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Crazy Oppas. Episode 27 and 28

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 27


A tear slipped away from Min’s eyes and she quickly wiped it away..

This was like a pattern in her life..

Her mother was a very good singer who battled with cancer but still that didn’t stop her from singing her favorite songs…

‘Min are you crying??’..She heard and jolted seeing Shin beside her..

He called her Min in a calm tone for the very first time and somehow it made her feel awkward..

‘No master Shin I’m not crying’..she said and quickly walked away with her crutches before he would question her further…

Talking about her family background is something she just doesn’t enjoy..

Shin Woo stared as he noticed the little droplets by the window and instantly knew she was crying…

She was hiding something..

Something deep..

Something painful and surprisingly he wanted to..

Just for knowing sake at least..He quickly corrected his mind and nodded towards the kitchen..


Nam Woo whistled a sound of appreciation as Seo Joo placed a hot plate of steaming chicken grilled salad and a side dish of beef stew..

‘Be careful Nam,you’re gonna choke yourself up’..She muttered playfully rubbing Nam Woo’s hair..

‘Omoo!! You know i love your food Mrs Seo Joo’..Nam muttered and dug in into his lunch..

F**k his diet,he thought..

He’s been so obsessed with loosing weight and low key wanting to be like his brother Shin that he hasn’t eaten a decent meal in weeks…

Jennie spotted him from the other side of the room and quickly walked over with a chop stick in her hands and Nam frowned..

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‘What do you think you’re doing??’..He asked as she sat next to him..

‘I’m hungry’..She muttered and he almost scoffed loudly..

Fine he was a player but don’t women know when they’re not needed??..

‘This is mine and mine alone Jennie,please go to the kitchen for yours’..He said and Jennie smiled..

Honestly she wasn’t that hungry for anything..

She just wanted to spend time with him..

‘You’re so cute when angry Nam Oppa!! Just one bite’..She said as she winked at him..

‘Closer’..Nam whispered..

‘What??’..she asked

‘Come closer Jennie’..He whispered again and she smiled moving closer to him and he placed his mouth near her ear..

‘I don’t like you Jennie Kim’..


(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 28

(The unexpected kiss)

Jennie stared at Nam dumbfounded with tears in her eyes and just as the clock chimed 4 o’clock she stomped away crying…

Nam on the other hand just shrugged and continued with his lunch..

‘Pervert’…He heard and when he raised his head Shin passed with a frown on his face..

‘Mind your business Shin Woo,just mind your business’..He said..

‘Lemme guess you told my ex girlfriend that you aren’t in the least interested in her’..Shin inquired and Nam gulped hard at the accuracy of his question..

‘How did you..

‘I’ve been living with you for over twenty six years Nam Woo,I know you’re a jerk towards women’..Shin interjected..

‘Well i might be a player but at least the girls love me and besides I’m better than you who is always cold and bitter towards everything and everyone that even the maid shivers when you go near her’.

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‘I won’t pursue this stupid conversation any further Nam Woo!! You are clearly not worth it!!’..


The Next morning Min Ah woke up with her leg all feeling better and before the doctor could come over for a check up she took off her cast…

‘What the—Why aren’t you with your crutches?!’..Shin asked as she came out of her room and she jolted..

‘Uhhhh my..my…my leg feels all better now’..

‘No it doesn’t feel all better you’re bleeding Min Ah!!! He yelled and crouched down to her level..

She gulped hard as his hands touched her leg which really ached more than what she thought…

‘Come with me’..He murmured and in obedience she followed him to his room and he made her sit on his bed..

She was on his bed!!..

She was on his bed!!..

‘Can you feel your leg?’..He asked and she winced as his hands worked it’s way to to her ankle..

‘You see?? You shouldn’t have taken the cast of!! You’re just so stubborn and it’s annoying!!’..He yelled and she nipped at her bottom lip as he opened a bandage..

‘Lie down flat on your belly’..he ordered and as she went down he did the unexpected…

He kissed her!!..