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Crazy Oppas. Episode 21

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 21

(She’s a troublemaker)

Shin barged into his mother’s office obviously pissed cause of the whole Issue and Mrs Woo sighed deeply..

She was expecting him no doubt..

‘Omma what is the meaning of all this?? Why on earth is Jennie Kim here?!!’..He yelled angrily..

‘Shin you know that this family also stands on the profit made from the G5 band so we have to heed to some of their demands’..Mrs Woo explained…

‘To hell with profit!! Omma you know pretty well that she’s a troublemaker!! Jennie Kim is a trouble maker and with her here there’s going to be a lot of trouble!! Nam doesn’t even like her!!’..He barked and Mrs Woo rubbed her temple..

It was a bad idea..

A bad idea which she knew of pretty well..

She knew that with Jennie Kim around there would be trouble but what else could she do??..

She signed a contract with the G5 so she had no other choice..

‘Look Shin it’s just for two weeks,just two weeks and she’s gone.Bianeyho’..She muttered and not satisfied with her answer Shin Woo walked out angrily…


‘Hey Seo Joo who is this Jennie Kim??’..Min asked as she dropped wet towels into her bucket and Seo Joo walked closer to her looking sideways to check for pryers..

‘She’s a soap opera actress and model’..She said..

‘I know that but who is she really and why does Master Shin Woo hate her so much??’..Min corrected..

‘Aigoo..she’s Master Shin’s ex girlfriend and Nam’s biggest fan,she once caused a huge fight between the Woo Oppas that almost got leaked to the press and almost ruined their careers’..She said..

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‘Huh?? Why?’..Min questioned and she shook her head..

‘She never liked Shin Woo Oppa and used him to get closer to Nam’..

‘Gbo?? Gboragu?? How can someone not like Shin Woo Oppa?? He’s the hottest man in Korea?!’..Min exclaimed touching her lips..

‘Ommo she’s a troublemaker so you better steer clear of her path’..Seo Joo muttered and went back to chopping her vegetables…

With Jennie Kim in the house she won’t be able to bring the Woo Oppas back together…

In fact it would only just draw them apart..

She had to do something..

She just had to do something to get the popular troublemaker out of the house..

‘Hey maid!!’..Jennie said aloud and she snapped back to reality..

‘Deh Miss Jennie’..she replied bowing down..

‘I need a bottle of water!! I need a cold bottle of water and fast!!’..Jennie said flicking her wrists and Min nodded..

A mischievous thought crept into her mind and a smile instantly crossed her mind..

She opened the refrigerator and bought out a bottle of chilled water,poured out the contents and replaced it with the hot boiling water Seo Joo was reserving to boil eggs..

Jennie Kim was in for some trouble..