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Dream High. Chapter 10

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T.H.I.E.F (Dream High)

An India love action story….

Chapter ????

Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

???? Authoress Pov ????

The taxi driver drove them out of Delhi and continued driving until they got to a bus station.

“Stop us here.” Mehek told the driver who applied the brake immediately.

Mehek came down, and made sure the little clothes Amol had brought for her and the Princess was safely tightly around her waist then, she carefully carried Aishwarya into her arms and made to leave, but the voice of the driver halted her.

“Wait a minute ma’am.” The driver said coming down and stretching out her arms to give her some few rupees.

“Why are you giving me money?” Mehek asked in surprise.

“I know you don’t have money with you to buy you and daughter something to eat. So just In case you are hungry, use the money to buy something for yourself ma’am.” The driver replied.

Mehek collected the money from him and thanked him and waited until he entered his taxi, turned and drove off, following the same road.

Mehek used the money the taxi driver had given her and paid for a seat.

She entered the large bus. The bus finally left the station after it was filled and soon dropped Mehek in a remote small village.


Palace of Indian:

Lady Meera and the five king’s were seen seated in a round table.

They were at the palace meeting room where they and Aishwarya had a minor argument some weeks ago.

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“Your son is still young to rule over India so I will be in charge until he has come of age.” Lady Meera told them.

“He is not too young, Lady Meera, my son is fifteen years of age. He can rule over India if crowned.” King Sanjay said.

“Fifteen years you say and Aishwarya was nine before her death. If we crown your son, don’t you think that would make the people start talking. They may think you and your son had killed the Princess just to rule over India.” Lady Meera told King Sanjay.

“She is right, King Sanjay.” King Baabul said. “After all, she didn’t say she wouldn’t give the throne to your son. She said let him be of age before the throne can be passed down to him.” He added.

“I hope you keep to your words Lady Meera for if you think you can be able to outsmart me, then you better think again.” King Sanjay told her.

Lady Meera rolled her eyes then leaned forward, her dark eyes glowing red. “Is that a threat I hear? Be careful King Sanjay, you don’t want your other arm off, do you?” She told him her eyes going back to normal before anyone would notice.

“This was our plan from the beginning, to kill Padas and his daughter, Aishwarya so that my son will rule over India as they are already betrothed and everyone in India knows about it. But now…..you are changing the plan we had laid out from the beginning.” King Sanjay said.

“You have your kingdom don’t you? Khan can rule there for now until he reaches the age where he can sit on the throne of Maharaja and rule India. If I were you, I would start making him study everything about books and laws of Indian.” Lady Meera said cleaning her nails from dirt. “We killed them so I have no interest in ruling India King Sanjay, so breathe and go and prepare your son.” She said in a dismissive way.

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“Okay, I will do as you said.” King Sanjay told her.

“Now, I will invite the treasurer tomorrow the increase the people’s tax.” Lady Meera said getting your from her chair. “This discussion is over, as you all know, I am mourning my beloved daughter, so good night.” She started crying and left the meeting room.

The king’s left afterwards entering their cars and headed back to their various Kingdoms.


The driver, a 50 year old man, who had dropped Mehek at the bus stop drove fastly towards the spot he had heard the cry for help.

He stopped the car and came out of the taxi, entering the forest.

Luckily for him, the voice was still crying for help. With the voice, he was able to trace the young boy on the ground and carried him back to his car, careful not to add more injury to the young boy’s burned skin since he was naked and drove off.

He stopped his taxi in front of a small lighted bungalow house ???? and a woman in her early 40s came out from the house to meet him.

“Who is this?” She asked as she saw her husband carrying a boy in his arms who smelled like burnt cake.

“Someone who needs our help dear.” The driver replied as he entered the house with his wife. “Call our family doctor, tell him to come right away and that it is very urgent.” He told his wife who went to do as told.

He gently placed the young boy on their bed and covered his lower half as his wife came to meet him carrying a bowl of water and a little towel with her.

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The boy who had appeared before Rohan was seen entering a deserted house.

From the doorway, he kneels down.

“I was able to make him accept the offer my Lady, I made it look as if he died truly.” The boy said. “I dropped him off in a forest where I knew he would get some help.” He added.

“You did well Amar, everything went according to my plan.” A feminine voice was heard as she appeared before him. “Stand up.”

She stretched out her two palms and stared at it as Amar stood up to his feet.

He saw the changes in her face and decided to ask.

“What is it my lady?”

“Somehow, Aishwarya is alive.” She said still staring at her palm

“But I thought she was dead.”

“Yes and magically I can still feel her heartbeat. And what’s even stranger is that I can’t trace her. Whoever had brought her back to life must have hidden or locked her scent.” The feminine voice said and faced Amar, tearing her eyes off her palm. “Find him (Rohan), through him we shall get Aishwarya. Their Fate is sealed but now I control his Fate.”