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Crazy Oppas. Episode 35

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 35

(I’m in love with you)

‘You all have to get a grip of yourselves or else something bad is going to us!!!’..Shin continued yelling at his mute brothers…

‘And since when did you —

‘Not another word Kim!!! One more word and I would slap the life out of you!!’..He yelled cutting in rudely and Kim gulped hard..

They’ve seen a lot of times when the boxer was angry but this was way to the extreme…

Min leaned onto the door watching the man she loved talked the living hell out of his brothers and smiled..

He was a person who liked control..

A person who knew when to step in and make things right..

And that made her love him more..

She quickly wiped off the tear that slipped from her duct and dusted her hands on her apron..

It was time she locked her feelings up for good..

It was time she faced reality..

Shin Woo would never like her??..

He’s an icon in the boxing industry and she was just a what?? A maid with nothing to her name…

‘Uhmmm gentlemen lunch is ready’..She said with her voice hoarse clearly evading Shin Woo’s gaze..

Nam,Kim and Hyung Woo all walked out of the room and when she turned to leave Shin Woo held her back…

‘Min please we need to talk’..He muttered…

‘Uhmm Seo Joo needs me in the kitchen’..She quickly lied but he didn’t let go and instead dragged her to the penthouse upstairs…

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‘Let me go!!’..She yelled fighting hard to release herself but he didn’t let her go and quickly crushed his lips to hers…

Min wanted to fight him back..

She really wanted to but the feeling of his lips on hers again just glued her legs to the ground…

‘Leave me alone!! What are you doing??’..She asked as she shoved him away…

‘Well that was the only way to shut you up and to make you listen’..He snapped back and she just blinked..

‘I’m just a measly maid Master Shin’..She muttered under her breath…

‘Yaah!! Don’t ever say that again!’..He yelled and walked over to where she was..

‘Min Ah I’ve got something to tell you’..

‘What??What is there to possibly say again??’…

‘Well the fact that I’m in love with you’..Shin muttered scratching the back of his head nervously and Min was left speechless..

‘G..Gboragu??’..She asked again under her breath to confirm..

She just couldn’t believe it..

She needed to hear again to know if she wasn’t dreaming..

‘I’m in love with you Min Ah..i mean I LOVE YOU’..