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Dream High. Chapter 14

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T.H.I.E.F (Dream High)

Ashwini Beginning

An India love action story….

Chapter 1️⃣4️⃣

Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

????️ Ashwini Pov ????️

When I saw Bobby’s son approaching us with a girl, my heart skipped a was love, I know it. I am in love.

He was handsome and I was happy my mother accepted to marry Bobby.

She had told me they met when she went to clean a house and have been friends, their friendship took a new turn when they fell in love.

Being in love is a good thing so I agreed to her marrying Bobby and now he has brought us to live in his house. His house was big and beautiful.

His was huge with an upstairs inside the living room, at the left side of it.

“This is my elder son Arjun.” Bobby said, bringing me out my thoughts.

When he smiled at me and my mother, I died and returned. His smile brings out his handsome face more.

“And my daughter, Taru.” He said as he pointed at the girl besides Arjun who sent us a smile.

Taru was lucky that she is Arjun’s sister.

“And this Meera, your new mother and this is her daughter, Ashwini.” Bobby said, introducing us.

“Hi Arjun, Hi Taru.” I said with a wave of my right hand which they returned.

“Hello Ashwini.” They both said in unison but I paid more attentively to Arjun.

My name on his lips was good. I was in cloud nine.

“Arjun, you and your sister should show Ashwini to her room while I take Meera around the house.” Bobby had said and before he had completed his statement, I was already at Arjun’s side.

“Let’s go.” I told him grabbing his right hand and swinging it to the air as I climbed the stairs as if I was the owner of the house. He had no other option than to follow me with his sister.

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He tried to remove his hand from my grip and I refused to let go.

Doesn’t he like me?

We reached the top stairs and Taru who quickly rushed to our front started leading the way. The entire up contained four doors.

“This is my room.” She said pointing at a door, and that is Arjun’s room.” She added pointing at another door.

“Who has the one in their middle?” I asked.

“That’s your room.” Taru replied to me. And pointed at the fourth door. “That’s my father’s room.” She added.

“Where are we, I mean, where am I going to bath?” I asked Taru.

“The bathroom is inside your room.” She replied.

“Okay.” I said with a smile even though I don’t know what bathroom is. Where I live with my mother and the old woman, we bathe outside when it is night and toilet in the bush, so bathroom was a new word to me.

I release my hold on Arjun. “I will see you later.” I told him as he hurriedly left my side as if I smell or something related to that and entered his room without a word.

Taru also left me and entered hers.

I finally entered the room given to me and I must say, my room was big. I saw another door in my room and when I opened it, I saw a lot of white things and I quickly closed the door.

I went to sit on the bed, it was so soft and it smelled nice. The bed was bouncing and I climbed on it and started jumping up and down on it. I will wait for my mother to come so that she will explain what those white things I saw in the other door are.

“Ashwini.” My mother’s voice stopped me right in my tracks and I came down from it.

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“Everything in here is so big mum.” I said.

My mother nodded her head and went to a giant something I did not notice before, opened it and dropped my clothes in it. “This is called wardrobe, where you put your clothes.” She told me and went further to explain everything in the room.

“What about that door mum.” I said.

She went to open it and gesture for me to follow her.

“This is a bathroom.” She told me and also explained how to use everything in the bathroom.

“Thanks mum.” I thanked her.

“You are welcome Ashwini, so I want to ask, being in this bathroom, don’t it remind you of something?”

“Something like what mum?” I asked as I switched on and off the tap, fascinated by how the water gushes out of the tap.

“Oh well, nothing.” She said. “I will be with Bobby, in case you need anything, ask Arjun or Taru, okay?”

“Okay mum.” I replied and waited until she left my room and continued jumping in my bed.

One Week Later, Bobby was kind to register me in the same school his daughter goes to. I was in the same grade as his daughter, Taru.

It was later I got to know that Arjun had stopped school for reasons best known to him and his father.

He brought me the same phone his daughter was using but different color and a different set of phone for my mother. I nearly died of happiness the day he gave me the phone pack. My mother was kind enough to teach me how to operate it.

I only stored Arjun and my mother number on it.

He took us shopping and brought us a new set of clothes. I was now dressing like his beautiful daughter, Taru.

One Year Later….

My love for Arjun grew but his handsome self couldn’t notice me. I have graduated from calling him Arjun to ‘My Darling.’ he just didn’t care the name I called him as long as I am out of his way.

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I know he knows my feelings for him but he chooses to ignore me. Was i hurt by his rejection? No, in fact my love for him grew more.

I made sure I sit closer to him whenever we are in the dining room to eat or inside the car when he is taking his sister and I to school.

Bobby doesn’t go to work or any office, he stays at home. Then how did he make so much money?

I pondered.

Though I noticed something odd between father and son.

Every Saturday night, when it is almost 10pm, my darling and Bobby will leave the house and return on Sunday morning.

I noticed this and pointed it out to my mother one day at the kitchen, she was cooking our dinner.

“Just mind your business dear. You are living fine and how they run their things shouldn’t be our problem.” She told me. “Just focus on studying hard to win the scholarship to study law in America. Taru is reading hard to win the scholarship and you are here asking me questions that don’t concern us.” She added.

But my stubborn and curious self wouldn’t let it slide. I have to find out where they are going every Saturday night.

So on the next Saturday night, I had bid everyone good night on the pretence of being tried. I went to my room and waited until they had all gone to their rooms before I sneaked out of my room and out of the house, opening the boot of the car they normally use every Saturday night and closing it a little.

I was in the car boot for almost three hours dying of sweat when my darling and his father came out of the house.