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Dream High. Chapter 5

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T.H.I.E.F (Dream High)

???? A Twist in their Fate (Part 3) ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 5️⃣

Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

???? Authoress Pov ????

It was the shout from Rohan that brought Aishwarya attention to the blood coming out from her mouth.

She tried cleaning the blood which couldn’t stop flowing.

“You shouldn’t meddle with our affairs Princess, so sad you will die here.” King Sanjay said.

“I will kill you all.” Aishwarya said standing up to her feet.

???? It was only your memories which repeatedly came back to me ????

“I know the next thing you will want to do is shout ‘Guards! Guards!! Arrest them.” Lady Meera said mockingly. “But don’t worry my dear child, I will help you do just that.” She added with a smirk and shouted at the top of her lungs. “Guards!!!”

The door to the penthouse burst open and all the guards came inside, about thirty of them. The penthouse was large and accommodated them easily.

“Now, look at them careful Aishwarya, do they look like guards to you?” Lady Meera said. “These are the assassin’s who had killed your father and now they are here, dressed in the uniform you are used to, to kill you too. I and the rest of the Kings planned and killed your father.” She added. “Dying from that poison, isn’t death at all Aishwarya, I want to see you cry and begging for death.”

“Why are you doing this Mama, what have I done to you?” Aishwarya asked as tears flowed freely from her face. She started coughing out more blood.

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“You will not understand my pain Aishwarya, but when you meet your father, ask him that question.” Lady Meera said. “Kill her.” She ordered the guards as they start to approach Aishwarya, drawing out their long sharp swords.

Rohan was up to his feet together with Mehek as they blocked Aishwarya with their body.

“Oh, I had forgotten about these two little flies.” Lady Meera said. “Kill them along with her.”

“I don’t want that street brat to die, he will die in my hands. I have planned his death.” Prince Khan said.

“Leave the smelling boy and kill the woman and Aishwarya.” Lady Meera ordered.

“Do you know how to fight?” Mehek asked lowly to Rohan, Aishwarya heard her.

“No aunt.” Rohan answered.

“Then we are going to d-” Mehek didn’t get to complete her words when one of the assassins tried to stab her but Aishwarya surprisingly knocked the sword from his hand and stabbed him.

“Oops, I have forgotten. Aishwarya isn’t a mere Princess. Be careful around her if you don’t want to die.” Lady Meera said. “I want to watch a good show.” She added.

The assassin’s rushed at her at once.

Mehek was hit on her head hard and she fainted, though the wound from her head brought out blood.

???? Don’t bring the thoughts that you would go away forever ????

Using her left hand, Aishwarya grabbed one of Rohan’s hands tightly and fought the fake guards, ignoring the blood running freely from her nose and mouth.

They were skilled fighters and so was Aishwarya.

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She managed to kill ten before she directed her sword to the table; the five king’s and Lady Meera with Prince Khan were seated and aimed for King Sanjay’s neck. The king barely dodged his neck but the sword cut off his left arm.

His scream distracted everyone and Aishwarya and Rohan ran outside.

They started running Aishwarya leading the way as they heard running feet behind them.

Aishwarya stopped running and began coughing out blood as she couldn’t breathe well.

“I am feeling dizzy and weak Rohan, you go on, run as fast as you can and hide. I will try to hold them as best as I can.” Aishwarya said weakly as the footsteps grew closer. She collapsed on the rough ground.

“I can’t leave you here alone Aishwarya. I can’t. Let’s run away together.” Rohan said as he scooped her into his arms and started to run. He didn’t know the direction but he kept running. Everywhere was quiet except his running feet.

He suddenly came to a halt when he saw the path In front of him was blocked by Khan. Coming out from the trees around him were the fake guards.

One of the guards came and forcefully dragged the weak Aishwarya from Rohan tight arms.

They turned and headed back to the penthouse. Rohan was dragged by his legs by two of the fake guards as they walked back to the penthouse.

???? Why is our fate so cruel ????

Reaching the penthouse, he saw Lady Meera and the five king’s outside waiting for their return.

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The guard who had carried Aishwarya threw her on the ground. The painful moan from her shows she was still breathing.

The two guards holding Rohan legs let go of it and force him to his knees, holding his hands and legs.

King Sanjay who ignored his bleeding cut off arm and went to where Aishwarya was and started using his legs to kick her hard.

“Father use this.” Prince Khan said, giving his father a big stick.

Collecting the stick from his son, he used it to hit her on her head multiple times until he was satisfied.

Prince Khan made Rohan watch. Rohan start crying and tried to wriggle his hands from the fake guards.

“Don’t waste your tears brat, your own turn is coming.” Prince Khan told Rohan.

Each of the king’s took turns in hitting Aishwarya with the large stick.

“Throw her into the penthouse and burn down the house.” Lady Meera ordered as soon as the last King, Panu, stopped hitting Aishwarya.

The fake guards pick up the bloody still body of Aishwarya and throw her inside the penthouse. And one went to the back of the penthouse and came out with a rubber filled of fuel. He entered the house and started to pour the fuel around.

The fight in Rohan died as he cried as he stared into the opened lifelessly eyes of Aishwarya.

He remembered he hasn’t told her his feelings yet.

“I love you Aishwarya.”

And Lady Meera set the house on fire.

???? I will die if you leave me ????