Call me Aishwarya.”

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She smiled, her name sounded so beautiful on his lips.

“I will see you soon.” She told him and watched as he entered the carriage.

She watches as the carriage leaves the palace compounded before she enters the castle to wait for the return of her Papa.

That night, two news greeted the ears of Princess Aishwarya.

One was a bleeding Rohan who had so many cuts on him. Once he saw Aishwarya, he fainted and the second one was the death of her father.

She ordered Mehek to start treating Rohan immediately as she faced her mother who was bleeding from her right hand and forehead. Her white siree was now bloody red.

“Impossible Mama, how can Papa die?”

“We were ambushed on our way back after the meeting and we were attacked by unknown men Aishwarya.” Lady Meera said in tears. “They killed him.”

“Can I see his body Mama?”

“They cut him many times, Aishwarya, it’s a horrible sight.”

“That won’t stop me from seeing him Mama.”

“Okay, you will see him tomorrow.”

Early the next Morning Mehek went to Aishwarya’s room to wake her up.

“My princess, your mother and the king’s are in the meeting room.”

“What? Without my consent or me sending for them?” Aishwarya said in fury and stood up from her bed. “How is Rohan?”

“Still sleeping, my princess.”

Aishwarya left her room for the palace meeting room.

Three guards followed her.

She opened the door pausing every discussion going on with the five kings of India, the treasurer and Lady Meera.

“Aishwarya, I thought you were sleeping.” Lady Meera said in surprise.

“How can you start a meeting without my consent Mama?” Aishwarya asked her mother as she stepped inside the room and went to meet her mother. “Or don’t you know that when the people of a kingdom celebrate without the permission of the King, then that is the first sign of rebellion.”