March 22, 2023

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Crazy Oppas. Episode 2

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 2

(ฬђ๏’ร ђ๏ยรє เร tђเร??)

‘Left!! Right!! Now kick!!’..Shin Woo’s personal trainer said aloud and Shin Woo in returned punched his sparring partner right in front of the teeth..

‘Aigoo Shin Woo’..The trainer muttered obviously frustrated at the 26 year old..

Shin has never lost a fight since his boxing career and even though he’s the rudest person alive trainers fight to train him..

‘I’m going home KB’…He said to his trainer after an assistant handed a bottle of water over to him…

‘But..but your manager said you have to practice till 2pm for your next fight?’.

‘Do I look look like I Care KB?? I’ll be back later in the evening’..

‘But I have a date to —

‘Then cancel your date!!’..Shin screamed and came out of the boxing ring…

Going back home is one of the most dreaded thing he wants to do if it means seeing his irritating brother’s face Nam Woo….


‘Min Ah??’..Min Ah heard from inside the office and instantly broke from her sleep..

‘Min Ah??’..she heard again..

‘Deh??’..She murmured and opened the door only to see Mr K,the Maid agency manager..

‘Good morning Mr K’…She said in a yawn..

‘Ohhh hi Min,well here’s the address of the new place you’ll be working on’..He said handing a paper over to her…

‘Who’s house is this??’.She asked surprised that only an address was given and not a name or phone number..

‘It’s a secret client Min and I don’t expect you to ask any more questions’..

‘Secret client??’..Min questioned again…

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‘There’s never been a secret client before!! Please Mr K send me somewhere else’..She begged..

‘They’re willing to pay 30,000 won per month’..Mr K muttered and she gasped loudly..

‘30,000 won?!!! I’m going now!!’..