December 1, 2023

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Crazy Oppas. Episode 3

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 3

(เt’ร y๏ย!! รђเภ ฬ๏๏!!)

Shin with his head hung low concentrating on his phone walked into the Woo mansion and immediately bumped into Kim….

‘Hey watch it!!’..He blasted and Kim in return just scoffed…

‘Just because you’re a boxer with a ruined career doesn’t mean you have the right to talk to me in that manner’..

‘Kim I am older than you!!!’..Shin yelled already clenching his fists…

‘Yeah with ten minutes,please Shin just move out of the way I’ve got a business to run’..Nam replied..

‘Yah!! Just because you run the family business doesn’t mean you’re the boss and also doesn’t mean you’re older’…Shin snarled again and with his eyes blazing red in anger Kim relaxed..

Fighting the Shin Woo isn’t the best thing for anyone to do cause the last time someone fought with him,he ended up in the hospital with three broken ribs…

‘Move out of the way Shin I’m late for my meeting’..Kim murmured and Shin let out a slight guffaw…



God they hate each other..


The Next Morning Min Ah packed her clothes inside plain trash bags since that was what Mrs Ahn provided for her..

Here she was working her butt off just so her step siblings could go to school and all they do is just play and cause trouble…

She dragged the bin bags down to the living room where her mother was seated with their little poodle ‘Biba’ by her side..

‘Ommma I’m off’..She muttered..

‘So?? Get out and bring back some money will you??’..Mrs Ahn replied with the most harshest tone and Min Ah just smiled as she went outside the house only to see a black sedan jeep in front of her…

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‘You Min Ah??’..A broad man in shades asked..

‘Deh Yobuseyo??’..Min replied and he frowned..

‘Get into the car I’m here to take you’..


Hours Later Shin nodded to the rhythm of Kim Taehyung V’s single ‘Inner child’ as he jogged his way up the little hill and back down to the house…

No one was home cause they were all in their respective places of work or whatever…

Nam Woo was either busy writing and recording songs with his boy band or either hitting on another married woman..

Kim Woo,being his usual bossy self is either signing a contract or busy bullying everyone else around…

Hyung Woo…Well no one knows and understands why he’s a dancer but they respect his decision anyway..

While him—Shin was busy jogging the hell out of his life preparing for his next fight..

He removed his head phones and rested it on his neck as he walked into the house and just then someone screamed…


‘What the —Yobuseyo?!!’..He asked staring at Min Ah..

‘It’s you!! It’s you Shin Woo!! Ahhh yah!! It’s Shin Woo!!!’..Min screamed half excited…

She was standing right in front of the youngest and greatest boxer South Korea has ever produced!!..


‘Hey I asked you a question who the hell are you?!’..Shin retorted and her reverie was cut short…