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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 1

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{????My Boss Demands????}

Episode 01.


“….Once again, our hot youngest billionaire, Alexander Follina has been spotted with yet another women in a restaurant. Alexander Follina who is the owner of global tech, the most successful businessman who had turned a billionaire into such a young age… ”
I groan, turning off the TV immediately, as I stare around the room which is in a super mess thanks to my boyfriend and I. He did quite a number on me last night.

I sigh, walking to the kitchen and pouring myself a glass of water, gulping it down in one shot before letting out a breath.
I will most definitely be late to office today, Ryan has succeeded in draining me out entirely.

I groan, walking back into the living room then taking the stairs to my room to see him still laid across the bed, his handsome face buried into a smile even though he’s sleeping and his body heavy on the bed.
I’m the one that got ‘tortured’ he’s the one worn out than I am.

I shake my head, walking into the bathroom.
I stand before the mirror and there are marks all over my body, marks Ryan has succeeded in planting all the way from my neck, down.
There’s a hickey on my neck and I groan before getting out of my clothes and stepping under the shower, trying my possible best to get rid of the marks, I can’t go to the office in them.

I walk out of the bathroom after using almost two hours trying to scrub off the mark and Ryan isn’t in bed anymore.

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I walk over to the closet, staring at it and trying to bring out something to wear.
I ended up settling on a black skirt and a white long sleeved shirt.

I tie my hair, sitting on the chair and staring at myself in the mirror when his figure comes from behind, wrapping his arms around my neck and I let out a chuckle as he kiss my neck.

“Good morning. ”
His voice is deep and husky and he turns me on my chair to look at him.

“Good morning. ”
I smile warmly at him and he nods, bringing his head down and leaning into him before he covers his lips on mine.
I groan against his lips, my hand leaving my hair before I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him closer.

He carries me from the chair, into his arms and I wrap my legs around his waist so he wouldn’t have to strain anymore.
I kiss him as hard as I could and he takes his hands to my waist, forcing my hips to move against his and a grunt leaves his mouth as I move right against his hardened morning erection.

He brings his hand to the hem of my towel and I pull away immediately, shaking my head.
“We can’t. I’m late for work as it is, we did this last night. ”
My mouth is saying something but my hands are saying another thing as I trail my hands down his chest.

“Doesn’t mean we can’t do this again this morning. Your boss is out of town and he wouldn’t have to know. ”
He breathes down my neck and I chuckle lightly, trying to pull him away from me.

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“Yeah, my boss isn’t around but my coworkers are, they would see fit that they report this once boss comes back. I can’t Ryan. ”
I groan when he bites down on my skin and he shifts the towel down letting it brush against my waist.

“I will be quick, I promise. I don’t know when I will see you again, I’m getting busy throughout this week because of the new project. I have to try and fill those times I wouldn’t be able to see you. Please. ”
He looks up at me and I let out a frustrated breath, taking my eyes to the clock and it’s almost nine thirty.
I should be at work by eight.

“Fine then, only because you said it like that. You have ten minutes. ”

“It’s more than enough. ”


He used more than ten minutes though, that bastard.
I continuously check my time as I drive into the building and I practically run out of my car, running inside with my heels clicking continuously against the tile.

I almost trip but I managed to maintain my balance before I could do so and I step into the elevator, breathing out.

The elevator opens and I step outside, my gaze quickly running across the glass of the boardroom.

My mouth hangs open as I stare at my boss who was supposed to be out of town but instead he’s here, his gaze entirely on me while I stand totally froze.


How’s the beginning guys??