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Dream High. Chapter 13

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T.H.I.E.F (Dream High)

An India love action story….

Chapter 1️⃣3️⃣

Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

????️ Writer Pov ????️

Kamdareem Village:

One Month later….

Mehek removed the bandage from Ashwini’s face a month later as Doctor Amol had told her and was pleased with her new beautiful look. Truly, she’d resemble the dead girl picture Amol had shown her when she left Delhi.

Because of how hardworking Mehek was, the old kind lady, who was a widowed, decided to be paying Mehek every month from the gains she makes from her tea shop.

Two Months Later, Mehek registered Ashwini in the only school in the village and Ashwini studied hard to make her mother proud. She was very intelligent.

Mehek couldn’t ask for more as she and the Princess were hiding and living just fine in the village but, her happiness was short-lived when she noticed something….

Few days ago, Mehek noticed whenever she coughs, she coughs out blood.

With the little she was able to save, Mehek went to the village hospital were she ran some series of tests, it was revealed she has Hemoptysis and it will take a lot of money to cure it and since she doesn’t have such amount of money, neither the amount the treasurer had given to her was half the amount the doctor told her, she left the hospital quietly.

She hid it from Ashwini and did not want the girl to be worried. She did not even tell the old woman, Rena, about her health issue. She kept it a secret from them.

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On the sixth Month Mehek had been living in Kamdareem village, tragedy strike.

Rena died and since she had no child to claim her property, her husband’s younger brother who is in his early 50s and who lives in Goa city came and took over the properties.

He lusts after Mehek and tries to get her to his bed which she refuses. When he saw how adamant she was on her stand, he chased her out of the house.

“Mark my words and this day, Apu, one day just one day, you shall regret chasing us.” Mehek told the man before she picked up the little bag which contained her and Ashwini clothes and left.

An old beggar, who Mehek had always been kind to by giving her free tea, took pity on her and made Mehek leave with her in an old mud house which looks like it would fall at any moment.

Mehek cooks, cleans and sweeps for people who are living fine in the village and they give her little rupees which she uses in feeding all three of them and paying Ashwini school fees.


“Warn your stupid daughter to stay away from my son.” Kanak warned Mehek who was with Ashwini.

“What did my daughter do this time around Kanak?” Mehek asked.

“She gathered few of her classmates including my son to beat up her seniors who talked about her patch up uniform.” Kanak replied.

Mehek stared at her daughter. “Is that true Ashwini?”

“They were mocking my school uniform mother, that was why I attacked them.” Ashwini replied nearly crying.

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“And you formed a gang and went to meet them?” Mehek asked again.

Ashwini nodded her head.

“Next time Ashwini, go alone.”

“What?” Kanak shouted as Ashwini stared at her mother in shock.

“Go alone and fight them. Show them you are not scared of them, show them you have a royal blood running through your veins.” Mehek said coughing out, putting her mouth on a dirty piece of rag to prevent her daughter from seeing the blood coming out from her mouth. She stopped coughing as she cleaned her lips and removed the rag before speaking. “If you have the courage that thousands of people are standing behind you, then you’ll win one battle. But if thousands of people become courageous because of the fact that you’re standing before them, then you’ll win the entire world.”

“I can see you and your daughter are newly running mad.” Kanak said. “Just warn her not to come any closer to my son again.” She added and left Mehek.

“Don’t mind what she is saying Ashwini, don’t let anybody no matter his or her status to intimidate you.” Mehek told her. “Anyways remember you are bigger and above them.” She added.

“Why do you say that mother?”

“With time, you will get to know my dear.”

Five Years Later….

A rich widower with two children, a boy and a girl, Arjun (17) and Taru (14), came to Kamdareem Village to investigate some lands.

Bobby, the rich widower, took interest in Mehek and even told her and when Mehek refused his advances, he traced Mehek down to her house with his goons.

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“I am a single mother sir and I don’t want any relationship.”

“See my dear, there are two ways I do my things, either with plead or with force and normally I use the second one a lot. Beneath your dirty face I see beauty. I want you and I am not taking no for an answer.” The man said threateningly. “Think before you reply me, if you still say no, by tomorrow night you will be in my bed and I will have my way with you in which ever way I want and every single day that passes, the ball is in your court.”

“I have Hemoptysis sir and my daughter-” Mehek began but was interrupted abruptly by him.

“Don’t worry my dear, I will have you treated and make you and your daughter life beautiful, just say yes to my proposal.”

Mehek had no other choice but to agree.

A week later, Bobby came and picked up Mehek and Ashwini from Kamdareem Village to Bombay where he introduced his two children to Mehek and Ashwini.

Seeing Arjun was like seeing the sun foe the first time. He was very handsome. His dark brown short hair and brown eyes brought out his roguish look.

At that moment, Ashwini falls in love with him.