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Dream High. Season 2 Chapter 11

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???? The Plan (Part 11) ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 1️⃣1️⃣


Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode:

Bombay City:

Lady Meera was taken aback but was quick to regain her composure. “I see you now have the wings to threaten me, you don’t respect me at all.”

“You started it first Meera, this isn’t like twelve years when I was under you, I am no longer under you. You will only get my respect once you confess to your crimes but if you don’t, Aishwarya will make sure you get your punishment.” Mehek said.

“We shall see who gets to laugh last.”

“I am already seeing you, what more do I want to see Meera?” Mehek said.

Lady Meera didn’t say a word, she left Mehek and went to her car. By the time her driver had reversed the car, the guards had managed to get the fire under control.

Mehek released the breath she didn’t she was holding. She was taking a big risk challenging Meera and she wondered if truly Meera has magic like Aishwarya’s mother, because if she does, Mehek won’t be standing where she is, unhurt.

Mehek made sure her face was well covered before she returned back to the house.

“Please dear ignore whatever Lady Meera had told you.” Bobby was at her side the minute she stepped into the house.

“I know she was lying, I mean how can you have a hand in the death of the King Padas and princess Aishwarya, you have a good heart and I find it hard to believe.” Mehek said.

“Thanks for believing in me my love.” Bobby said and kissed her forehead tenderly. “Now that Ashwini fainted, the vows aren’t complete, that means she is not fully married to the prince Khan.”

“Yes.” Mehek said in a worry tone as she became worried about Ashwini. “I wonder why she fainted.” She added. “Excuse me, I have to change my clothes and rest, it has been a stressful day coupled with the fainting of my daughter.”

“No problem my dear.” Bobby said and Mehek left for her room.

She quickly texted doctor Amol and asked him about Ashwini’s health and Amol texted her back, telling her what actually made Ashwini faint and about her pregnancy.

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Sitting down on her bed as she quickly deletes the messages. “Aishwarya is pregnant for Rohan.” She whispers the words to herself in surprise.


Punjab City:


“He is gone.” Doctor Amol said once he enters the ward Rohan and Aishwarya are. “But he will be coming back, though I don’t know when.” He added.

“Thank you for everything, I appreciate it a lot.” Rohan thanked him.

“I know you would do the same for me if the case was reversed.” Doctor Amol said with a smile. “I just texted Mehek to tell her the good news.”

“Thank you.”

“I will leave you alone with your bride, I will alert you once the prince arrives.” Doctor Amol told Rohan and left the ward.

Rohan went to the bed and gently placed his hand on Ashwini’s clothed abdomen. He couldn’t believe it, it sounded surreal to him, “We are going to have a baby, together.”

At that moment Ashwini opened her eyes and when her eyes locked with Rohan, she smiled.

“So glad the first thing I see is you hotshot.” Ashwini said before she stared around her and she realized where she was and sat upright, Rohan hand didn’t move away from her stomach, returning her gaze back to Rohan. “Why am I in the hospital?” She asked.

“You fainted and we quickly brought you here.” Rohan replied.

“I fainted? Why did I faint?”

“Stress and you are pregnant with my child.”

“I’m pregnant?” She asked, placing her hand on top of his.

“Yes you are pregnant with my child Ashwini, this changes everything. I am not allowing you to carry out the plans anymore. We will do it my way, my style.” Rohan told her.

“Rohan, I am so happy that I am pregnant for you, but this is also my fight. My plan is the easiest way to get back at them quickly. I will be fine, we must carry on with my plan. I have come a long way to give up now, heck, I even pretend to be happy all through the marriage.”

“I once lost you Aishwarya, I don’t want to lose you and my child, Never.”

“And you won’t lose anyone, I am assuring you my love. Once I am in their midst, everything is over for them.” Ashwini said, staring deeply into Rohan’s eyes. “They’ve cut as much as they wanted, it’s now my turn to cut.”

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“Okay, I trust you. But you should make it quick before everyone gets to know you are pregnant.”

“Have you told auntie Mehek yet?”

“Doctor Amol had told her, they are the only ones who know about your pregnancy.”

“Good, anyways, all these talks.” Ashwini said, bringing Rohan’s face closer to hers. “Just made me more horny for you. I want you right now.”

“We are in the hospital and Khan will come anytime from now.”

“Then let’s make it quick hotshot, you don’t want me to be sex straved when I am with Khan? Think about it.”

“Someone might see us or barge in on us.”

“Well you can lock the door.”

“But you are weak, you just fainted a few minutes ago.”

“Well as long as it’s you, I am not weak. It’s your call or I will demand sex from Khan, just a quickie.”

Rohan quickly went and lock the door of the private ward to avoid interruption and was quickly on Ashwini, removing her red seree and they had sex.


Goa Palace:

“I said that you shouldn’t marry that girl now look at the embarrassment she had brought upon us, upon my name.” King Sanjay blew hotly at his son.

He had left Bombay when some of his guards were trying to put off the fire.

“Dad it wasn’t her fault, she was stressed and fainted.” Khan defended Ashwini.

“Indeed, now we have to fix another date for the wedding and your coronation.” King Sanjay said. “Just dump the girl, I don’t even know what you saw in her in the first place.”

“Dad I am not leaving Ashwini and neither am I dumping her, she is the one who I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

“Okay, fine then, it is your choice.”

“Yes dad my choice. I am going to check on her at the hospital and bring her here.” Prince Khan said and left the palace before his father would say a word.


Punjab Hospital:

“How are you doing my love?” Prince Khan asked.

“I’m fine now, sorry I fainted on our special day.”

“It’s fine my love, I am just happy you are awake now.”

“Yeah and me too.”

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“So, I will get you discharged today and take you to my palace.”


“No what?” Khan demanded in surprise.

“I am not following you to Goa palace, if it is not Maharaja palace then forget about me.” Ashwini told him with a pretend serious face.

“But I have not been crowned the king yet.” Prince Khan said.

“Exactly, but you are the crown King, the one who will sit on the throne soon. You have every right and decision to stay in Maharaja palace. I want to stay there, if not, just forget about me.” Ashwini told him.

“….” Whatever prince Khan had wanted to say was cut off by the opening of the door as Lady Meera walked in.

“Your father called and told me she is awake.” Lady Meera said with a fake smile but Ashwini could see through that fake smile of hers.


“Now that she is here, tell her.”

“Tell me what?”

“Umm, my bride wants us to live in Maharaja palace and as the crown King who will wear the crown of India soon, I hope you shall grant my request.” Prince Khan replied.

“Very well, the both of you are much welcomed to live in the palace.” Ashwini wasn’t expecting Lady Meera to give in that easily so she was a bit surprised.

“Thank you, let me quickly go and meet doctor Amol.” Khan said and left the ward.

“I know who you are.” Lady Meera said.

“Congratulations on finding out my identity, I’m afraid India won’t be giving you a badge.”

“You escape death once but you won’t be so lucky next time, you are coming to my lair where the real hunting begins.”

“You mean my palace? You should just watch your back Meera because you won’t know where your enemies would strike from.”

“I will kill you and just like last time, you won’t know, and where I’m sending you there you won’t have any need to breathe.” Lady Meera said.

“Listen and listen carefully to me Meera. I will keep an account of every blood drop that drops from your body when I beat you Meera, I will keep your last breath locked in my fist. I will hit you so much that your body will feel the pain while you live and your soul will scream even after you die.”