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My V Husband. Chapter 16

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 16

Rose’s POV

I looked at my mom in blight and I could see a look of absolute astonishment on her face.

Ethan disengaged with the doctor and cleaned the tears in his eyes. He sat back gently while the doctor did the same.

My mom continued starring at the doctor.

“Rose, there is nothing wrong with your husband, it’s just who he is.” The doctor said.

“What are you talking about, you mean my husband will not make love with me for five years too?” I asked the doctor.

“I fear that yours may be cmore than five years.” I looked at my mom to defend me. This doctor is talking rubbish in my ear.

“Mom, can you hear him?”

“You should have suspected that your husband has a problem before marriage. I asked you a number of times if you guys were making love then , you said you both have agreed till after marriage. Can you now see yourself.” My mom scolded.

“Mom, this is not the time, please do something.” I pleaded.

“What can I do? The doctor already said there is no solution, excuse me.” My mom said and walked out.

“Mrs Rose!” The doctor called.

“Don’t call me!” I screamed and buried my head in my palm. What kind of marriage am I into now? It’s not even certain that he will ever make love with me.

Jack can not help, Sonia can not help, now mum can not help too. Even the doctor is helpless.

I guess I’m in a deep mess.
I stood. “Can we start going?” I asked Ethan.

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He nodded as he stood. I peeked at him from head to toe and sighed.

We both walked out of the hospital.

“Let me know what religion you are practising, Ethan.” I asked while leaning by the side of the television.

Mom had left already, leaving me with my problems, what kind of mother does that?

“I told you I have no religion, my wife.” Ethan replied

“What is that thing you do when you meditate, I’m beginning to suspect that the meditation is what is affecting you, sincerely. How can you not like romance? What kind of a man are you?”

He sighed and pressed his eye on the television.

“Are you not going to answer me?”

“My wife, it’s just a simple meditation, when I meditate, I make my soul quiet and think about my past and how I want the future to be.”

“Good! How did you want the future to be for us, you must be meditating on a future with no children.”

“Of course not, I saw us having many children, see Rose, when I meditate, I sometimes see us having 300 children.”

“Come again! …did you say 300 children?”

“Yes , my wife. It will happen.” He said affirmatively.

I chuckled. “Are you alright? Happen where? Are you planning on marrying thirty wives?”

“Why would I marry thirty wives? You will be by my side till death. Just you..only you will give birth to all those children.” He said.

I snickered and went to sit.

“You mean I will give birth to 300 children?” I laughed. “How please?”

He looked at me. ” Good question.” He swallowed and faced up.

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He returns his face on me. He closed his eyes and shook his body like a celestial woman trying to prohesy ” Babu…rosa…babu…rosa….” He said like someone someeaking in tongues.

What is this one saying?

He continued ; still shaking with his eyes closed “Rose…Rose…Rose….” He called my name three times like a sound of an echo.

“Ethan, what is wrong with you?”

“Babu rosa babu rosa, thou shalt not interrupt me, for I am an angel for now.” He said still shaking like agama lizard.

“Ethan, you are not even a Christian neither are you a Muslim, you have no religion, so when did you turn to a prophet?” I asked clapping my hands in amazement.

“Hum! Hummm! Babu rosa babu rosa, I see 300 children….no! I can see 500 children…no no! Sorry! Baby rosa babu rosa! They are 750. 250 boys and erm…, and ern…how many girls now?… Hey you! Quickly tell me, what is 750 -250? I need answers fast?…”

“See angel that does not know how to calculate!” I laughed out loud.