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Crazy Oppas. Episode 34

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 34

(A fight for the CEO tittle)

Two days after sunken silence in the Woo mansion Shin Woo finally came out only to see Min Ah mopping the hallway…


‘Ohh good..good morning sir I..I didn’t see you there’..She muttered tucking her hair behind her ear and he pursed his lips…

Seeing her beautiful face again was just what he needed and he couldn’t shake off the fact that he’s changed so much..

He was no longer rude..

He was no longer grumpy..

He was like a new person entirely..

‘So..uhmm are you busy??’..He asked and she nodded..

‘Ohhh okay then’..He muttered and walked away..

Min Ah sighed deeply as he went down the stairs scratching the back of his head..

She couldn’t deny herself any longer..

At first it was just a hopeless crush but then after that crush she knew she was in deep trouble..

She knew she had fallen head over heels in love with him…


‘What are we going to do now that Omma’s gone?? Otukeyho??’..Kim asked Nam and Hyung as he paced around the room..

‘What do you mean by that??’..Hyung asked with frustration spread all over his face…

‘I’m talking about the legacy mom built when she left Hyung’..Kim replied..

‘Ohh the company?? Well I was thinking that maybe we all could take over’..Nam muttered and his brother frowned..

‘Take over?? Nam I was talking about putting me in charge of the company!! I mean making me the CEO of WOO enterprises!!’..

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‘Gboragu?? You want to be in charge??’.

‘yes of course and I deserve it cause I’ve been in the company for over what?? five years?? Six years?? No Ten freaking years cause I’ve been working side by side with Omma since I was sixteen!! So I deserve to be the CEO!!’..Kim screamed..

‘Ohhh come on Kim you’re acting like such a ninny just because you know everything about the business doesn’t mean you should be the head?? And besides I’ve got great PR skills and my a percentage of my Band’s profit is always invested in the business so I should be CEO!!’..Nam defended standing up to his brother..

He might be a playboy but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t handle the business…

‘You’re not the only one who has also invested Nam Woo!! My first prize money was used in starting up the company so I should be the CEO!!’..Kim also implied joining the fight for the CEO tittle…

Meanwhile Shin Woo who was busy staring at the maid heard the noise and when he heard noise coming from the room upstairs…

Just two days their mother has just been buried and they were already fighting for the CEO title..

Could his brothers get any less stupid??..