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My V Husband. Chapter 15

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 15

Rose’s POV

“Mom!” I called her name in frustration.

“Rose, I’m still here. Are you done?” She replied from the back of the door that she stood.

“No, mom!” I replied grudgingly and my mom walked in.

“Servant Ethan, why have you disobeyed your queen?” My mom asked Ethan.

“Mom, be serious, speak to him, he’s behaving strange.” I poured out.

“Calm down, woman. Am I the one that gave you the husband? You chose him by yourself, don’t put any fault on me please. Plus do I look like someone that is joking?” She hissed and faced Ethan.

Ethan pulled up his trouser and stood.

“Mother in law, you commanded us to make love and I agreed but she said this thing has to stand.” He said pointing to his d**k.

My mom turned to me. “He has agreed, why not make it stand?”

“How?” I asked.

“See silly question, you did not know how to grab your husband’s banana and suck it like your life depends on it. And you watch if it will stand or not.”

Really! I never thought of that sincerely, that’s a nice idea.

“Excuse me, mother in law, you said ‘her husband’s banana’, I didn’t have a banana.” He said and I sighed again.

What’s wrong with Ethan, can’t he understand the idiom at which mom speaks.

“Ethan , she meant your d**k.” I explained while my mom looked at him in disdain. Mom must be thinking he’s mentally affected

But the Ethan I known is sound and well, I just can’t seem to find my way around his behaviours in the house especially towards our romantic life.

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“What! She…you mean she…” Ethan stuttered pointing to his d**k.

“What are you saying, young man? What is , she?..she? She?” My mom asked.

“No no, you can’t turn my d**k to banana, oh no! Please don’t do that.” Ethan pleaded and was almost crying.

My mom bursted into laughter while I chukled too.

“Rose, you didn’t marry a man, trust me.” She giggled. “This one is a baby.” My mom mocked him.

Ethan peeked at my mom and I with a look that tells that he was wondering what we were laughing for.

“No one is turning your d**k to a banana, by banana, she meant d**k, I know you might not be able to understand but forget it.” I explained.

“You will no longer turn my d**k to banana right?” He asked to be sure and I chukled.


He stood up sullenly and went to lean by the wall.

“I need to sleep.” He said.

“Not without you making Love with my daughter, ..let her suck it, it will stand and you guys will be able to make Love.”

“Suck? Suck what?…mother in law, why are you doing me this way…we both know I did not buy ice cream for my wife when coming from work, neither do I have any lolly pop with me, I have nothing on me that she can suck.” Ethan replied.

“This one is really sick.” My mom mocked Ethan.

“He’s my husband , mom. Leave him.” I said defensively.

“He doesn’t even know what it meant for his wife to suck him?” My mom laughed.


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— Following Morning–

Mom, Ethan and I had agreed to visit the hospital, mom is of a strong opine that Ethan is sick upstairs. To me, I think nothing is wrong with him, his actions are just unexplainable.

We both walked inside the big hospital and in few minutes, we booked a session with the doctor.

“Welcome Mrs Rose.” The doctor welcomed me and faced my mom “Welcome ma, Mr. Ethan, You should remember me, I was at your wedding.” He said and we all sat.

“There were many people present, how could I possibly recognize you?” Ethan replied.

Wow! His reply was sound. “Did the dumb Ethan just replied like a sound man?” My mom muttered and I shot her an angry look that depicts that I did not like what she was doing.

Ethan’s character may be out of the world , but I would not let anyone insult him, not even my mom.

The doctor smiled and looked up to us for what we had come for.

“Well, doctor save me. Save me…” My mom stressed. The doctor adjusted his seat and position his ear to listen to whatever my mom has to say.

“Did you believe that ever since this two got married , they have not had intercourse? Like…they have never had any intimacy that an husband and wife is suppose to have. ”

“That’s strange, what happened?” The doctor asked.

“Help me ask them, doctor. The fault lies more on this husband, he said he is shy to make Love with his wife, his own wife, can you imagine , doctor?” My mom said emphatically.

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The doctor faced Ethan. “Mr Ethan, is that true?”

” That I’m shy to make love with my wife…well, maybe! but we are not complaining, baby, are we?” Ethan faced me and ask.

I faced the doctor. “Doctor, can you help?”

The doctor sighed. “Truth is, even me…for about five years that I’ve married my wife, I’ve never made love with her cause I’m shy.” The doctor said pathetically and stood.

He went to meet Ethan and Ethan stood too.

“We are in the same league brother, they can not understand us.” The doctor said and sniffed like someone crying.

“Yes…they can not understand us?” Ethan replied pitifully and they both began to cry like a baby.

????????If Doctor no fit help, who go come help now…

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