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Crazy Oppas. Episode 25 and 26

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 25

(That’s it!!!)

The four men stared at Min who was also surprised at her effrontery and with the way she screamed..

‘Did you just…’..Shin’s voice trailed off as he couldn’t find the words to explain the event that just occurred..

‘Sorry Oppas,I’m just tired of your fighting to be honest…I..I know I’m a maid and I don’t have the right to tell you all what to do but please don’t fight again’..She said with her hands clasped together…

Jennie from the other side of the room bit her lower lip angrily as all attention was focused on the maid..

She wasn’t even that pretty and they were all fighting to take care of her…

Even Shin Woo!!!!..

And most of all Nam!!..

Ever since she’s been in the house Nam hasn’t even spared her a glance no matter how hard she tries to be noticed and now he was fighting to take care of a measly maid??..

This was way out of line…

She has to get rid of the maid one way or the other…

‘I don’t even know what I’m doing here!! Get out of my way!’..Shin blurted out angrily and walked away..

Others followed suit apart from Hyung who was genuinely concerned about her and crouched down to her level..

‘Do you want some Rameyon Min Ah??’..He asked and Min’s grim face broke into a smile…


MK paced around his room angrily as he read the news headlines on his phone..


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‘They will soon pay Mk it’s just a matter of time’..His mother said as she walked into the room..

‘A matter of time you say?? Omma with every passing minute they’re getting stronger and we’re getting weaker!! They’re gaining more momentum than we are’..He replied with his voice strained with envy…

‘It’s only a matter of time MK,the Woo family would pay for what they did to us..Just have a little bit of patience’..She said and he sighed deeply staring at Mrs Woo’s photo..

Patience was one trait he clearly doesn’t have..


The next morning Min Ah yawned loudly as she came downstairs only to hear crying from the kitchen just the same time as Kim walked down the stairs….

‘Morning Master Kim’..She muttered bowing curtly..

‘Morning Min how’s your leg??’..Kim asked as he stared at her leg which she raised up and her crutches on the other hand..

How on earth did she even get down??,he thought but simply shrugged it away..

‘I..I’m doing better..Kumooapta(Thank you)’..She replied and after a minute of awkward silence they both heard Jennie screaming from the kitchen..

‘What is going on??’..He asked and with with Min’s crutches they both walked to the kitchen only to see Seo Joo and Manager Ho on the ground crying..

‘What is even the meaning of this huh?!! Jennie or whatever you call yourself what’s the meaning of this??’..Kim bursted out in flames but Jennie ignored him completely..

She was acting like the boss now but Min Ah could take it no longer..

That’s it!!..

That’s just the last straw!!!..

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‘Leave them alone Miss Jennie’..She muttered under her breath with clenched fists and Jennie scoffed..

‘And who’s talking?? You better —’..Her voice was cut of as Min Ah hurled her left crutch at her and she fell to the ground with a broken nose…

‘My nose!! She broke my nose!!’..


(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 26

(A hidden talent)

Shin groaned loudly covering his ears with his pillow but the more he tried the covering the noise the louder it became…

‘Ughh what’s going on??’..He asked as he walked downstairs only to see Jennie’s nose bleeding and her eyes all puffed out..

He could see that she was in a lot of pain just that didn’t stop him from enjoying the view..

‘What happened here?!!’..he asked turning serious all of a sudden and Jennie cried..

‘Your stupid maid broke my nose!! She broke my nose!!’…

‘Min Ah broke your nose?? Well then there’s nothing else for me to do here’..he stated and walked back upstairs..

He was lying..

The only reason he was rushing back upstairs was so as to not laugh in front of his ex girlfriend…

The drama just doesn’t end..

‘Shin Woo Ya!!!’..Jennie screamed at the top of her voice but he didn’t even answer and jammed his door away from intruders..


Min Ah just couldn’t bear it…

She just couldn’t stand and watch Jennie insult the living hell out of her colleagues..

‘Min go upstairs,Jennie come I’ll take you to the hospital’..Kim volunteered..

‘Hospital?? Upstairs??Oppa she should be taken to a psychotic station!! She broke my nose! My beautiful nose!’..Jennie yelled in tears..

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She was humiliated in front of the workers and they were doing absolutely nothing about it…

‘Jennie let’s get you to a hospital first then we’ll discuss later about Min okay??’..Kim muttered in a disgusted tone but she relented a little bit..

‘What of Nam??’..

‘Nam didn’t spend the night here he slept over at his girlfriend’s place’…he replied and the tears falling from her eyes increased…

This isn’t how she wanted her stay to be…


Nam almost rolled on the floor with laughter as Min Ah explained the earlier events to him…

‘So you broke her nose?? You really have a hidden talent Min Ah!!’..He said in a laugh and Min Ah smiled..

Truth be told the Woo Oppas aren’t as bad as she thought..

They all have their individual charm but don’t just get along but not to worry though cause she had a plan..

‘Do you know how to sing Min??’..Nam asked and she jolted..


‘Hmmm okay’..He shrugged and walked away and Min sighed…

Of course she knew how to sing..

Singing was the only thing that took her pain away…

Ever since her father died she sang all through..

She sighed deeply and absentmindedly began singing ‘Winter Solstice’ by V…

Shin Woo who was on his way to a press conference came out of the door and was immediately hit with the sweet melody of her voice…

‘Oh my’..he muttered as soon as he realized who was singing..

The maid surely had a hidden talent..