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My V Husband. Chapter 17

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 17

Rose’s POV

I alighted from my car and entered Sonia’s house. I had informed her that I will be coming over to her place.

I entered and she gladly welcomed me. I wasn’t expecting her glad welcoming considering what my husband did to her.

We sat comfortably.

“Being a while , Rose. How is family?”

“Family! you can simply ask that how my husband is, we have no family yet. …Is it not husband and wife with children that is referred to as family?” I questioned.

“You should be pregnant by now.” She said and snickered. At that point, I knew she was disparaging me.

“Sonia!” I dubbed. “You of all people should not be taunting me, that’s why I came here to see if there is any help you could render.”

“Help! You forgot how he treated me the last time I tried to help? Sonia, your husband is something else…He may be sick upstairs.” Sonia said.

“Common Sonia! Why would you say that to my own husband?…” I rebuked.

“Sorry bestie! I just can’t imagine having that kind of husband, I would have mercilessly make love with him.”

“Huh? How?”

“I’ll drug him or force him.”

“Oh no! I can not do that to my own husband. I love and respect him.”

“Stay there!” She said and took the bottle of wine on the table, she poured it on a glass cup and sipped it in.

“Is there any other way you could help?”


“Rose, common! You are my best friend. I do not have any other friend I could confide in.”

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“Fine, what other attempt have you made yourself after I tried helping you and failed.”

“Well, mom took us to the hospital but the doctor couldn’t help.”

“Doctor! Why not see a therapist instead? ”

“A therapist? …I haven’t thought of that.”


—At the hospital – (Therapeutical Department)

The old therapist sat before Ethan while Sonia and I sat a distance away from them.

We were watching them and hoping that a positive transformation will take place.

“Mr. Ethan, Nice meeting you. ” The doctor said.

“My wife wanted me to be here, that why I came. ”

“I didn’t ask, anyway…Mr. Ethan, I was informed you have never made love with your own wife, how true is that?”

“So true, extremely true, super true, incredibly true, exceptionally true, awfully true…”

“Mr Ethan!” The therapist interrupted him. ” I only asked a simple question that deserves a simple answer.”

“You asked me ‘how true it was and I was answering you vividly. In order to avoid redundancy, whatever my wife tells you is true, don’t bother asking me to confirm. ”

“Okay…Ethan. Why? ”

“Z” he replied and Sonia chukled.

“Excuse me? I asked why?”

“And I replied Z” Ethan answered.

The doctor came to look at us and I hurriedly lowered my head cause I felt embarrassed at Ethan’s behaviour to the man.

The therapist faced Ethan again and sat upright.

“Okay…Ethan, I asked that why did you refuse to make love with your wife?”

“Good question, I’m preserving her p***y”

“Preserve? Did she say her p***y needs preservation?”

“She may not say it but deep down, that is what she want. Take for instance, if we were to examine the most beautiful p****y between that of my wife and your wife, which one did you think will be more beautiful?”

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“Nobody cares about that, Ethan!”

“Your wife’s p****y is obviously rotten and stupidly wide. You know why? You didn’t preserve it, you kept banging her day and night. Shame on you!” Ethan insulted the man.

“It’s impossible for you to give birth without making love with your wife , hope you know?”

Ethan laughed…he laughed again. “Who told you that cliche? My wife that is pregnant already?” He laughed again.

The doctor came to look at me in surprise. ” Is that true, Mrs Rose?”

“We have never even made love, how can I get pregnant?” I asked.

“Mr. Ethan, are you sure you are alright?” The therapist asked.

“You are the abnormal one here bro.” Ethan insulted the doctor again. I can’t imagine him calling this over 60 years old man, bro.

Goodness! What have I married?

“Conduct a pregnancy text for my wife and confirm.” Ethan said boldly.

Sonia shot me a confusing look. “He’s talking with confidence.” She said.

I opened my mouth to reply her but words were not potruding.

The therapist walked out and came back after few minutes with a nurse.

“Please examine this woman here, I want to know if she is pregnant or not?” The therapist commanded the slim ugly nurse.

The nurse walked up to me and tried to carry the text out. “But…I’ve never made love with him, don’t you get?” I directed my question to the nurse and the therapist but they care less.

I allowed them conduct the text on me.

About few minutes later, the nurse went to the therapist with the result.

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“Mrs Rose…” The therapist called and I heeded with my facial expression.

Ethan was smiling with his two hands at the back of his head.

“You are pregnant!”

How Rose take carry belle ????