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Dream High. Season 3 Chapter 1

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T.H.I.E.F (intermission)

???? Ganga and Ashwini (Part 1)????

An India love action story….

Chapter 1️⃣


Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Ashwini couldn’t believe her eyes, she re-read the content again, slowly this time around, and quickly dash inside to meet with the others.

“Who was that?” Mehek asked as soon as she saw Ashwini.

“What’s wrong Ashwini?” Rohan demanded when he saw the look on Ashwini’s face.

Ignoring Rohan’s question as she stared squarely at Mehek, “Who is Ganga?”

“I don’t understand you Ashwini, who was that at the door?” Mehek said, standing up to her feet, confused by Ashwini’s question.

Waving the letter in front of her. “Someone who calls herself Ganga wrote this letter and in it she calls me her sister.” Ashwini explained.

“Let me see it.” Mehek said and Ashwini gave her the letter, Mehek read it quietly and she gasped out loud in shock. Her loud gasps prompted Rohan and Amol to stand up to their feet and went to meet Mehek, going through the letter.

Mehek sat down still in shock.

“Is there something you are not telling me Auntie Mehek? I have this feeling you know who Ganga is, so tell me what I don’t know. Is she truly my sister?” Ashwini asked Mehek.

“Yes Aishwarya, she died before you were born.” Mehek replied.

“Don’t tell me a dead person sent that letter to me.” Ashwini said. “She is threatening me and she says she wants Rohan, whoever she is, I am not backing down without a fight.”

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“I thought she died.” Mehek said, still in shock. “I personally saw Ganga’s body being burned, this is confusing, how?”

“How what Auntie? That she survived or that the dead body you burn wasn’t hers?”

“I know what I saw Ashwini, your mother and your father, we were all there, I can never forget the face of princess Ganga, what I don’t get is how she was able to deceive us.”

“What actually happened to her Auntie Mehek? I need to know about her, gosh I can’t believe father never told me I had an elder sister.” Ashwini said.

“It’s a long story Ashwini but I am going to tell you the shorter version. Your mother was a dark witch but gave up her old ways to live with the man she loved, she gave birth to Ganga who possesses the same powers as her. At a young age, Ganga wanted to become the King of India, it was a tough challenge for your father. How can a child of 10 years old drag a throne with you? Her madness became unbearable and your father build a house in an isolated place on one of his lands and with the help of your mother, they lock her up in the house, your mother casted a strong spell on that house which prevent her from coming outside, Meera was asked to look after her.” Mehek paused.

“So what happened?” Ashwini, Rohan and Amol asked in unison.

“Then all of a sudden, fire burnt down the house and her dead body was brought to your father and mother. We believed she killed herself and set the house on fire. Your mother decided not to allow such dark powers to possess any of her children, so she removed all of it and locked it up. Then she had you and died afterwards mysteriously. Your father watched you grow, we all watched you, to see if you possessed her dark Magic but you proved us wrong. I am sorry I kept it away from you, we never brought Ganga up because we believed she is dead.” Mehek concluded her story.

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“That means my sister and Meera are birds of the same feathers, whichever way, I will kill her if she dares cross my path, she told me we will meet soon, I am patiently waiting for her to show up.” Ashwini said after Mehek had finished telling her story.

“Ganga is strong Aishwarya, please run away from her.” Mehek pleaded.

“Auntie, you’ve forgotten who I am too, my mother’s blood runs through my veins, I am not scared of Ganga, let her come.”

“You still don’t get it Ashwini.” Mehek said and stared into her eyes. “Who do you think crowned the late King’s? Ganga is like a poison, think, she allowed Meera to die just like a chicken that means she is up to something dangerous.”