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My V Husband. Chapter 7

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 7

Rose’s POV

“Welcome baby!” Sonia welcomed me into her house. “Feel comfortable.”

I had told her that I would be coming to her place and she had gladly welcomed it. I knew she wouldn’t get angry at me cause of how Ethan behaved to her the time she visited our house.

Sonia is my best friend, despite the fact that we have not really known each other for years, we had barely been friends for a year but we loved each other and have been honest to each other.

I see her like my closest companion. I had come here purposely to share my burdens with her. The strategy that Jack gave me didn’t really work.

I watched as she walked to me from the kitchen that she had went with a glass of wine and chicken lap. She served it before me with a brightened and welcoming expression on her face.

She kept quiet and kept watching me, I was expecting her to say at least a word but she didn’t.

I sighed and stare at the meal she served, I plainly have no appetite to eat.

“Sonia, are you angry cause of what Ethan did?”

She hesitated before speaking up. “To be honest, I felt so dejected and embarrassed, It’s been a long time I felt that way. ”

“I’m sorry Sonia, I don’t know what’s wrong with Ethan… I don’t know what word in the dictionary to describe someone like that, how can a man not like not to make Love with his wife, he can’t even hug his wife’s best friend. ”

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“Does he even hug you?” Sonia asked.

I hesitated for a while and lied “Sure, it’s just the Love making that he doesn’t fancy.”

“Indeed, don’t tell me you guys haven’t made Love yet?”

“Sincerely, we have not and I’m really getting frustrated. What sort of husband is that? Could he be hiding something from me?”

“How am I suppose to know but I stopped liking him from the day he refused my hug.” Sonia said and looked away. I could see an expression of anger on her.

I sough and fell with my back to the chair. “I need you to help me, just advice me. I need to get pregnant and have my baby. Or what’s the essence of getting married when we can not make Love?”

There was a moment of silence amidst us after which Sonia spoke up. “He must be hiding something from you…let’s set him up.”
She peeked at my face.

“Set him up?” I repeated inquisitively. “How…?”

“He might be having affairs with another lady, let’s just set him up with a lady.”

“But…he swear to me that he is not cheating on me… ” I said confusingly. I was thinking and deciding so fast on if Sonia’s advice is what I can follow.

“Trust me , he is. ”

“But even if he is cheating on me, should that stop him from making Love with me…and I found out he is not impotent…I just do not understand him.”

“Do you follow him everywhere he goes? What if he has someone else he’s dating at his place of work…let’s just set him up.”

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I sighed and stare blankly into the air.

“Where do we get the lady to use?” I finally summon to her advice, though I felt really odd but I need to do something, afterall. I can not keep living my life this way.

“Good, baby, erm…I do not think we have to stress ourselves in searching for a lady, I can play the role…perfectly.” Sonia said with a smile.