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Dream High. Chapter 2

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T.H.I.E.F (Dream High)

Queen Aishwarya

An India love action story….

Chapter 2️⃣

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.

???? Authoress Pov ????

“And who is the King we have to seek permission first?” One of the King’s, Baabul, asked the little girl.

“Me, but in my case, I am your Queen?” Princess Aishwarya fired back. “I am the true daughter of my late father, and you all will show me your respect. I will let this slide but if this repeat itself again, I will give each one of you such a death, which is not written in any books of law and neither would have ever been imagined by anyone guilty. Just dare me.” She added, speaking exactly like the way her late father speaks that puts fear in the heart of his subjects.

It was during the time India had no president so the country was ruled by six king’s.

King Sonu Maharaja 1, was the first King of Indian and thus, the other five king’s came under his command.

The rest of the King’s rule Indian but before they would carry out a business or some works, they needed the signature of Maharaja.

The Maharaja kingship stayed in his generation until his great great great great great grandson, Padas Maharaja (Aishwarya father) became the King as the only child and son of the previous late King. No girl child was born until Padas Reign.

“I can’t believe a mere nine year old girl is warning me to my face.” King Veer said and Aishwarya faces him.

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“A crown is not worn on those heads who are scared, King Veer, for your information, I am not scared and I will surely get to the root of finding my father’s killers.” Princess Aishwarya told him and went to sit on the seat her father normally occupied if he had sent for the King. Her seat was next to her mother.

“Aishwarya, know how you talk to your elders, they are your seniors and should be respected. This was not how I trained.” Lady Meera said sadly.

“Mama, I wasn’t rude to anyone. I am only telling them the truth.” Princess Aishwarya said. “Anyways, since I am here now, you can go.”

“What? Are you sending me out?” Lady Meera asked in shock.

“No Mama, I am not asking you to leave, I am politely telling you to leave. Now you should be sending out the police to investigate Papa’s death instead of sitting down here. I am only helping you to represent you in this meeting Mama.” Princess Aishwarya explained herself.

“Okay, thank you my dear.” Lady Meera said with a charming smile then stood up and kissed her daughter’s forehead tenderly and left the meeting room.

“Let the meeting start.” Princess Aishwarya said and faced the kingdom’s treasurer. “And why are you here Mr Guma?” She asked the old man gently.

“I was asked to come, my Princess.” Mr Guma replied.

“Why?” Princess Aishwarya asked with curiosity.

“They want me to increase the taxes for the people, my Princess.” Mr Guma replied truthfully.

“How much are the taxes?” She asked.

“20,000 rupees every month my Princess.”

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“Well.” Princess Aishwarya said pausing a little bit to choose her next words. “Send out a written note to everyone in India that they will be paying 500 hundred rupees from now henceforth. I will investigate if you carry out my order or not, you may leave.” She added as every king stared at her as if she had insulted them all, only the treasurer smiled.

“Thank you my princess, may you live long.” He praised, stood up from his seat and left the meeting room with a joyful smile.

“Princess Aishwarya, you may not know this but from the taxes the people pay we use it to build the roads, schools and so much more for the betterment of India.” King Baabul said and the rest of the King’s nodded their big heads in support of what he said.

“If I may ask you King Baabul, how many schools, hospitals and roads have you built?”