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Dream High. Season 3 Chapter 2

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???? Ganga and Ashwini (Part 2)????

An India love action story….

Chapter 2️⃣


Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

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Continuation From the Last Episode:

“Whether she is planning something dangerous, I will always be one step ahead of her. And even if she is strong, that was then Aunty, not now, you can’t use the past to judge this present, she just doesn’t know what I am capable of. I have done nothing bad against her so if she wants a fight, then she will have it to the fullest.” Ashwini said to Mehek.

“I know, but all the same Ashwini dear, just be careful. We can never tell what Ganga is planning right now.” Mehek told her. Ashwini wouldn’t understand how dangerous Ganga is.

“I have heard you Auntie, I will be careful.” Ashwini said that to ease Mehek worries.

“Great, so what should we do to stop her?” Mehek asked worriedly, staring at the three in front of her.

“I don’t know yet Auntie, she hasn’t made any attack yet so I am going to pretend as if I didn’t receive this letter.” Ashwini replied and collected the letter from Rohan and tore it off and threw it to the floor. “If she wants to threaten me, let her do it to my face, then we shall talk with fist.” Ashwini added as she smacks her hands together.

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Getting up to her feet, “Fine, just be careful, I am going home now to meet Bobby, I have stayed too long.” Mehek announced.

“I will try to pay you a visit, but not now, we are still preparing the funeral of the dead king’s and Prince Khan.” Ashwini said

“I understand you dear. I will call you on the phone once I’m home. Take care of yourself and don’t stress yourself and your baby.” Mehek said, kissing Ashwini’s forehead tenderly.

“I won’t Auntie.” Ashwini said and they hugged themselves. Mehek left with Amol afterwards.

Ashwini sat down and closed her eyes thinking.

“So what should we do now, I don’t want to lose you again?” Rohan asked, going to sit next to her and holding one of her hands in his.

“I don’t know Rohan and I am not going anywhere soon. Ganga just puffed out from nowhere when I finally thought it was over, and threatened me. She is scared of me.” Ashwini responded.

“Whether she is scared of you or not, I don’t want you to get hurt, remember you are carrying our child, so I don’t want you to get hurt.” Rohan told her.

Facing him as she stared into his eyes, “I can take care of myself Rohan, I am strong, you haven’t taste my fist yet.” Ashwini said and sigh afterwards. “I am just scared of you, Auntie Mehek and Amol.” She added.

“Why?” Rohan asked. “Why are you scared?”

“She might start from you guys just to hurt me, especially you. With what was written on that letter, it shows she has eyes on you. I just want everything to be over so that I can be with you.”

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“Everything will be over soon I promise. Once the king’s are buried we shall get married that same week, how do you see it?” Rohan said he awaits Ashwini’s reply with a shaking heart.

“Good, I can’t wait to be your wife.” Ashwini answered with a smile. “But seriously speaking, we need to find a way and stop Ganga, I don’t even know what she looks like, I will probably ask Aunty Mehek if my parents still have her picture. I didn’t even know I had a sister until today, and the worst part of it is that my mother has been trying to tell me something but I don’t understand her, her words are like a puzzle I have to solve, solving it will give me the answer I need.”

“You’ve met your mother?” Rohan asked.

“Yes, some days ago, there was a hidden room where she kept her dark magic, Auntie Mehek showed me and I was able to get into the room and see her.” Ashwini responded, remembering what she has seen in the room.

“Who did you see?” Rohan demanded.

“My mother, she told me a lot of things, things I am yet to understand.”


Unknown Place:

A beautiful redheaded was seen standing in the middle of a once beautiful sitting room but now burnt.

Ganga closed her eyes as she listened to the conversation between Rohan and her younger sister.

What could her mother tell her sister?

Meera couldn’t find her the last magic Flamebound kept by her mother before her death.

Could this hidden room be where the Magic Flamebound is?

Amar appeared before her and bowed down and presented something filled with blood on his hands, his both hands were covered with blood.

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“My mistress, I did as you ask, here is the heart of Meera.” Amar said.

Opening her eyes, she stared at Amar, even though he has dark skin, he was very handsome, too bad he isn’t Rohan.

“Thank you Amar, you have always proven to be useful.” Ganga said with a smile as she collected Meera’s heart. “Finally, I will be free!”