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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 18

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????{My Boss Demands}????

EPISODE 18. {Sebastian III}




“What do you mean that she isn’t at home, you can’t find her anywhere you think that she can be and she isn’t picking your calls either, are you telling me that she just disappeared and vanished into thin air or something? ”
I raise my voice as I pace to and down my office.

This is unbelievable. It’s Quinn, one of Lyla friend and she’s telling me that she has been trying to connect and has been searching for her for the past two days but she can’t see her from anywhere.
Very unbelievable! I can’t believe what I’m hearing from her right now. Lyla isn’t the type to just disappear without a single word.

Something must have happened to her, I’m sure.

“Yes, I have been searching we have looked everywhere but she isn’t anywhere, I don’t know anything anymore. I thought that you might gave a idea of where she is, that’s why I called you. ”
She mutters and I shake my head immediately.

“The last time I saw her was four days ago and she didn’t say that she would be going anywhere during that time. I don’t think anything was wrong with her either so I’m really surprised that you’re saying you can’t find her right now. ”
I groan, pushing my hair back and moving around the damn office.
I’m so frustrated and I’m this close to losing it.
She can’t just suddenly disappear!

“Alright then I will try to look some other places I think she might be for her. Do well in looking for her also, I think she must have gotten herself into trouble or something because Lyla isn’t the type of girl to do this and just disappear without a word. ”
She says and I nod eagerly, pushing my hair to the back once again.

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“Alright, if you find her please do well in calling me immediately and if she isn’t found today then tomorrow, I’m taking report to the station. Something must have definitely happen to her. ”
I mutter, my head banging so hard.

“Alright, I will. Thank you. I will go looking for her now. ”
I hum and she habgs up while I drop the phone on the desk, holding unto my head.

Lyla, where the hell are you? What the hell has happened to you? What is wrong with you? Ate you doing alright?


“It had been two days since you have been keeping me here, don’t you think that you should let go of me now? ”
I mutter immediately the door to the room I’m been locked in opens and Sebastian walks in with a tray of food in hand just like always.

He has been treating me really well. He gives me food and everything else that I have asked except for my phone of course. He goes out with me and have a lot of bodyguards with us whenever I want fresh air.

I have come to realise that he isn’t a bad person like I had thought but I just can’t continue staying here for the rest of my life. I have a life which I must attend to.

“Why? What’s wrong? Is there something that you want and has not been given to you? ”
He raises his brows at me as he drops the tray in the bed and I shake my head immediately.

“No, I’m been treated well whenever you’re not around but I have a life Sebastian. A life that’s more than just sitting in this room all day. I want to go back to that life, please you have to let me go. ”
I mutter and he shakes his head.

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“I can’t let you go. ”
He smiles as me, pushing the tray to me as the signal that the conservation is over already but I’m not ready to give up.

“Sebastian! I can’t stay here forever, people would be worried about me! Let. Me. Go.! ”
I raise my voice and he turns to look at me, his eyes boring into mine and I gasp as I watch them darken.

He moves closer to me and I move back immediately while he keeps moving closer.
Oh god, what is he thinking of doing now?

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