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Dream High. Season 2 Chapter 12

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???? The Plan (Part 12) ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 1️⃣2️⃣


Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode:

“Just like Mehek, you now have the guts to talk back at me.”

“If I had known you weren’t my biological mother years ago, I would have burned you with my acidic tongue, but it’s never too late, what I am just giving you here is a tip, I haven’t opened up the entire can yet Meera.”

“You don’t know who you are dealing with, child, I will advise you to stop fighting a losing battle.” Lady Meera said. “Because you won’t know what hit you, I am very dangerous, the most dangerous of all.”

“Just like you had killed and stabbed my entire family on their backs? Sorry sweetheart, I am not like them.” Ashwini said. “And you should know that if you are dangerous, I am the worst among them.”

At that moment Prince Khan re-enter the ward with doctor Amol and Rohan following behind him.

“Let me quickly rush back to the palace to put things in order before you come with your bride.” Lady Meera said to Prince khan and left the ward, and did not answer nor acknowledge the greetings of Amol and Rohan’s.

“You have been discharged my love, you are going home with me right away.” Prince Khan said happily.

Prince Khan walked over to Ashwini’s side and wanted to carry her in his arms but she pushed his arms away from her, not too gently.

“I can walk you know.” Ashwini said with a huff, helping herself down.

“I know you can walk my love, I’m just scared so that you won’t faint again.” Prince Khan told her.

“Thanks sweet for your concern, but I am okay.” Ashwini said, standing up to her feet. “I am fine, let’s go home.” She added.

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“Thank you doctor’s.” Prince khan said shaking hands with them and led the way out of the ward, when Ashwini passed Rohan, she quickly gave him a peck on his lips and followed Khan to the car he came back with.

“What happened to your car, the one I normally see you drive?” Ashwini asked when she saw another car parked inside the hospital premises instead of the one Khan’s drive to her house.

“Didn’t the doctors tell you anything?” Ashwini shook her head sideways. “Well someone blew up my car with a bomb, I think the person’s intention was to kill me and you when we are in the car, but they did not succeed thanks to doctor Rohit who had delayed us.” Prince khan replied by opening the door for her to sit and then walking over to sit in the driver seat.

“Okay, that was a narrow escape.” Ashwini said knowing fully well who would have done it. Like seriously Arjun, bomb is what you came up with? “Please let’s stop at Bobby’s house so that I can see my mother and tell her I’m perfectly fine, she would be worried.” She added.

“Of course my love, anything for you.” Prince Khan said, driving out of the hospital premises and head for Bombay.

Stop calling me your love, I am not your love!!

Ashwini yelled out the words inwardly as she forced herself to smile when Khan turned to smile at her.

“So are we officially married or not yet?” Ashwini asked.

“Not yet, we will have to fix another date to redo our vows, a small gathering this time around.”

“Well that’s fine by me.” Ashwini said. Though it’s a pity you will fix the wedding but you won’t live to attend it, you would be dead by then.

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They pulled up at the gate of Bobby, by now the guests had gone back to their various homes. The only ones remaining are the palace guards. The burnt car wasn’t there but Ashwini could see the marks. Horning once, Bobby’s gatekeeper, quickly opened the gate for them.

Rushing out of the car, Ashwini didn’t wait for Khan before she ran-walk inside the house to meet Mehek in her room.

“How are you feeling?” Mehek asked once she saw Ashwini and hugged her.

“I’m good auntie Mehek.” Ashwini replied, returning the hug affectionately.

“I heard the good news, Amol texted me.”

Ashwini smiled.

“I am so happy that Rohan is the father of my child.” She told Mehek in a low tone. “I came with Khan, he is taking me to the palace.”

“Okay, just be careful around his father.”

“I am not talking about Goa palace, I am talking about my palace, the Maharaja palace, that’s where I and Khan will be living from now henceforth.” Ashwini said.

“Meera has seen my identity and going to Maharaja palace is like you are challenging her, though I challenged her.”

“Yeah, she came to meet me in the hospital and we talked without punching each other face, she should be happy that I was sitting down.”

“Ashwini, can’t you stay in Goa palace instead of going to Delhi. Meera is dangerous and would do anything to kill us a second time.”

“This is a revenge time, and I am going to my palace not just because of my revenge for the people who had offended me, but because you told me of my mother’s secret passageway. I want to see it, and that is why you should come tomorrow so that you can show me and I will take it up from there.” Ashwini told Mehek.

“It’s not as easy as you think, Meera’s is watching.”

“Auntie, I managed to survive that night. I will not waste my life living in fear, besides I want everything and everyone to taste their own medicine before my pregnancy begins to show up. Khan wants us to redo our marriage and I will kill him before the date.”

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“Okay, I will visit you, there is no need to hide my face from Meera anymore since she knows about my identity.”


“I have to go now mum.” Ashwini said walking towards the room door but pause and turn her head to look at Mehek. “And be careful of Arjun, I think he was the one who had placed that bomb on Khan’s car to kill the both of us but luckily, Rohan delayed him.”

Mehek opened her mouth in shock.

“So just be careful around him.” Ashwini told her and waited until Mehek had nodded her head before she left her room.

Before she could head for the stairs she saw Arjun who was climbing up the stairs, he blocked her way.

“You look beautiful Ashwini.” He said with a smile.

“Thank you Arjun, now would you excuse me, my husband is waiting for me.” Ashwini said with a smile of her own.

“He is not yet your husband, in case you have forgotten, you didn’t complete the seven steps before you fainted.” Arjun reminded her.

“And how did you know that? Because last I remember, you weren’t here.”

“Have got eyes and ears, my love and…” He said closing the distance between them. Ashwini stood to her ground and glared at him, he touched her cheek gently as he smiled coldly. “….I know a lot of things about you, more than you do yourself, and that is why Ashwini, I am not giving up on you. No one will have you, not even Rohit and when the time is right, I will personally use my hand to get rid of that thing in you.”